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LiNK Nr. 41

July 2013 I



Foreword Summer is here but still it’s not time for holidays for the team of the Youth Centre of Kalamata. The Kalamata’s Street Festival is coming closer and we are at the final preparations’ phase which means a mixture of stressful situations and a pleasant interaction with people of all kinds. Graffiti artists from Kalamata, Greece and all over Europe, will come in order to add some color in the city, acrobats from England and bit boxers from France, rock bands from Athens and Thessaloniki, music, dance, juggling, crazy skates and BMX doing amazing things! Everybody can be part of it. Everybody can contribute and everybody can enjoy one or more of the parallel activities. Also everyone is welcome to assist the organization of the festival as volunteer or by promoting the crowd funding fundraising activity we are having online:

Feel free to spread the word in as many people you can and become one of the success factors of the festival!!!

Be prepared for an amazing, bigger, international, Kalamata’s Street Festival! 2

I C : Jelena Scepanovic I E : Taaniel Stoitsev I S KANE: I Filaretos Vourkos I Fotini Arapi Georgia Giannakea I Niki Nikolopoulou I I I I oordinator ditor


taff members of

European Volunteers: Alice Ponticelli Bjartur SteingrĂ­msson Dorian Agnel Ines Dupont Miault Irene Pena Herranz Jelena Scepanovic Leonard Pristl Loic Marchand Manuela Gascon Taaniel Stoitsev

Contact us: K.A.NE., Social Youth Development Youth Centre of Kalamata Plateia Othonos 10 Kalamata 24100 Greece

Tel: +302721110740 e-mail:; url:

facebook page:

Program of Street Festival


Rock day #Friday, July 26, 5:00pm#

- Hard rock live bands - Skates - Dirt bikes - Graffiti - Jugglers shows - Circus shows - Photography Exhibition - Painting Exhibition - Video projections - Video box!  - Bazaar - Re:think project - Basketball Tournament - Alley Cat Race


Hip Hop day



 #Saturday, July 27, 5:00pm#    

- Hip Hop live bands

- Forum the

- Breakdance shows

- Street thea

- Skates

- Dance Sho

- Dirt bikes

- Jugglers sh

- Graffiti

- Circus sho

- Jugglers shows

- Photograp

- Circus shows

- Painting E

- Photography Exhibition

- Video proj

- Painting Exhibition

- Video box!

- Video projections

- Bazaar

- Video box!

- Re:think p

- Bazaar

- Basketball 

- Re:think project - Basketball Tournament


ce-Theatre day  #Sunday, July 28, 5:00pm#  

eatre workshops

atre shows

ows (in between and by turns)



phy Exhibition






Crowdfunding for Street Festival


alamata Street Festival is a volunteer’ based structure willing to achieve a wider cooperation of the active organizations in the city of Kalamata. Associations, active groups, individuals, are putting all efforts on organizing a big festival (last year we gathered 3500 people), including more than 10 parallel activities for 3 creazy days, with a very low budget. By supporting the 7th Kalamata Street Festival, you become one of us, one of the people who care about offering youth the chance to express themselves through their art and to local associations/groups to prove that people can organize a big international festival which includes everyone, with the strength of their cooperation and with limited budget.

Youth Centre becoming Youth Ho(s)tel


verybody should know by now that the Youth Centre has closed its doors for summer. But don’t think that it will stop its activity…!! No-no-no, far from it - the youth center is now preparing itself to welcome the volunteers who will come for the summer to be included in the program “Be part of the Action” part of a short EVS project. That’s why during these two weeks the long term EVS volunteers of the youth Centre (who you know quite well) are making it ready for July when we will receive 22 volunteers from different countries such as Belgium, France, Poland, Turkey and Austria! 15 of them will be accommodated right here in the youth centre. It will be a month full of new experiences!! They will be helping in the Miden Festival, the Street Festival and in several activities which will take place during the whole summer concerning K.A.NE.’s and the Youth Centre activites!!!


So, for that… our hard-working volunteers have made magic and with a lot of effort and good intentions have made an amazing change at the Youth Centre… let’s see if you can recognize some of their stances…

Text author: Irene

Our creative “girl” volunteers have decorated with lots of imagination and colorfulness the walls which will divide the rooms for the future volunteers… do you like the new style??? As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do but our volunteers are able to do everything and we will see the final result at the beginning of July…. Be prepared for it!!!


Interview with organizer of Miden Festival - Gioula

Interviewer: Manuela Interviewee: Gioula

Can you present yourself a little bit, to let us know more about you? Just a human who can’t live without art, sea and sun! That’s all someone needs to know about “me” I think! Can you explain shortly what exactly Miden Festival is, when did it born, how it grew up…? Miden is a video-art festival that was born 9 years ago. It is based in Kalamata, where it’s main events take place, every July. It was born out of our need to share our love for video-art with our friends and to bring it to a wider audience. We love to see the festival growing and making new friends year after year. It’s our way to stay connected with the whole world, since it is international and presents artists and works from every corner of the planet. If you had to remember only one edition of the festival, which one would it be and why? The first one, because everything in the process of organizing a festival was so new, so experimental and so enthusiastic! How is the population of Kalamata welcoming the festival? 8

When we started, we were a little anxious because video-art is not exactly easy as an art form, especially when it is more conceptual and less narrative. But from the first year the audience of Kalamata embraced the festival and it became clear that there are a lot of people in the city looking for something different and very open to fresh ideas. This is the main reason we have kept going for 9 years! Do you have different “target group” every year? Not exactly, but it’s a great pleasure to see that “old friends” keep coming and that “new friends” are added every year. It’s also great to see more & more young people to the audience. Some of them meet video-art for the first time! What are the characteristics of the 2013’s Miden Festival edition? First of all, new members were added in the team and we are very happy about it! Ioanna Dimitrakopoulou and Terpsi Kontargyri were following the festival since they were teenagers and this year make their first curatorial steps! Manuela Gascon also joined us from France! We are happy to have them in the team -young creative people with a fresh eye on video-art! Also, we increased our collaborations. Filmhouse (Kalamata’s Film Club), Kallitechniko

Steki and Kalamata’s Youth Center are joining us this year, as well as many great festivals & groups from abroad. If a genius comes to you, and proposes to realize one incredible thing for the festival, what would you ask him? It depends what kind of genius we are talking about! I wish it was a genius in something related to art or economics!

What are the objectives of the Festival within the next years, do you want it to grow bigger and bigger or not necessary? We like the festival as it is: an open air screening event that reminds the Greek traditional summer cinema. We wouldn’t like to change that. But we increase our collaborations in Kalamata and worldwide and we love that our partners’ network gets bigger and bigger!


Party to Close what?


n the 14th june at ΤΑΡΑΧΗ, the Youth Centre of Kalamata organized a party for the closing of the Youth Centre of Kalamata. Around 60 people came in really little space, the mysterious ΤΑΡΑΧΗ, nobody never entered inside before. After a calm beginning, when the DJ captain planet put some chill music, the party could start. Around 00.30 the DJ started an amazing show, with Balkan music, 90’s music, 80’s music, and Electro music. People inflamed the dance floor until 2.00. After the local DJ played some greek music, the party finished around 4.00. A real success, I want to say you ‘’Good Holidays’’ and see you in September for news adventures!


Text author: Loic


<Top 3> by INES about Books Ravage by Rene Barjavel

Dead poets society by N.H K

Yet the theme was promising and offered many perspectives and interesting ideas. The story is quite similar to 1984 by Orwell, it is a science fiction novel describing a high tech civilization and its collapse due to a power cut. The novel starts slowly with many descriptions and details. Then, the more I read, the more I got bored because of the precipitation of the events which were quite grotesque at some point and in parallel the story loses its credibility. Finally, the conclusion of the book (the complete refusal of Technology) is a bit vague and nebulous. Anyway, in spite of the presumed good qualities of the author, this reading left me quite disappointed compared to all the positive criticisms that I’ve heard. Thus, I should start to read “La nuit des temps” which is apparently a really good book...

Everybody told me about this book.. At first, I quite appreciate idea: an English teacher inspires and literature. But, little by little, I felt the teen more and more... To sum up m ter than Monica’s monologue fr


“I used to be just like you. And changed my life. Did you ever s I thought that movie was so in thing at the end where the kid be in the play? What was that? home, do some community the thought, ‘Now, that’s two hours back’. And that thought scared m I was afraid to do.”

That Have Disappointed Her


Memoires de guerre Volume 3 by Charles de Gaulle:

s story, so I decided to read the This book is a long story. Actually, I had to read it for the final ed the atmosphere and the main exams in high-school and to analyze it from A to Z. The third s his students to a love of poetry volume starts with the liberation of France by De Gaulle after the Vichy regime and all the events before his departure from nager and romantic side growing the government in 1948. This a quite interesting book about an my thoughts, there’s nothing bet- important historical figure in French history (even if we can rom the series Friends. question his political commitment and his goals). But on the other hand this book is exhaustive and not really attractive. It then one day I saw a movie that is a long enumeration of dates, events, territory and military terms... Then, you can appreciate some lyrical parts which are see Dead Poets’ Society? ncredibly... boring. I mean, that full of references as a witness of his culture and knowledge of d kills himself because he can’t literature. Besides, De Gaulle wanted to give an objective point ?! It’s like, kid, wait a year, leave of view of this historical event but he constantly criticized the eatre. I walked out of there and I communists and seems to forget the French collaboration. It of my life that I’m never getting looks more like a way to promote his future campaign facme more than all the other crap ing the political incompetence to manage the French Algeria around 1958.


Who We Are

Hello to everyone! My name is Georgia. I am 24 years old and I live in Kalamata. I spent the last 5 years in Athens doing my Bachelor in Management and Business Administration and the last year in the Netherlands continuing my studies for a Master’s degree. I am glad to be back to Kalamata after all those years, especially since I am a new member of “K.A.NE.”. I am happy to be part of this organization

Filaretos Vourkos / Last 7 years I am working in the field of non formal education as a volunteer, youth worker and youth trainer. 4 years ago, I decided to create the Youth Centre of Kalamata, in order to initiate the youth work in Kalamata and promote active citizenship as factor of change.

W Ar W Hi everybody, I’m Alice, I am 25 and I come from Toulouse, in the south of France. I studied sciences of education and I work as an animator with children. I enjoy travelling. I arrived in Kalamata a week ago, and I’ll stay since august. I will work for the horse riding project and for KEKYKAmeA.

Dorian Ag / Working unteer in iding sch children w abilities a French an dance in centre / ect starte tember 2 will last 1

gnel / 21 g as a voln horserhool with with disand teach nd Swing n youth My projed in Sep2012 and 1 year

Leonard Pristl / 18 / I love going for skiing in the winter, I love the white mountains and the nature but I also fell in love with the sea and the beaches here / I work in ΚΕΦΙΑΠ Μεσσηνίας from January 2013 to January 2014 as a EVS volunteer.

Hi my name is Fotini Arapi and I am project manager at K.A.NE. organisation. I started working here in September 2011 and fell in love with the Youth Centre, its dynamic and most of all its incredible team of foreign and local volunteers! See you around :-D

My name is niki i m 26 years old, i studied history and archaiology and the last two years i am working as a teacher and i suppport children with special educational problems. I attented the Youth Center basically as a volunteer and finally i worked there as a coordinator. i really liked the idea and the concept of the center and i met many people local and from abroad, i learned many things from different cultures and I attended many activities and festival during this whole year.

Who We Are

Who re We

Who We Are

Manuela Gascon / 23 years old / France / I like music, volley-ball, wine, cinema, laughing, long nights with my friends, eating watermelons / volunteer in the Youth Center – organization and communication of Miden Festival / From September 2012 to August 2013 :)

W Ar W I’m Bjartur and I’m a 20 year old guy from Iceland. I’m an EVS volunteer and I will be working at the youth center in Kalamata. I’m very interested in Greek culture and history as well as politics and social change. If you have any questions about the frozen north feel free to ask me!

Coucou, I’m Inès, I’m 18 years old French. I like music, cinema, Kokostavros and playing ukulele. Since October, I work in the Youth Center where I’m teaching french and guitar for children. I will come back to France at the beggining of August, so I’m looking forward to summertime in Kalamata.

Jelena Sc / 27 / M gro / v in K.A.NE Centre fr vember Novembe

cepanovic Montenevolunteer E. Youth rom No2012 to er 2013

Loic MARCHAND / 27 / French / likes penguin, origami, Turkish movies and the waffles / volunteer in K.A.NE. Youth Centre from September 2012 to September 2013 >>

My name is Irene, I am 27 years old and I am coming from Spain. I studied Classical Philology and one of my dreams was to come to Greece, so here I am! I work at the Youth Center of Kalamata, I am Spanish teacher and I also help with the general organization of the Youth Center and its activities and events. My project started in September 2012 and I will be here until September 2013!

Taaniel Stoitšev / 20 / Estonia / likes nature, different music, meaningful conversations and biking & much more to be honest / volunteer in K.A.NE. Youth Centre with e-structures from September 2012 to September 2013

Who We Are

Who re We

Thank You for Your time!

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LiNK nr. 41 July 2013 Summer edition  
LiNK nr. 41 July 2013 Summer edition  

K.A.NE. Youth Centre of Kalamata's summer periodical of July