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LiNK Nr. 40

I5 June 2013 Closing


Foreword The summer arrived! The Youth Centre of Kalamata closed with an epic party, lot of dance and crazy music‌ and the morning after I can only wish you to have a great summer! Get your friends or your beloved one, your tends and go to discover the magic of the summer in Greece!

Meet you 26-27-28 of July at the International Kalamata’s Street Festival which this year will be UNIQUE!!! More details at the next LiNK! Filaretos


Editor: Taaniel Stoitsev

European Volunteers: Alice Ponticelli Bjartur SteingrĂ­msson Dorian Agnel Ines Dupont Miault Irene Pena Herranz Jelena Scepanovic Leonard Pristl Loic Marchand Manuela Gascon Taaniel Stoitsev


Staff members of KANE: Filaretos Vourkos Fotini Arapi Georgia Giannakea Niki Nikolopoulou


Contact us: K.A.NE., Social Youth Development Youth Centre of Kalamata Plateia Othonos 10 Kalamata 24100 Greece

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Future Activities Dear readers, even if this LiNK is the last one before the great summer which is waiting for us, we can still talk to you about our future activities. Yes, yes, yes, your Youth Center doesn’t really go for holidays yet… we will carry on organizing here and there plenty of small and bigger events in June and July. So, let me tell you a last time to take your calendars, and write there down these important events:

14/06: Closing of the Youth Center.

After 9 months of nice/crazy/interesting/funny/serious/various workshops, the end has come. The Youth Center closed its door for the whole summer. And, as you know us quite well, we –off course– organized a party in order to celebrate this closing. It took part Friday 14th of June at Ταραχι to celebrate and also to have a good occasion to say “goodbye” to everybody (at least hello for the summer), to say “thank you”, “see you”… Thank You all of You who came!

04-05-06/07: Festival Miden.

If you are living now in Kalamata for a few years, you might know about Festival Miden. This short-movie festival will be the 9th edition, and it now can be proud of saying that it gathers hundreds of movies from all over the world. So during this first week-end of July, come at Πλατεια 23 Μαρτιου, and enjoy one of your summer night watching freely short movies made by artists from every where. • From the 1st of July to the 8th of August: short term EVS. You must know that from last autumn, K.A.NE hosts for 4

one year around 13 volunteers from Europe, through the program called EVS. And be ready, 22 others will arrive on the 1st of July!! OK, these ones will stay only 5 weeks. But still! You will be able to see some Belgians, French (yes, OTHER French!), Polish, Austrian and Turkish everywhere in Kalamata. They come here to help in the organization of the Miden Festival and of the Street Festival, and will attempt some workshops specially prepared for them by the long term volunteers. I don’t have any doubt that you will have more than one occasion to meet them somewhere, some nights, in some bars!

gians, Hungarians, English, Italians) thanks to a Youth Exchange: “Peace Love Unity”, that

will occur between the 20th and the 29th of July. So right now, you don’t have any other choice: come to see us and to meet European artists at the Street Festival, I promise you will enjoy it a lot!

25-26-27/07: Street Festival.

• September: Registration at the Youth Center!! I guess the summer will make you forget about everything and get more lazy than usual, but try as much as possible not to forget to come to the Youth Center around middle September in order to discover the new workshops. Then, be the first to register for your favorite ones and be sure not to miss it!! Now for a few years, the Street Festival of Kalamata is known as one of the main event of the summer in our lovely town. This awesome festival manages every year to gather artists around graffiti, music, dance, skate-board, BMX, and all the kind of street art. In 2013, the 7th edition will welcome foreign artists (Slovene, French, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Bel-

Have a beautiful summer...


The Youth 15th of Ju a review w place from

If we go bac registration October, wi ing and goi more than 2 a lot of peo tivities orga language le of the lucky it’s high dem our volunte enjoyed the derful volun help! We a tice!), swin es (where s lamatianos! Moreover, lessons, per active musi countries fr exchange la mata could Estonian, Sp guese…! A native peop … We also h that it’s imp occupation Greek for fo

But the You 6

Review of passed year in Youth Centre

h Centre of Kalamata closed on the une for this year and it’s time to make with all the activities that have taken m September 2012 until now.

ck, I guess all of you could remember the first ns at the end of September and beginning of ith all the crazy days with a lot of people coming out from the Youth Centre. We reached 2000 registrations during the whole year and ople was able to enjoy the workshops and acanized in the Youth Centre, such as dances, essons, music workshops, … if you were one y people who could join the Yoga lessons (due mand!) I am sure you had a great time with eer Athanasia and her sweetness, others have e Salsa lessons with Maria and Giorgos, wonnteers of the Youth Centre, always happy to also had Tango lessons (it needs a lot of pracng and rock’n roll, Traditional Greek dancsome foreign volunteers could learn the Ka!), Kapoirea, Tai Chi, Contemporary dance… children and adults could enjoy the guitar rcussion, chorus… let’s say that we are an ic team!! Our volunteers from the different rom Europe taught their own language in the anguage workshops so the citizens of Kalad have free lessons of French, Italian, Serbian, panish, English, Lithuanian, German, PortuA great opportunity to learn a language with ple!!! Also Arabic and Sign language and … & had another workshops but the list is so huge possible to enumerate them here… Children’s n workshop, cinema workshop, Do it yourself, oreigners, theatre, Muay Thai…

nized several events during the year…Intercultural Party (with a big success!), Christmas part, Vasilopita party, Dance party, Tsikopempti in the terraces of the building! We took part in the parade for the Carnival with our “Angels-Demons dresses!”, we promoted poetry with poems all over the building in the International Poetry’s day, we had cinema sessions, we collaborated with radio programs in the ERA Kalamatas (from here we give them our support in these days when their work is in danger due to the cuts from the government…), we celebrated also the 4th anniversary of the Youth Centre with different activities such as a presentation of the workshops in the Train’s park in Kalamata, a concert with the jazzrock band “DELTA”, a solidarity Blood Donation with the help of the Hospital of Kalamata and a big Birthday Party when we cut the cake of the Kentro Neon!! We also enjoyed doing a Lip Dub video that you can find in internet and during the year we have also created the newsletter (LiNK) which was published every 15 days with articles from the volunteers of the Youth Centre about interviews, news from the activities, pictures from parties, etc!! We have also collaborated with other organizations as Fifa Farm to do some seminars as the Recycling and Compost boxes information, and we have done our own seminars too, specially about spreading the information about the EVS (European Voluntary Service) with 3 sessions during the year, two of them in the kentro Neon and the last one in the wagons of the Train Park.

As you can see, this year was full of activities and now we closed it all together with the big closing party on the Friday 14th of June. We hope that you have enjoyed the Kentro Neon one more year and that you are pleased with all the events and activities organized here… uth Centre is not just that…we have also orga- Special thanks to all the volunteers who make it real! 7

Environmental childhood


n the 31st of May, the facilitators of the creative occupation workshop for children of the youth center organized an environmental game for children on the park OSE. The story was that the earth environmental sustainability is in danger, and all the elfs of the nature want help from children. The water elf, the earth elf, the wind elf, the elf of life & captain Planet wanted to teach children the importance of taking care of the nature. Children had to go from elf to elf and help them on saving the planet. Almost 25 children take part of this game, divided into different teams. 5 EVS volunteers were the characters of the story and coordinated one game, in total 5 different games: • one sketch game with captain planet where the children had to make sketch about the economy of energy, • another was made by the life elf, a game around all the sorts of trash; • one made by the water elf about the economy of water; • a game with wind elf, around the music; • & a game with Earth elf, where children had to clean a little part of the river. In the end of this game children learnt in a funny way about the ecology and the respect for the nature. This afternoon was a big success, for the children, and for the locals and the European volunteer worked together hand on hand. 8

Text author: Loic


Niki’s top

One of my favorite authors and poets is Giannis Ritsos (Γιαννης Ριτσος) he considered to be a militant poet (he was a member of the Communist Party). He took an active part in the Resistance, while during the period 1948-1952 was exiled at various islands. Specifically arrested in July 1948 and was exiled to the island of Lemnos, then in Makroniso (May 1949) and in 1950 in Agios Efstratios.He wrote and published over a hundred books of poetry and compositions. In 1968 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize, which he did not get because he considered to be a Communist.His most interesting collection is called “The Fourth Dimension”.The “Fourth Dimension” attempts a kind of dialogue between the two sides of the modern Greek person, one focused exclusively on glorious ancient past, the other blocked by the “Greco-Christian” and “Orthodox” experience.Starting from the thesis that modern Greek culture is a palimpsest, as we maintain through our whole piece of ancient folk “down” religion of chthonic gods, Dionysus and Hades, even though “we broke the statues” of heaven, Ritsos “builds” his poetic right on this principle. Searching for the missing link between the old and the new and eternal, memory and oblivion, the finite and the infinite, invents a solution Prototype:raises Greek landscape in the realm of a mystical beauty and is unobtainable, unreachable by the senses of harmony between the two levels of the world, freedom 10

and necessity. An “early childh lightenment “unity of all things ultimate justice of the absent Ze by nature, however,, leaving the “mega nothing,” which is everyt had managed to do before him sponding Ritsos practice, “poetr ry etc. dualism that lymanthikan in its becoming our leading thi these poems multiverse (dram through different personas, mo precipitations in the dark well o will talk about loneliness, love d and things,will highlight the v place the miracle apoenochopo still attempt a reconquest dyna historical memory.The mytholo the circle of Atreus, the Lavdak myth merges with the socio-his is also tragic Monemvasia fami organized in a peculiar, irritat say-meditation is covered by th sation.

My sec Elytis ( guished tional P Prize in until to Nobel P poems

p 3: Books

hood” with a pure heart and ens,” heaven and earth, that is the eus. Which is not alienates man e free conscience in front of the thing. Something only Solomos m, the “Free Besieged”. Thus rery”, the neo-metaphysical histon for one hundred and fifty years ings in their current impasse.In matic monologues most), Ritsos odern or mythological, will hold of the soul and the subconscious, deprivation, the OLD AGE body value of simple life which took oiontas the antihero and he will amic time through personal and ogical monologues derive from kidon and the Trojan cycle. The storical experiences as the story ily. The heterogeneous elements ting synchrony. The almost eshe modesty of everyday conver-

cond favorite author is Odysseas (Οδυσσέας Ελύτης) .He distind himself in 1960 with the NaPoetry Prize and the 1979 Nobel n Literature, the second and last oday Greek who was awarded Prize after Giorgos Seferis. His are between Greek tradition

and European modernism ,Influenced by surrealism and borrowed elements, which, however, reformed according to the staff of poetic vision, inextricably linked to the lyrical element and the Greek tradition. My favorite collection is ‘’ Axion Esti”.Axion Esti is divided into three parts entitled: “Genesis”, “The Passion”, “Gloria”. Of these, the first-that is a main theme of the birth of the poet and the parallel rise of the world through his consciousness.The second and main part of Axion Esti, developing parallel theme of passions Poet and Hellenism as their purification.And the third part show us the way to redemption. I like this collection because it raised unprecedented issues still permeate modern Greece:the problem of national identity and the element of Greek Tradition .He used to write about the beauty of the Greek sun and sea and he never gave up it’s people. The third author i like is Soti Triantafillou (Σωτη Τριανταφύλλου). I like her because her work is characterized by the urban environment and small battles of people within it.Her  heroes are ordinary people, usually with a perspective on things that differs from the prevailing view.The climate that permeates her books often takes the color of melancholy, a melancholy but continues to dream and hope.Her books helps me travel through a variety of images in different parts of the world and different historical periods (from the neighborhoods of New York, to the homes of Greek community in Alexandria, Egypt and London in the early 20th century.My favorite book is called ‘Letter from Alaska”.


Who We Are

Hello to everyone! My name is Georgia. I am 24 years old and I live in Kalamata. I spent the last 5 years in Athens doing my Bachelor in Management and Business Administration and the last year in the Netherlands continuing my studies for a Master’s degree. I am glad to be back to Kalamata after all those years, especially since I am a new member of “K.A.NE.”. I am happy to be part of this organization

Filaretos Vourkos / Last 7 years I am working in the field of non formal education as a volunteer, youth worker and youth trainer. 4 years ago, I decided to create the Youth Centre of Kalamata, in order to initiate the youth work in Kalamata and promote active citizenship as factor of change.

W Ar W Hi everybody, I’m Alice, I am 25 and I come from Toulouse, in the south of France. I studied sciences of education and I work as an animator with children. I enjoy travelling. I arrived in Kalamata a week ago, and I’ll stay since august. I will work for the horse riding project and for KEKYKAmeA.

Dorian Ag / Working unteer in iding sch children w abilities a French an dance in centre / ect starte tember 2 will last 1

gnel / 21 g as a voln horserhool with with disand teach nd Swing n youth My projed in Sep2012 and 1 year

Leonard Pristl / 18 / I love going for skiing in the winter, I love the white mountains and the nature but I also fell in love with the sea and the beaches here / I work in ΚΕΦΙΑΠ Μεσσηνίας from January 2013 to January 2014 as a EVS volunteer.

Hi my name is Fotini Arapi and I am project manager at K.A.NE. organisation. I started working here in September 2011 and fell in love with the Youth Centre, its dynamic and most of all its incredible team of foreign and local volunteers! See you around :-D

My name is niki i m 26 years old, i studied history and archaiology and the last two years i am working as a teacher and i suppport children with special educational problems. I attented the Youth Center basically as a volunteer and finally i worked there as a coordinator. i really liked the idea and the concept of the center and i met many people local and from abroad, i learned many things from different cultures and I attended many activities and festival during this whole year.

Who We Are

Who re We

Who We Are

Manuela Gascon / 23 years old / France / I like music, volley-ball, wine, cinema, laughing, long nights with my friends, eating watermelons / volunteer in the Youth Center – organization and communication of Miden Festival / From September 2012 to August 2013 :)

W Ar W I’m Bjartur and I’m a 20 year old guy from Iceland. I’m an EVS volunteer and I will be working at the youth center in Kalamata. I’m very interested in Greek culture and history as well as politics and social change. If you have any questions about the frozen north feel free to ask me!

Coucou, I’m Inès, I’m 18 years old French. I like music, cinema, Kokostavros and playing ukulele. Since October, I work in the Youth Center where I’m teaching french and guitar for children. I will come back to France at the beggining of August, so I’m looking forward to summertime in Kalamata.

Jelena Sc / 27 / M gro / v in K.A.NE Centre fr vember Novembe

cepanovic Montenevolunteer E. Youth rom No2012 to er 2013

Loic MARCHAND / 27 / French / likes penguin, origami, Turkish movies and the waffles / volunteer in K.A.NE. Youth Centre from September 2012 to September 2013 >>

My name is Irene, I am 27 years old and I am coming from Spain. I studied Classical Philology and one of my dreams was to come to Greece, so here I am! I work at the Youth Center of Kalamata, I am Spanish teacher and I also help with the general organization of the Youth Center and its activities and events. My project started in September 2012 and I will be here until September 2013!

Taaniel Stoitšev / 20 / Estonia / likes nature, different music, meaningful conversations and biking & much more to be honest / volunteer in K.A.NE. Youth Centre with e-structures from September 2012 to September 2013

Who We Are

Who re We

Thank You for Your time!


over for this year, but

gladly we will have some extra summer editions to

inform you about our doings.

If You have any recommendations concerning LiNK, don’t hesitate to let us know

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Link nr. 40 June 15th 2013  

K.A.NE. Youth Centre of Kalamata's periodical for June 15th 2013

Link nr. 40 June 15th 2013  

K.A.NE. Youth Centre of Kalamata's periodical for June 15th 2013