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Kane Herbert Unit 7: Project Management in construction and the built environment Assignment 3: Understand the resources, the functions of management and how to develop documentation required completing a construction project. P4 Explain the techniques used to plan, organise and control a construction project? •

Work and method study: A work and method study is to help with time and too improve the speed of works on site. A work and method study is meant to save money. Sometimes a work and method study can cause friction on the site between the management team and the tradesmen this is because they feel they are being over looked. Also a work and method study is done to see if people are using the correct materials and equipment. Control and organisation of labour: Making sure that they don’t exceed the labour target. Labour can be controlled and organised in several different ways. They can do it through gangers this is someone who is in charge of a gang of labourers. The person in charge of the gang of labourers will tell the site manager. Sometimes it can be done through small groups. Most subcontractors look after their own labour. Most construction sites mainly large ones subcontract out. Time sheets are used to monitor the work of each person. Meetings are held in the site office they discuss labour between sites. Plant Management: When organising a construction project the contractors need to think about plant and they can either hire it or purchase it. It costs more to purchase plant than it does to hire it. If the plant isn’t used the hire can be terminated and given back to the hire purchasers and no with no further payment to pay. When they buy plant they either pay for it through a loan from the bank or from the company’s profits. But when they buy machinery the contractors have to think about up keep and will employees need to trained on the machinery. Utilisation and Control: Making sure everything is controlled by making sure that plant is transferred to other sites safely. Making sure that the correct equipment.

P5 Explain the management procedures used to monitor and control resources when organising? When a build is started it is important that everything is monitored and controlled and when it comes to the resources it is extremely important as they cost money and money is time. When they have a delivery of resources they have a goods received sheet this is to ensure that the right resources are delivered and the right amount to ensure that the project has enough. Certain management procedures are in place so that the management team know what they have got. There is four ways that the resources can be documented: Day work sheets, daily report sheet, time sheets and materials requisition sheets.A day work sheet will tell the contractor what resources have been used and what was meant to be used. The QS will use this document to work out the costs of any extra resources. The Daily report sheet this deals with the labour resources used on site.It also details the amount of work that was done in during the day. Time sheets are used for employees that have to travel from site to site this monitors the times they leave one and go to another site.

Kane Herbert Unit 7: Project Management in construction and the built environment

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