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L NK Nr.35

‘The Spring ’ edition

15 of March 2013 th

Editor: Taaniel Stoitsev



Staff members of KANE: Filaretos Vourkos Fotini Arapi Georgia Giannakea Antzela Lenakaki

I : I VBjartur SteingrĂ­msson I Diana Dias Agnel I Dorian Gianluca Barbin I Ieva Medinyte I Ines Dupont Miault Pena Herranz I Irene Jelena Scepanovic I Kaja Napotnik Pristl I Leonard Loic Marchand I Manuela Gascon I Marisa Carvalho Coelho I Sandra Taaniel Stoitsev I I

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K.A.NE., Social Youth Development Youth Centre of Kalamata Plateia Othonos 10 Kalamata 24100 Greece e-mail:; url: (not working at a moment)

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Editorial [by Filaretos] C

because although the problems we are facing we have to have fun. Anyway it is in the DNA of Greeks to dance when everything goes wrong. And such we’ll do... On the other hand we need to be conscious that many of our friends, relatives, neighbors will have so big problems that it will be impossible for them to celebrate or even smile. For that reason we should not forget our responsiThis year the Youth Centre of Kalama- bility as active citizens. ta will participate in many of these activities. We will celebrate with children This year we can wear simple costumes the morning of Tsiknopempti and with or to make the costumes ourselves. The barbecue the evening. We will be the money we will save we can donate them “Demonic made Angels” at Kalamata’s to an organization which is facing the Carnival and we will visit Nedousa to outcomes of the crisis, or to make a gift attend the strange but traditional mix- directly to someone we know... Spend a ture of pagan and Christian celebration little less time for celebration and offer of “marriage” which is the outcome of your extra time to help some people in many influences through the aeons, cel- need.  ebrating love... with the Dionysian way!  I think that’s all for now... Have a nice Carnival is also an opportunity to for- month and we will meet at the activities get the problems and leave a bit be- of the Youth Centre! Also don’t forget hind your responsibilities and do what- that at 15th of March the celebrations ever you want! Is it? Can we really do for the 4 years of the Youth Centre of this in a period that everything around Kalamata will start with many nice surus is collapsing? Well... yes and no. Yes prises... to be announced soon!!!

arnival is coming and as every year many nice and funny activities are taking place in several places around Greece. It is always a nice opportunity to take a small step out of reality, get dressed as you wouldn’t dare to do in your everyday life and have fun with friends, relatives or even people you meet for first time.

Local Life

Program of Youth Centr


(2013 March)

[in English]

Local Life

Future Activities As 4 years ago on 1st of April (no, it’s not a joke) 2009 it was the day when the centre was opening it’s door for people of Kalamata first time, we will have many activities 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the important date to celebrate! We will also make announcements about happenings in our FB page you can see & follow by clicking HERE Already on 15th of March on the evening at 21.30 in Youth Centre we will have carnival mask party, more info from FB event HERE The Saturday 23th of March at 10 o’clock, we are going to make the lip dub video of the Youth Center. And YOU are welcomed to JOIN What is a Lip dub? :Lip dub is a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video. It is made by filming individuals or a group of people lip synching while listening to a song or any recorded audio then dubbing over it in post editing with the original audio of the song. To see example of LipDub: CLICK HERE Our LipDub video will be based on song called Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello. It is important to know the lyrics of the song, so please take a look at them and try to remember them as well: LYRICS On 30th of March we will have big anniversery party of Youth Centre of Kalamata right here in Youth Centre of Kalamata! So prepare your good mood and best dance moves for it, more specific info coming soon, but you can already make a mark to your calendar to not forget - on Saturday 30th of

March - to come for a great party! On the 5th of April will take place Blues-Rock concert - live concert, with one of the best jazz bands in Kalamata! Workshops’ presentation at the Railway park will take place on 12th of April. All workshops of the youth center will present their work to the public at the railway park of Kalamata. On the 19th of April we will organize with the help of hospital blood donation action. If you wish to participate let us know. From here and there it have been heared that it might be possible to have soon the cultural night again! So people, who didn’t managed to come to our cultural night last year, this might be your chance!! (More info coming soon - stay tuned!

Μικρές Αγγελίες Youth Centre’s announcements:

On 13th of March Wednesday on a evening time around 10 o’clock black backbag with laptop inside disappeared from infopoint in Youth Centre, anyone who might have seen something or have any clues about where the bag might be, please let us know! If you happen to have something beneath and You don’t need it and/or You want to do something good, please contact with Youth Centre to arrange the way to deliver them to us: * CHAIRS * BICYCLES * MEDICINE <<Μικρές Αγγελίες>> is periodical heading appearing on every LiNK, that delivers help requests conserning Youth Centre. It is also avaliable for other advertisements & announcements, just let Us know during Youth Centre opening hours or write e-mail:

Past events


This was the second meeting after the one which took place in November, and its main purpose is to give some useful information and advices towards the next deadline of the program in May. Some of our EVS volunteers who are here in Kalamata thanks to this program coming from countries as France, Spain or Montenegro, explained the basics of the program and shared their experiences with the idea to give a more direct and clearer examples of some real projects which are being running here in Kalamata at the Youth Center, the Horse Riding School or Kekykamea. The Youth in Action is a program inside the European Commission initiatives and it is specially focused for youngers with less opportunities to have a short-term (2-6 months) or long-term (6-12 months) stay


n the evening of the Friday 15th of Febrary, the Youth Center of Kalamata organized the second meeting called “EVS CAFÉ” in order to share information about the European program “Youth in Action” and more concrete about the European Voluntary Service (EVS) for young people between 18 and 30 years old.

Article by: Irene

VOLUNTARY SERVICE in another country to collaborate in an organization involved in rather social, cultural, educational or environmental field. It is a great opportunity to spend one year of your life doing something different, helping a local community and improving a new language, learning new cultures and ways of living. If you are curious about it and you didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come to the information meeting you can have a look to the Youth in Action Program Guide ( and also be aware for the next EVS CAFĂ&#x2030; meeting which will take place in a few months and it will be announced at the Youth Center of Kalamata! Looking forward for you!

Local Life

Leonardo trainee Hello Marisa! Where


Interviewer: Sandra Interviewee: Marisa

pitas! I like to go to the beach and to from and what are you doing in the bars… I like the intercultural enviKalamata? ronment in the Youth Center, to know other cultures and other languages… I I’m from Portugal and I am here work- am also going to the lessons of Spanish, ing in the Youth Center, through the French and Greek Dances! program Leonardo da Vinci. I do administrative work, I teach Portuguese and I go some mornings to Kikikamea to help in the workshops. Why

are you

did you apply to come to

work in the lamata?

Youth Center of Ka-

Because in Portugal I was unemployed so I needed to gain experience to maybe later find a job more easily… This is a good experience because I improve my language skills and because I have the opportunity to see closely the experience of the Youth Center, which is a very interesting project! What

do you think about

mata so far?


It’s a nice city, with good people, good




about the greek culture?


The music, the traditional dances, the pitas, the weather, the hospitality!


Local Volunteer

That’s me

Interviewer: Ines Interviewee: Fouli

Have you ever done voluntary works ? What was it ? Yep..! Cleaning, feeding , helping.....praying... What

do you think

about voluntarism in general ?

What are mata ?

you doing here, in


You have it or you don’t ! But the volunteerism first of all, helps yourself and like Joey (“Friends”) had said : It is a love based on ...Trying not to die from boredom ! giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And the love that they give and When and how did you know the have is shared and received. And through Youth Center ? this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and From the beginning, I am Filaretos’ slave have ... and receive. in the center..... What is you participation in Youh Center ? What do you in this place ?

the like


are your projects for the

future ?

.“Nothing behind me, everything ahead I’m the “spastic” who grumbles for perof me, as is ever so on the road.” Jack Kerfection ! And I also try to help in informouac, On the Road... ing people about the Center.

Past events

Tsiknopempti & Start of t T his Thursday 7th of March has been a really special day for everybody. For the Greek people first, because it’s the day of Carnival, this important event. But for the volunteers coming from abroad also because for most of us, this celebration is new! Carnival is not celebrated in this way in the other countries such as Spain, France, Estonia, Slovenia… So it was very exciting for all of us to feel this festive atmosphere in Kalamata.

First, when I woke up in the morning and opened my window, I smelt meat smoked everywhere in the street! And when I went to the Youth Center, I met at least 5 nomad barbecues on sidewalks, with people around, eating, talking together and drinking. Later in the afternoon, I went to Plateia Amfeias with some other volunteers where we discovered the big stage installed on the square. With the other volunteers, we attempt this nice show with a lot of different dancing groups, singers…, Kalamata is a town full of gifted people!! Suddenly, the speaker announced in the microphone that the team #35 was asked to come on stage: the Youth Center team!! So,

Article by: Manuela

the Carneval after crossing tense eyes with other volunteers, we went on stage to present our team for the participation to the treasure hunt. We did not received any special ovation from the public, or very-very strong applauding but anyway, our team got our flag with number 35 and we were ready to came back to the Youth Center where the best part of the day was waiting for us. Around 8:00 p.m., we started preparing the food, cooking… And at 21:30, the start was given. Then, the smoking and good smelling meat was arriving endlessly from the barbecue installed on the balcony, people brought more and more delicious salads, wine was drunk faster and faster… In a word, I didn’t saw the party passing, I have eaten souvlaki, pork, Greek salad, Russian salad, toasted bread, home made wine…, such a big quantity of food, everything so tasty!!! After all, I fall into a really heavy sleep, and when I woke up the day after, my first though was: I have to find a way to come back to Greece next year for Tsiknopempti !

External News

Organization abroad - M By: Sandra


ave you met the wonderful three Portuguese internees working in Kalamata lately? We are Leonardo da Vinci internees, sent by a Portuguese organization called Mais Cidadania (More Citizenship) to develop a professionalizing experience in the Youth Center (Marisa and Sandra) and in the Farma Foifa Project (Diana). I knew Mais Cidadania when I went

in Lisbon. Their headquarters is

to my Leonardo da Vinci interview,

located in an ancient building in

Mais Cidadania one of the most beautiful and dy-

sponding also to the needs of the

namic areas of Lisbon: the Bairro

local community where it is estab-

Alto, where you can find tradition-

lished and working in partnership

al shops and old ladies during the

with other organizations for spe-

day and lotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of bars, youngsters and

cific projects.

parties during the night. The building has several floors and each one

At the international level, this or-

has rooms for different activities:

ganization works with Internation-

workshops, media room, library,

al Exchanges, European Voluntary


Service, Erasmus Placement and Leonardo da Vinci. At the local

Mais Cidadania is a Youth Orga-

level, Mais Cidadania works in lo-

nization, located in Lisbon, since

cal communities through social in-

2003. It has the aims of promoting

tervention projects, volunteering

citizenship in the youth context,

programs, workshops and 1 yearly

solidarity and volunteering, re-

art festival.

If you are interested in doing some European program in Portugal, you can check the Mais Cidadnaia website here - - or, of course, come to the Youth Center and talk to us!


Teddy’s diary Wonderful H i guys. After a small break in the Youth Centre I continued my journey, and here I am in Montenegro. I visited the coast and the mountains in a few days. Montenegro is a very small country, beautiful and full of contradictions. Landscape is like from a fairy tale. First I visited Ulcinj and the famous beach  called Big beach, where I took the picture. It is the longest beach in Montenegro, 13 km long and with a very fine sand, like dust.

From Ulcinj I continued to go around the coastal towns. I was most delighted of beauty of St. Stephen, which is also called the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Article by: Jelena Photoediting: Loic

l Montenegro

After I came to the Bay of Kotor, and I visited the town of Kotor. There was carnival  The streets were crowded with masks, so I fit comfortably. I was a little bit scared when they burnt a man, accused for a lot of bad things. When I recovered from a lot of alcohol, I continued my trip .


Teddyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s diary Wonderful I arrived on the mountain Lovcen, where I visited the mausoleum of Njegos. For Montenegrins this is very important monument, because Njegos was a very important man in the history of the state, something like a king. I enjoyed the view from the mountain. On one side I could see Skadar Lake and on the other; the coast of Italy.

I took a picture and then I wen where is my friend Jelena.

l Montenegro

nt to Podgorica, from

I went around the town and noticed that all the cafes are full of people, and I wondered if any of Montenegrins go to work. In Podgorica I liked most Skaline, that means steps place, located between two rivers. I also s aw an interesting sculpture of a bird, made of different weapons.


Teddyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s diary Wonderful After Podgorica, I continued my journey to the north of the country. The road was a little bit scary, and people drive very fast, but the view is amazing. Wherever you look you will see mountains and rivers. The beauty of the river Tara left me breathless and jumping bungee from the bridge made me experience something wonderful you also can try every summer from the same bridge. After adventure went to the mountain Durmitor. I met two girls and I went with them hiking. We climbed to the highest peak in Montenegro, Bobotov kuk, also called heaven bracket. From there I could see a lot of Balkans mountains. I visited a few other mountains in Montenegro, as Prokletije where I took this beautiful picture with horses, and

l Montenegro Maglic, where I visited the lake in the shape of a heart. In the mountains of Montenegro I felt like at home, and I met some relatives too. And people here are very nice and hospitable. Everywhere I have been, they gave me a lot of rakija and food. I tried a homemade cheese that I have never tried before, then kajmak, that is also made from milk and that is one of many traditional things in Montenegro. Of course, I tried the famous prsuta and kacamak and some other food. Everything was njam njam.  I will stay in Montenegro few more days to enjoy the wonderful nature and the clear air.  I send you huge hug and I will see you soon from my next destination.


Cuisine of Cultures - Spa T he dish Paella is said to be a perfect union between 2 cultures from Spain, the Romans, for the pan and the Arabs, who brought the rice. The dish was developed in the Spanish city of Valencia. There is an old story of how the Moorish kings’ servants created rice dishes by mixing the left-overs from royal banquets in large pots to take home. It is said by some that the word paella originates from the Arab word “baqiyah” meaning left-overs. Ingredients: • 2 cups short grain white rice by person • 1 whole chicken, cut into sections • 10-15 saffron threads (if it’s possible! Or food colorant instead) • 1/2 onion, cut in small squared pieces • 3 or 4 large ripe tomatoes, diced • peas • 1 green pepper, diced • 2 garlic cloves, pressed or diced • Roasted red peppers, sliced, to garnish on top • Extra virgin olive oil Method: 1. In a pan, put a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and brown the chicken on both sides during 6-8 minutes. Add water and make it boil to make some

Article by: Irene

anish dish - Paella broth. Keep the broth of the chicken, we will use it later! Set aside. 2. In a “paellera” or large stainless steel pan, heat 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Add the onion (cut into squared pieces) and saute for about 3 minutes. Add the green peppers, peas and garlic and saute for an additional 2 minutes.  Add the tomato and simmer until the juices have reduced. 3. Add the chicken broth of the chicken we have fried, and add the saffron.  This will release the color of the saffron to the stock.  Keep it at a simmer until ready to pour over the rice. 6. Add the rice and saute for an additional 4-5 minutes. 5. Add one cup of water at a time, stirring to mix and distribute the ingredients evenly.  Add enough water to just cover the rice (no more water than that!). 6. Bring to a boil, add salt and pepper to taste and again make sure to distribute the rice evenly in the pan. That’s it… Do NOT move the rice again. 7. Place the fried chicken on top of the rice and add the roasted red peppers as well. 8. Keep boiling for around 20 – 25 minutes until the rice is nearly ready. 9. Remove the pan from the oven and allow to rest for a few minutes. The paella can be served directly from the pan. Serve with lemon aside so you can squeeze the lemon over it to make it tastier! Pictures: from:

¡¡¡Buen Provecho!!!

Taaniel Stoitšev / 20 / Estonian / likes nature, different music, meaningful conversations and biking & much more to be honest / volunteer in K.A.NE. Youth Centre with e-structures - from September 2012 to September 2013

Who We Are

Coucou, my name is Inès, I’m 18 years old and I’m French. I like music, cinema, Kokostavros and playing ukulele. Since October, I work in the Youth Center where I’m teaching french and guitar for children. I will come back to France at the beggining of August, so I’m looking forward to summertime in Kalamata.

Dorian Agnel / 21 / Working as a volunteer in horseriding school with children with disabilities and teach French and Swing dance in youth centre / My project started in September 2012 and will last 1 year

Kaja Napotnik / 22 / Slovenia / likes long walks, reading, dancing, volunteering and eating chocolate / volunteer at Farma Fifa on the project “Natural farming and environmental awarness” / from October 2012 to August 2013

Hi my name is Fotini Arapi and I am project manager at K.A.NE. organisation. I started working here in September 2011 and fell in love with the Youth Centre, its dynamic and most of all its incredible team of foreign and local volunteers! See you around :-D

Loic MARCHAND / 27 / French / likes penguin, origami, Turkish movies and the waffles / volunteer in K.A.NE. Youth Centre from September 2012 to September 2013 >>

Hi everybody! My name is Angela, I am 24 and I come from Creta. Some words about me: I hate sports, I love meeting new people and at this period of my life I am really interested in searching the meaning of life - if by chance you find it, please contact me. This year I am working with the volunteers of the Youth Center and coordinating its projects and activities.

Hello to everyone! My name is Georgia. I am 24 years old and I live in Kalamata. I spent the last 5 years in Athens doing my Bachelor in Management and Business Administration and the last year in the Netherlands continuing my studies for a Master’s degree. I am glad to be back to Kalamata after all those years, especially since I am a new member of “K.A.NE.”. I am happy to be part of this organization

I’m Bjartur and I’m a 20 year old guy from Iceland. I’m an EVS volunteer and I will be working at the youth center in Kalamata for the next 7 months. I’m very interested in Greek culture and history as well as politics and social change. If you have any questions about the frozen north feel free to ask me!

Hi, my name is Marisa Carvalho/ volunteer of Program Leonardo Da Vinci/ 23 years old/ Portuguese. I studied Science of Education and School AdministrationW Some words about me: I like music, cinema, reading, meeting new people.

W Ar W

Diana Dias / gal / I am a Farma Foifa w Kaja and I’m Kalamata aga

Who re We

/ 23 / Portuvolunteer at with Ieva and glad to be in ain! ;)

My name is Irene, I am 27 years old and I am coming from Spain. I studied Classical Philology and one of my dreams was to come to Greece, so here I am! I work at the Youth Center of Kalamata, I am Spanish teacher and I also help with the general organization of the Youth Center and its activities and events. My project started in September 2012 and I will be here until September 2013!

Hi everybody, I’m Alice, I am 25 and I come from Toulouse, in the south of France. I studied sciences of education and I work as an animator with children. I enjoy travelling. I arrived in Kalamata a week ago, and I’ll stay since august. I will work for the horse riding project and for KEKYKAmeA.

Sandra Coelho / 27 / Portugal / likes alternative media, photography, freuds’ dream interpretation, playing guitar, camping, travelling and discovering natures’ magic creations. Working as Leonardo Da Vinci intern at K.A.NE. Youth Center from February to April 2013.

Filaretos Vourkos / Last 7 years I am working in the field of non formal education as a volunteer, youth worker and youth trainer. 4 years ago, I decided to create the Youth Centre of Kalamata, in order to initiate the youth work in Kalamata and promote active citizenship as factor of change.

Gianluca Barbin / 28 / Italian / likes reading narrative and sociological book, running, watch movies, use the bicycle, draw and paint, make manual works and magic tricks / volunteer in Κεντρο Ημερας for the children with autism and in K.A.NE. Youth Centre for the italian lessons, from October 2012 to April 2013

Manuela Gascon / 23 years old / France / I like music, volley-ball, wine, cinema, laughing, long nights with my friends, eating watermelons / volunteer in the Youth Center – organization and communication of Miden Festival / From September 2012 to August 2013 :)

Jelena Scepanovic / 27 / Montenegro / volunteer in K.A.NE. Youth Centre from November 2012 to November 2013

Ieva Medinytė / 19 / Lithuania / interests: nature, learning, exploring (places, people, myself) / Volunteer at Farma Fifa (Αγρόκτημα Φοίφα): helping with daily farm maintenance and supporting ongoing projects (permaculture education, re:think, etc.) / September 2012 – June 2013

Leonard Pristl / 18 / I love going for skiing in the winter, I love the white mountains and the nature but I also fell in love with the sea and the beaches here / I work in ΚΕΦΙΑΠ Μεσσηνίας from January 2013 to January 2014 as a EVS volunteer.

Who We Are

Hi! I’m TeddyBear! I know I look younger than I am ;) I like to hug people around Youth Center and also I enjoy to work in a office after all people have left! I’m a magic teddybear :) Most of the time I just look around the Youth Center and basically am as cute as I am!! I don’t remember when my “project” started, but I hope to be here at least as long as I already have:)

Thank You fo


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If You have any

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[evstaaniel@ Enj

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LiNK nr. 35 15th of March 2013  
LiNK nr. 35 15th of March 2013  

K.A.NE. Youth Centre of Kalamata's periodical of 15th of March