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-Help Poler expand its reach by developing print and web advertisments.

Brand History

-Poler was founded in 2011 by photographer Benji Wagner and his friend Kharma Vella. Having worked with many snowboarders and skateboarders in the Portland/Mt. Hood area, Wagner discovered an unclaimed product niche. Camping and outdoor gear aimed at the traveling action-sports enthusiast. They did not want to create products for those making first ascents of enormous glaciers, but those who couch surf wherever the next big snow storm is, surfers who car camp along the coast looking for the a big swell, or those who just want to get out of the city and into nature with friends. Their innovative products blend style and functionality while maintaining an affordable price.


-Flagship product- The “Napsack” is a sleeping bag with openable bottom and arm holes. -Other products include tents, apparel, bags, and other technical gear all created with style and functionality in mind

Current Brand Status

-Although they have created buzz within the action sports community, Poler is still small and relatively unheard of. They have a strong following and have maintained a high level of authenticity. Their strong product line can appeal to a much larger market than it is currently being used by.

Target Audience

-Poler has captured its core audience of adventuring snowboarders. skateboarders, bikers, and surfers. However there are much more people who share that same sense of adventure and would benefit from Poler’s products. The target consumer is somebody who enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and creating their own adventure.

Key Describers

-Adventerous- The main ideal of Poler’s brand is the spirit of adventure. -Fun/Relaxed- While Poler is serious about their brand and products, they still resonate a sense of relaxed fun adventure with friends. -Crafted- Poler products are meticulously crafted. -Style- Poler makes sure their products maintain a level of style on par with their quality.


-Print advertisments in various sports magazines. Trasworld series, Snowboarder Magazine, Freeskier Magazine, -Photography magazines. Poler currently has an “Adventure Photo Essays” section. These are Poler sponsored trips that are documented and posted on their website as well as the photographer’s blog. Work to get these published in photography and art magazines. -Expand Vimeo presence. Poler currently has 4 short videos. Work to create more videos showcasing products. Begin to shoot videos similar to the “Adventure Photo Essays” -Expand social media presenct. Poler’s Instagram and Tumblr accounts recieve attention from users, but the Facebook and Twitter accounts need to be updated more frequently and engage more with their audience.



Create 100 campaign ideas for Poler Distill down to 5


A campaign to show the versatility of the Napsack Show Poler products being used in distant remote locations encouraging viewers to get out and go on an adventure

Travel Shorts

Similar to “Adventure Photo Essays” currently on Poler site. Host series on Vimeo and add new trips monthly

Getting There

Ads encouraging adventure along the way. Depicting that the journey is part of the adventure experience, not only the destination

Little Trees

Create Poler “Little Trees” air freshners as giveaway with products

Rough Drafts



• Two friends on roadtrip pull over to figure out where they are and what the correct route is • They can’t seem to figure it out • They look up at eachother, shrug shoulders, throw map in the back of the car and drive off • Voiceover “Go ahead, get lost”

“Get LOST”


• Two friends recieve their Poler backpacks in the mail • Inspired by the product they decide to pack up some stuff and go out for a daylong bikeride • They ride on roads until they reach a trail • Ride the trail until they reach a swimming hole


• Stop Animation • One friend on couch one on floor (switch throughout video) • Setting changes • Eventually both wake up • Cinch Napsack, grab bags and walk away



FINal Campaign

-The final campaign would consist of 3 pieces (1 print ad and 2 short videos). -The pieces would focus on various Poler products, showcasing each of their functions and how they can help young travelers. -Get Lost Print Ad -Image depicting the Camo Two Man Tent in a remote and beautiful location. -Get Lost tagline encourages viewers to venture further and into new areas even at risk of getting lost. -Copy on the bottom of the page tells what the product is along with “Perfect for Any Adventure� tagline

VIDEOS DayPack Stop Animation -15 second stop animation where a Poler DayPack fills with items before being picked up by an unshown person. -

Napsack Video Short -30 second spot showing a young traveler sleeping on various couches while wearing a napsack. Keeping a similar angle, the setting will continue to change until the last scene where the person cinches the Napsack and walks away carrying a Poler Backpack. -

Poler Outdoor Stuff  

Campaign book for Poler Outdoor Stuff

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