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Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product? I have improved vast amounts from when I first did the preliminary task as I had very little idea on how to use Photoshop to create my magazine. My knowledge was also very limited on what features needed to be included in my magazine and what features magazines use to make it so successful. Looking back at my prelim and my magazine looks very tacky and is a very basic layout for the cover and contents pages, whereas my finished magazine I feel is massive improvement on that. I feel that my magazine is of a much higher standard than my prelim showing that i have improved throughout the course. My Understanding and knowledge of magazines has drastically improved. My knowledge was mainly gained during the research and planning as it showed me how magazines appeal to different types of audience and the techniques and conventions they use. My knowledge was also improving when i was constructing my final magazine as I had to use the techniques i had already learnt and try and improve on them. I also find that looking at real magazines really helped me understand what worked and what didn’t and i could use this as a basis to make sure my magazine suited my genre. My photos are definitely of a higher standard than on my prelim as they much more clear and suit the style of the magazine a lot better. I had some feedback from my peers regarding my draft magazine that was very useful to the construction of my final magazine. The feedback was very useful as it enabled me to change my photos to ones that would appeal to the audience. I also received feedback from my teachers regarding the placement of my photos and how to get the best out of them; they also gave me ideas on what equipment I could use on Photoshop to edit the photos that I had took. On the prelim the masthead was in a very basic font and the features where very basic. The title of the magazine was very long and was a name that would not be remembered. In the final magazine the title ‘Blitz’ I used this because I thought it was a catchy name that would be remembered and also I used it as Blitz is a very powerful word and could be used as if to say ‘Its Blitzed the competition’ and so that is what I wanted my magazine to do. I have advanced my skills massively from the prelim to when I finished my final product on Photoshop. I struggled massively when I first started using Photoshop and that was reflected in my prelim as it wasn’t up to very high standard, but I feel as if I have drastically improved and my final magazine will show the progression that I have made.

On the left is my finished magazine ‘Blitz’ and on the right is my prelim ‘Protractor’ these are the two front covers.

On the left is finished contents page and on the right is my prelim contents page.

Evaluation Question 7  

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