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Creative Creative Creative Creative Creative Creative Creative Creative

2017 creative creative review review

Kangabloo Kangabloo Kangabloo Kangabloo Kangabloo Kangabloo Kangabloo Kangabloo

Creative Creative Creative Creative Creative Creative Creative Creative

2017 creative creative review review cre¡a¡tive /kre adiv/

relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

the breakdown

Peak Performance Academy Eat My Catfish Stoby’s Bethlehem Brew BirchPointe Health + Rehab Magnolia Square Spring Creek St. Elizabeth’s Place PattiCakes Bakery Smart Start Academy Solutions Chiropractic & Rehab Mustard Seed Investments Conway 125 Capital Campaign Yarnell’s Conway Corp


The art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form it takes can be physical or virtual and can include images, words, or graphics. The experience can take place in an instant or over a long period of time. Design that’s to be experienced in an instant is the easiest to recognize. Designers are people who arrange type,





advertisements, packages, and other printed matter. Designers also create visual representations of information for print production.

Peak Performance Academy is an athletic training facility with a focus on helping develop young basketball

Peak Performance Academy logo + branding

& volleyball players who are collegesports bound. Our work with this client included the creation of their brand, which was then implemented through the design of their facility, gymnasium floor, and jerseys. We intentionally used a professional aesthetic, in order to help empower and encourage these young athletes in their pursuit of athletic excellence.

Peak Peformance Academy

logo + branding

Kangabloo has worked with Eat My Catfish for three years. While we didn’t create their initial logo, they

Eat My Catfish

trusted our team to help build their brand and to use their third location as a milestone to solidify their style. Partnering with Sterling Imageworks, we lightened up their look with food images and some fun new marks that match the quality, delicious taste of their food, and the service you can expect at Eat My Catfish.

Stoby’s Restaurant is a Conway institution. After Stoby’s burned in 2016, Kangabloo was hired to helped bridge the restaurant’s rich history, with its bright future. We collected

Stoby’s Restaurant

stories that told how much Stoby’s meant to Conway residents. Those memories brought Stoby’s back to life and inspired some new interior features.




stories on the wall and created a timeline showing the history of 805 Donaghey. What an honor to help a beloved local business continue its tradition in our community.

Bethlehem BlendBethlehem House + Kangabloo Creative + Round Mountain Coffee

Naming a new blend for Round Mountain Coffee, one of our favorite local coffee shops, wasn’t just a business opportunity for Kangabloo. It was a chance to benefit Bethlehem House, a local homeless shelter. With their motto to give “a hand up, not a hand out,” they’ve had amazing success in helping residents break the cycle of homelessness and get on their feet again. Not only does the look we created represent our three brands, every cup of Bethlehem Blend makes a difference in our community.

logo projects

2017 afforded us the opportunity to work on more branding and identity projects than ever before. We are proud of the work we did to encapsulate and elevate the visual identity of each of our clients. By harnessing the essence of each brand or organization, we were able to push their aesthetic further, and accomplish our goal of solidifying their visual story. In the end, these brands accomplished exactly what we hoped they would: solidifying the client’s image with strong visuals.

BirchPointe Health & Rehabilitation

logo + branding

Magnolia Square Nursing & Rehab

logo + branding

Spring Creek Health & Rehab

logo + branding

St. Elizabeth’s Place

logo + branding

PattiCakes is a from-scratch bakery that has partnered with Kangabloo for over 7 years. Our team loves everything that comes out of the bakery, so when Patti approached us about freshening up the bakery’s brand, we couldn’t wait to dig in. We wanted to keep the home-baked feel of a visit to Grandma’s kitchen, while communicating the bakery’s quality products and professional service. The result is a tasty mark that invites you to come in and enjoy the warmth of PattiCakes. PattiCakes Bakery

logo + branding

Smart Start Academy

logo + branding

Solutions Chiropractic & Rehab

logo + branding






Conway company that designs and builds custom homes that are meant to

Mustard Seed Investments logo + branding

last families for generations to come. They wanted a logo that depicted a mustard seed moving mountains, which is a biblically rooted image. They loved our initial idea, which we used to design advertising yard and contractor signs, business cards, company letterhead and envelopes.

Mustard Seed Investments

logo + branding


Adam James –



FOR SALE BY BUILDER 501-269-7986

Creating a logo for the City of Conway’s new bike share program was a fun ride for Kangabloo. Our team loves being part of

Conway Bike Share logo

our community’s success. The end result is an active image that represents the city of Conway, this exciting new initiative, and gives a creative nod to the presenting sponsor Baptist Health. Working on this campaign was a great ride…and so fun to see moving all around town. “Conway, AR residents, and area visitors can now rent bicycles from five different locations to ride around town through the state’s first bike sharing program.” - Hillary Andrews Log Cabin Democrat

Conway Bike Share


Video + Animation

Every film project we did in 2017 was an opportunity to capture beautiful imagery with a cinematic edge. The result was a diverse collection of colors, locations, movement, and talent that showed (not just told) a story. Our crew climbed mountains, crossed barren fields and college campuses, and squared off with defensive lineman. And when reality couldn’t match our imagination, we created new worlds right in our own office.

Kangabloo produced the film for the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce’s Conway

Conway 125 Capital Campaign




Combining original footage and motion graphics imagery, Kangabloo helped the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce visualize its “Conway 125” project and bring eight inspiring ideas to life for the City of Conway. In partnership with Eric, Rob & Isaac

Startup Space

Startup Space -------------------------------------------That makes Conway the location of choice for great ideas and entrepreneurs that have them.

Trails Trails Everywhere -------------------------------------------A comprehensive trail system that reaches all of Conway and connects all of our major Institutions.

Theatre The Grand Theatre -------------------------------------------A best in the region live performance venue in Conway’s 1909 historic downtown theatre.

The Gr Thea

Wayfinding Signage Wayfinding Signage -------------------------------------------Creating a city-wide system that shows visitors the best Conway has to offer.


Interstate Beautification -------------------------------------------For exceptional landscaping along our interstate corridor.

Splash Pads -------------------------------------------In parks and all parts of Conway.


Roundabout Art -------------------------------------------Unique public art in each of Conway’s roundabouts.

dabout Yarnell’s Animation

Kangabloo was honored to bring rich illustrations to life in a 30-second ad for Yarnell’s Ice Cream. Our team animated the artwork created by Eric, Rob & Isaac, and placed the illustrations along the path of Yarnell’s iconic ice cream truck in a nostalgic style for this clever commercial. In partnership with Eric, Rob & Isaac

Kangabloo created a video series for Conway Corp to air at UCA home football games. The humorous paring of a UCA

UCA + Conway Corp Game Day Video

football lineman and a Conway Corp electrical lineman was the brainchild of Eric, Rob & Isaac. We handled the project’s on-location and green screen filming as well as the post production, and we couldn’t be happier with the final score of this promotion. In partnership with Eric, Rob & Isaac

The Conway Corp 1 Gig fast Internet Ads were an exciting opportunity to work in a fully 3D environment. With

Conway Corp 1 Gig fast

the help of Cinema 4D, our team rigged,




striking visuals to illustrate the concept of 1GB internet speed. Continuing our collaborative relationship with Eric, Rob and Isaac, we worked together to create a highly stylized look that showcases




continues to power our city. In partnership with Eric, Rob & Isaac

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2017 Kangabloo Creative Review  

Projects that we have completed over 2017 that we enjoyed working or had a great final product.

2017 Kangabloo Creative Review  

Projects that we have completed over 2017 that we enjoyed working or had a great final product.