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Front cover image: Soul Role Back cover image: Kanelstrand 2

This month I welcome you to a whole new selection of handmade inspiration and green craft to mark Earth Day and Mother's Day! Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 nd in more than 1 75 countries worldwide with the aim to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural environment. The crafty green community is leading the way and I am proud to showcase what they came up with this time! Almost one month away from Mother's day I am excited to present to you my favorite team on Etsy – EcoEtsy and their lovely eco-friendly

goods that range from amazing jewelry to trendy but eco clothes! Take a look at everything they have in store and make the gift to your Mom the most special this year by buying green, handmade and earthconscious! The EcoEtsy collection starts on page 32. Keep it simple! Sonya Kanelstrand

P.S. And if you are really passionate about Earth Day and handmade, you have up to April 22 nd to take part in the EcoEtsy Auction and help raise money for National Park Foundation.


I would say everyone is an artist; we are all creating our lives, our breakfasts, our relationships, our homes. We are all giving our gifts to this world. We look at ourselves through history’s lenses, through the eyes of our great great grandchildren, and I ask myself regularly, “How can I be most present and alive and engaged and modern and responsible?” Jonathan Weisblatt

Three Brown Feathers Fine Art Print by Kanelstrand


Top: Goat Milk Lavender Oatmeal Handcrafted Soap by Whispering Willow Bottom: Geometric Necklace by Additions Opposite page: Moleskin journal by Red or Gray


This page: Plush Rabbit sewing pattern, Flower hair clip by Sesame Seed Designs Opposite page: Dandelion brooch by My Hideaway



One of my first attempts at sustainable living was learning how to make (and use!) cloth diapers and wipes. I was tired of being so dependent on disposable things and diapers were a MAJOR dependency for us! I found cloth diapers on the Internet, but they were terribly expensive. I found some cheaper ones that were handmade, but that was a joke. Come to find out she used shower curtains to line the diapers and none of them were sewn correctly. So I found some patterns, learned what fabrics to use and went to work. I LOVED using the diapers I made. Soft and clean fabrics for my babies each time. Diaper rashes were no more! I tried to convert a few of my friends, they thought I was nuts! They still think I am a bit nuts for some of the things I do, but I don’t mind, it’s just who I am. Debbie Larson Larson Farm Naturals


Rustic Landscape Fine art print by Kanelstrand 11


Field of Poppies Pocket Moleskine Journal by My Hideaway Opposite page: Barnwood display shelf by Barnwood4u



African Brass Heart Earrings by Fianaturals Opposite page: Organic Cotton Crocheted Washclothes by Backyard Dreams 15


Top: River Rock Paperweight by Red or Gray Left: Argentum Sterling Silver Earrings by Anja's Arts


Levitation Fine Art Print by Kanelstrand 18

I grew up living with my dad and, while we weren't poor by any means, we didn't seem to have a ton of extra money available either. My dad also is extremely gifted at being able to fix almost anything and always wanted me to know how to do things myself. That way of thinking always made me think about how my actions cause reactions. Brittany Hassel Snappy Rockfish Soap



Little Green Pear Necklace by Adrienne Audrey Opposite page: Photo blocks by Hey Harriett 21


White Pearl RIng by Anja's Arts Left: Natural Handcrafted soap by Whispering Willow



Top: Bobby Pins by Additions Bottom: Pink Frangipani Plumeria Photo by Hey Harriet Opposite page: Repurposed Banwood Shelf by Barnwood4u


In psychology we are primarily interested in understanding human behavior, what makes people “tick�. In order to do this well, we have to be excellent observers. I spend a lot of time listening and looking at the people and the things around me and many different ideas for designs, colors and projects end up in my precious notebook! Laurie Fortier Hands with Hearts

Norwegian Tree Photo by Kanelstrand

Hydrating Eye Cream by Decadent Nature Opposite page: African Brass Green Amber Necklace by Fianaturals




Steampunk Ring by Additions Opposite page: River rock with green twine by Red or Gray



Soul Role Handcrafted Organic Eco Apparel and More Made in Hawaii!



Happy Earth Tea Brewing happiness, one cup at a time



drinkstodesign Jewelry, Wine Charms and Accessories



Herban Lifestyle Handcrafted organic and natural bath & body 39


Cloth & Ink Hand printed organic home decor and accessories 41


Curlymonkey Organic hemp goods and essentials 43


Camila Bleu Designs 45


Think Cappy Thoughts 47


Vedge Candle Luxury Soy Candles 49


Thorawish Catalina Inspired



The Studio | April 2012  

Dedicated to Earth Day and Mother's Day, presenting an impressive group of eco-friendly artists, as well as members of Team EcoEtsy.

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