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LINK No 89 FEBRUARY 16TH, 2017

Happy valentine’s day/ Happy welcome to the new EVS ! The team of the EVS volunteer is now completed; I’m sure everyone is excited to meet them and want to get to know them better ! Fear not : Link will not let you down ! In the next edition, you’ll be able to read more about them ! In this edition, let’s talk a bit about LOVE ! ^^ Editor & Designer: Tea Križanec- Laura Gimenez

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Valentine’s d ay, the day of LOVE ! Renée explain the stories behing it .


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Staff members of KANE: Filaretos Vourkos Fotini Arapi Jelena Scepanovic Nantiana Koutiva Vyron Giannakopoulos EVS: Aroa Liébana Rellán Arthur Gallagher Laura Gimenez Renée Hoogenboom Rosa Vernooij Rüya Hazar Martyna Czypicka Molly O’Doherty Óscar Villarraso López Oskar Shrattenecker Sara Amghar Tea Križanec Credits pictures: saaabrina/Luce Large/RPK LADY.D/ Richard Donovan/ Ruth BlackImpFashion

Contact us: K.A.N.E Social Youth Development Youth Center of Kalamata Plateia Othonos 10 Kalamata 24100 Greece Telephone: +30 272 111 0740 E-mail: URL: Facebook: kentroneon/?fref=ts


About us - EVS


i, This is RĂźya from Istanbul,Turkey. I am 28 years old. I have studied Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering in Istanbul Technical University. Then, i started working on tanker ships as an officer. So, i was once an old mariner, than after leaving ships become a full time traveller and now i am a volunteer in Kalamata until next middle of May:). I am into sports, cultural activities and travel.


i there, my name is Renee, I am seventeen years old and I am from the Netherlands. I arrived last monday and I will stay here for ten months. My work will be therapeutic horseriding and in the keviab. I just finished highschool and I didn’t wanted to study immediately, then I came across EVS and it turned out to be the perfect thing to do this year. Because I am doing something good and I will learn a lot from it. I hope that when I come back I will have new friends and have a lot more life experience.



ello my name is Oskar Schrattenecker, I am 18 years old and from Linz/Austria. I am doing Evs in Kalamata. The main reason for me to do Evs was because i didn’t know what I wanted to do in my future so hopefully I get orientation during my Evs. Also since first of January in Austria you can do a long term Evs instead of your military service, so this was a nice opportunity. I started my Evs one month ago on 18. of April and my project lasts for one year, I work in the Youth center of Kalamata. Me and 6 other Volunteers live in an apartment.


i everyone! My name is Rosa and I am 17 years old. I come from a small town called Woerden in the Netherlands. I just graduated from high school, so now I am taking a gap year before I will go to university. I like hanging out with friends, watching a movie, going for a hike and cooking. I will stay in Kalamata for 9 months to work in the Day care centre for autistic children. We visited Kalamata in the beginning of August for one weekend, so we got to see a little bit of Kalamata already. The people here have been really nice, but it is so different from the Netherlands. I hope to become more independent here and meet new friends. I am also looking forward very much to learning about autistic children and how to approach them.



ey guys! My name in Martyna and I’m new volunteer from Poland! I’ve grown up in Poznan (west side of the country). I’m 26 this year and I try to enjoy every minute of my life! I’m crazy about Greece, this is my favourite place in Europe – however I love to travel and I take every opportunity to see the world. In my free time I like to read and spend time outside of the house. I love to eat, this is my biggest passion! I’m totally a beauty freak.


i! My name is Laura and I’m 24 years old. I come from a small town in France called Le Thor (yeah like the north god), it’s around Marseille. I have a bachelor degree but I wanted to do something else this year, something that will give me life and work experiences: I wanted to be useful. I’ll work in KANE’s office as the webdesigner of the team and I’ll stay in Kalamata for 1 year; I’m really looking forward to it! I have quite a lot of hobbies; I love to draw, write, read, play video games, watching movies and tv show and so on.



alimera to all of you, I am Sara, I am french and I am 21 years old. Since yesterday, I am a new volunteer in Kalamata and will stay here for a year (maybe more ...?) in order to give some help to the horse riding center of kalamata and the Kefiap as well. More over, I will give french lessons at the Youth Center of the city. I met people I will work with and I am really excited to start being part of the project. Horse riding center is a real peacefull place for anybody who needs to connect his mind with his body. The couple of therapist working there are sensitive and receptive people, so if you have any physycal pain, just go to the horse riding center :) !


i ! My name is Aroa, I’m from Madrid in Spain but I live in Màlaga, the south of Spain. In Spain I’m working in a secondary school for dance, I’m the teacher for hip-hop, funks, break dance and classic for teens. I have 18 years and I love dance, photography and watch movies with my friends.



reece, the final frontier. This will be the voyage of a young volunteer. Her continuing mission - to explore strange new places, to seek out new skills and new forms of art, to boldly go where no volunteer has gone before… Greetings dear readers! Tea is my name and art is my game. I will be working for KANE and leading the Creative arts workshops in the youth centre as well as teaching croatian. Please don’t let my fragile looks trick you, as I am a level 6 elven ranger of the Vanyar clan, my patronus is an Eevee and I am available for tea parties and board games.


ello, my name is Arthur, I’m coming from France. I will stay in Kalamata for a 12 months EVS, working at K.A.N.E office. I will animate some workshops here and participate in media communication. I’m glad to be here and experiment the greek way of life.



i ! I’m Oscar, I’m from Spain, I live in Màlaga, so close to Africa. I love the fashion world and I worked as organiser and teacher of modeling in lot of fashion shows. I’m an animal lover, I have a tiny dog called Fredy. Music is very important in my life, I’m listening music every time. I like traveling every time I can, I think exploring the world is the most interestng in your life.


ello everyone! My name is Molly and I come from the UK. I’ve moved here from a city called Bristol in England. I am going to be working in K.A.N.E.’s office. I’ll be helping with the programming, development and evaluation of activities. I’ll also be helping out in the Youth Centre and running an English Conversation workshop. I love cooking, watching films and doing yoga. I also really enjoy helping people to connect with their local history. Before I came here I was working in museums and archives for many years. I am really excited to be in Kalamata and I feel very lucky to be here working as an EVS volunteer.


About us - K.A.NE.


ello, I am Filaretos Vourkos. For the last 10 years I am working in the field of Non-formal education as avolunteer, youth worker and youth trainer. 6 years ago,I decided to create the Youth Centre of Kalamata, in orderto initiate youth work in Kalamata and promote active citizenship as factor for change.


i, I’m Jelena Scepanovic, an EVS coordinator in KANE and the volunteer of the Youth center. I came from Montenegro 2012 as an EVS volunteer. I really liked the idea of the Youth center and the work that KANE does, so I decided to stay and be part of it.


y name is Nantiana! Im 23 years old. I live in Kalamata! I were living for 5 years in patras! I were studying there greek philology and now im teaching greek to the youth center in Kalamata.

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i my name is Fotini Arapi and I am project manager in K.A.NE. organization and responsible, among other things, for all sending motilities (sending EVS volunteers, participants in training courses, interns, etc). Apart from my work in K.A.NE., I also volunteer in the Youth Centre of Kalamata, a volunteer initiative managed by a team of local volunteers. I am very proud of and I love the Youth Centre, its dynamic atmosphere, and most of all, its natural inclusiveness that allows everybody to feel “at home” there. See you around :-D


would describe Vyron as an imaginative fast learning and inventive generalist with a passion for remarkable food and the great outdoors. That’s enough talking about myself in third person. Hello, I am Vyron Giannakopoulos, I consider myself a curious and open-minded person. I have studied the science of Geography and as the newest member of KANE I am here to help by managing the creative projects of EVS volunteers, planning events, creating new projects and doing anything that will add value to our organisation. In my free time I like exploring new places and learning new things. But feel free to contact me on any issue if you need help. Namaste

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In the last LINK issue I was talking about taking care of your skin in the morning, right before you put your make-up on! I wanted to point how important it is, to hydrate your skin and how to prepare it for long day at work. Today I also want to tell you about morning routine… but using your make-up products! My daily make-up is usually simple and I’m trying to look fresh all day long! I don’t like to put too much make-up, I do it only for special occasions. This is what I also recommend for you! 1. PRIMER – I have combo type of skin, what means, half of my face is dry (cheeks and sides of forehead) and rest (nose, chin and middle part of forehead) is oily. Because of this, I like to prime my oily parts with cream base to minimalize my pores and mattified my skin. If you want to prime your face with creamy products it’s good to use Beauty Blender sponge – all products works better when you press them into skin! 2. EYES – I prefer to do my eye-make-up before rest of my face (when you’re not satisfied with your look, you can easily remove it and not destroy face make-up!) So, of course, I prime my eye-lids (usually I use concealer, but it’s much better to buy a base). Then I make my make-up, almost always in the same way –


it’s easy, quick and always looks good! You can do it with every shade! After eyeshadows I always curl my eyelashes with eyelash curler and put mascara. 3. FOUNDATION – But… what before? Nice tip for everyone who has oily parts of skin! Use full coverage concealer before foundation! It helps me keep this area matt for all day long! This is also a good moment to put concealer on zips or red spots

if you have any! After this we can apply a foundation! Put good amount of product on the back of your hand and apply it on your face using Beauty Blender – gently press it into your face. 4. CONCEALER – Now it’s time to concealer your undereye area. Concealer shade should be a little lighter then foundation. All we want Is to make this part of face shiny and bright! Apply a bit and press it with your finger or Beauty Blender. 5. SETTING POWDER – I’m using two types of powders – one is transparent and one is with a little bit of coverage. Thanks to this, every day I can decide what I need more. If I need a good matt I’m always using the transparent one (also for baking my undereye area!). If I have some trouble with my skin, I’m using color one. And remember: always try to press products in your face! 6. EYEBROWS – Use pencil or eyebrows pallet to make your eyebrows looks great! Try to keep your eyebrows similar (but they don’t have to be exactly the same!). Try to create this look:


7. COUNTURING – bronze, blush, highlighter – I’m doing it in exactly this order. I like to counture my cheeks and nose with cold-bronze shade. Then I’m using blush on the apple of my cheeks, always trying to match a color with my eyeshadows (more pink, red, violet, peach or orange). Last step is a highlighting area above the cheeks, bridge of a nose and a cupid bow! 8. LIPS – Never forget about lips, even if you don’t like colorful lipstick! You can always use transparent gloss! 9. SETTING SPRAY – Use setting spray, to keep your make up in the way you like it, for all day long! All pictures are from Pinterest.



The World Press Photo Contest I always start my with reading the news headlines. This week I saw an article about the winner of the world press photo contest 2017. I was so impressed by the photos, but I wanted to find out more about the stories behind those pictures. When I entered the website, I couldn’t stop looking at the photos. It was all so intriguing. Although I don’t have any knowledge about photography, I want you to show my favourites of this years, the stories behind the photos and the world press photo’s throughout the years.

What is the World Press Photo Contest? For those who don’t know, the World Press Photo contest is held annually and focuses on photojournalism. The contest is organised by the World Press Photo Foundation, which exists since 1955. Besides the World Press Photo of the Year, there is also a winner in the following categories: Spot News, General News, People, Sports, Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, Portraits and Nature. There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for single pictures as well as ‘stories’ (series of photos). The winning photos are presented in a book year that is published every year in six languages. Each year the jury looks at the technical as well as the journalistic aspects of the images to choose the winner.

2017 “An assassination in Turkey” The past year was a year full of news. The topic that reigned the news in my opinion was terrorism. That’s why it is not surprising that the winning photo of this year’s contest is about terrorism. The World Press Photo of the Year 2017 is taken by Burhan Ozbilici. It shows the moment just after off-duty police-of-


The World Press photo of the year 2017 “An Assassination in Turkey” by Burhan Ozbilici

ficer Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş shot the Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov in an art gallery in Ankara. Ozbilici says the following about his picture: “I immediately understood that it was a very important, historical moment. I had to stand there as a journalist and do my work”. Although he took the picture, he risked his life, because he had no idea what the attacker would do after he shot the ambassador and if there were more attackers. This picture is horrible and shows an emotion that I will never be able to understand. Although it is the winner of the year, it is not my favourite picture.

The almost forgotten Zika-virus

Two pictures from the series ‘Victims of the Zika-virus’ - 2nd prize in ‘Contemporary issues’


Although the Zika virus has been in the news a lot, it wasn’t the first thing that came in my mind under the category temporary issues. In April 2016 the discovery was that microcephaly and other malformations can be caused by the Zika-virus. The media often showed only the horrors of the Zika-virus in South-America. What I find so beautiful about these serious is that it also shows the unconditional love of the mother although having a handicapped child. It shows how families try to survive under difficult conditions. In the series there is even a photo of a woman which really loves her ‘new baby’ and wants to adopt the child that has the Zika-virus.

One of my favourites

This photo is taken by Jonathan Bachman and has won the 1st prize in the category ‘Temporary issues’. It shows how Ieshia Evans offers her hands for arrest during a protest against racism. One of the reasons behind the protest was the death of Alton Sterling. He was shot by two white police officers in a close range and it worsened the unrest coursing through the United States in previous years over the use of excessive force by police,


particularly against black men. This picture has a beautiful composition with the woman standing up straight and an army of policemen in front of her. The men even seem to shrink back a little. The composition together with the message of this picture makes it one of my favourites of this year.

Apartheid This series of pictures from 1986 immediately interested me. The photos are capturing a dark period in the Dutch history, the ‘Apartheid’. Sadly, it’s one of the most famous Dutch words. The ‘Apartheid’ can be literally translated as apart-hood or the state of being apart. It was a system made up in 1948 in South-Africa under the Dutch empire to segregate the black South-Africans from the white South-Africans.

A few pictures from the story ‘South Africans under Apartheid’ by David Turnley - 1st prize in ‘Daily life’ of 1986

I don’t think I have to say a lot with these pictures, because they say enough. It is very good that we can be confronted through these photos with what really happened, because these are not the kind of pictures that appear in school books.


Winning the prize twice Anthony Suau is a special case in the history of the World Press Photo contest, because he won a prize in the World Press Photo contest twice. Suau has worked as a contract photographer for Time from 1991 to 2009, but his work also appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Life and National Geographic. He has dedicated his career to documenting the effects of international events on the lives of people around the world. The first time Suau won a prize was in 1987, when he won the 3rd prize in the category daily life. The photo captures how South Korean policemen are taking a rest while they are waiting for the demonstration to start later that day. In 2009 he won the World Press Photo of the Year. The photo shows how detective Robert Kole enters a house in Cleveland, followed by mortgage foreclosure and eviction. I really like this picture, because on first sight it isn’t a very beautiful or shocking picture on its own, but it represents the happenings in the world during that time perfectly. In the beginning of 2008 the unemployment rate increased and there was a slowdown in the housing market. This meant that a lot of borrowers of the banks could no longer afford payments on their homes. Banks that were involved in such debts were threatened with collapse. In the following months the financial crisis spread worldwide. The detective on Suau’s photo is using a gun as a precaution, because many houses have been occupied by drug addicts or squatters.

On the left: the winning photo in Daily Life 1987, On the right: World Press Photo of the Year 2009


Looking back on the history While writing this article I started realising how good pictures are able to tell a stories. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words� describes this feeling perfectly. While looking through photos/photo series from the last years I actually learned about some happenings in the history that I have never heard of before. It is amazing and intriguing to read all the stories behind these beautiful pictures. If you are interested and you want to see more photos, please check out the website of the World Press Photo!


New from Turkey Turkey’s Inferno In a normal country, in a normal geography, if you have life threatening situations around, like bombs, terrorism, ethnic and cultural contradictions, political problems with your neighbors, refugee, agricultural, economical, tourism problems ....etc, Those things which are basically related to your peace and primary needs in a country, to be fixed as soon as possible, you must initiate preventive actions to upright them. However, in Turkey, your primary action will be only about the things related political sustainability of head politicians... Even though, we have a serious civil war (not officially accepted by anyone in Turkey but we actually have) and vwery unstable economical condition, the only subjects which politicians are thinking about these days in Turkey are: _Asset Fund, to be able to start for new crazy construction projects, _Referendum, to be able to change regime and allow Erdoğan to be The President of Turkey. What is asset fund? Well, actually, every well developed non communist, capitalist country has this fund to be able to perform big scale investments in their country. It is like, if you want to make a private corporation undertake the economical and technical responsibility of your project, you have to assure them with your assets that, in case of any economical risks, you will cover their lost with your belongings. Okay, if your project is logical, there is no risks. But if your projects are “crazy” ? Eh, in Turkey, every project is crazy (this definition is named by government itself :D)


Duplex, triplex underwater highways, 3rd and 4th longest bridges, nuclear plants, ports..etc... The reason why they are crazy is, because in return, expected amount to turn back to our treasury will not cover the undertaking expenses of that corporation. That case, that corporation will have right to take its guaranteed money, from our asset fund, such a fund, which we have our most precious belongings inside... It is like, you are in Las Vegas and you start betting your house, our wedding ring and your wife in on the poker table... Other issue, referendum... It is very simple, this result will definitely end up as Erdoğan becoming the first president of Turkish Republic. Approximately, 60% of the country believes that is not only a good thing, they think it is the “salvation” of the nation...O_o Salvation from the left side... (Amazing people. (>_<) ) Anyway, there is not much to discuss about. Turkey is a democratic country. As long as majority wants it, other ones “must” respect to it. One side, we have to protect ourselves against global terrorism which is already threatening all Europe, wars around the countries and inner disturbance from our own terrorist groups, plus, we have to improve our very terrific economical direction. On the other side, we are spending our time for this kind of vain subjects and debates... As we say in Turkey for this kind of situations: Allah sonumuzu hayır etsin ( God, render our ending propitious )



Pistes Solidaires is a French non profit organisation based around education, sustained by the European Erasmus + program, region Nouvelle Aquitaine, PyrenĂŠe Atlantique and French ministry of youth and education. It is located in Marseille. The main goal of this association is to educate through a learning process which instil skills and knowledge to promote the sense of justice, equality in a multicultural society and in an independent world. Pistes Solidaires was born from an ambition: Sensitize about worldwide problems and to show a potential of change ! To let people realise the link between their lives and the rest of the world, to think global. Education to the sustainable development is in the centre of all the projects.

Pistes Solidaires has four main mobility programs :

- SVE the Erasmus + program for mobility around Europe, - Service civique Ă international which is quit the same but only for French residents, - Formations and short terms exchanges, - The ability to construct your own projects. The association is also a host for foreigner EVS so if you are interested to go in France for a project fell free to get more informations on their website : It is in French for the moment but it will soon be translated in English !


Future events Hello everyone! We are all very excited, because it’s a beginning of new semester! For us it means new changes, new challenges, new ideas! We thought it will be very nice to celebrate important and funny International Days. We sat with calendar and we set the dates! We’re planning to make events in the Youth Center. I don’t want to tell you all secrets, but I can share with you some thoughts. Two events will take place 8th of March – International Women’s Day and International Mother Language Day! 17 volunteers, 10 different nationalities (11 with Greek!) trying to communicate without using English? Is it even possible? Save the date and try to talk with us! We thought about every detail – we’ve prepared many games, so I’m sure we will have fun for whole night! If you like challenges, thinking and memory games and you like to sing, you should definitely spend this evening with us! Do zobaczenia, à plus tard, ¡hasta luego!, até logo, τα λέμε αργότερα!


If you like literature and poetry, I’m glad to inform you, that we also want to celebrate International Poetry Day and International Book Day! I’m very excited for second one, we have many amazing ideas (I’m sure you will be able to get some interesting books for your collection!). We’re planning some books exchange, we definitely want to know what books you like and we will share our favorite authors!


Hometown MALAGA

My city is in the south of Spain, it is one of the cities of the famous Costa del Sol, one of the things that represents my city is the sea, Malaga has always been a coastal city, and is one of the main ports of Spain. In winter there is not much to do, because all the activity of the city is on the coast, but there are dates in winter like Christmas that make expectations of lights and music live in the main streets, also in carnival you can spend it very well.

Christmas in Malaga

In the center of Malaga, there is good weather all year long, but in the spring itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s getting warmer, the Holy Week is one of the things you have to see, throughout Andalusia churches and cathedrals organize the departure of their thrones, Christians and Virgins travel the cities in giant thrones and impressive decorations, all that attracts people from all over the world, and that week becomes a national and international icon.


Jesus and Virgin Mary thrones

At the end of April the summer activity begins in the city, because the heat begins to arrive, then the entire coastal area and beaches begin to fill up with people to enjoy the spring in the sea, in May, restaurants on the beach open their doors offering the typical dish of the city “el pascaito”. You can eat all kinds of fish, with the good weather you can enjoy spectacular views from the port, you can see the most important things that represent Málaga, the Ferris wheel, La Alcazaba, La Manquita cathedral and of course the mediterranean sea. If you are looking for a place to spend the summer, Málaga is perfect!


Interview with an EVS Volunteer Aroa: How did you find out about EVS projects? Arthur: I found my EVS on Google, I searched a way to travel and work and I ended up on the youth portal where I applied for this EVS in Kalamata. It was interessing to look for this kind of opportunity and I managed to find a sending organisation but in the south of France whereas I was living in the north. Aro: How did you feel when you first arrived in Kalamata almost 5 month ago? Art: I felt tired because of the climate change and the plane trip, but it was also exciting to be in a new country. The plane trip was exhausting but I got lucky to land in Kalamata not in Athens. Aro: -What is it like to have Oscar as a roommate? Art: Oscar is nice, exepct when he starts singing at 4 in the morning ! Kathy Perry and Little mix are part of our daily life now... Aro: Do you have any funny anecdotes about your first days here? can you tell me? Art: During my first days, I went in a pita shop and ordered a pita, they just gave me bred on a plate... That was ankward. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never got back there again !


Aro: You spent the New Year here, what was it like to celebrate it here in Kalamata? Art: I actually changed my plans and got back to France to see some friends. Tea stayed though. It was nice to be back in France, I wanted to come back by car with my firends to Greece but it was not possible. Aro: Do you know what your personal project is? What does it consist of? Art: No, not yet really, making a movie for sure but I still have to find out a bit more about it . Making a movie is taking a lot of time, and I will have to work hard to finish everything !


The EVS-Cafe On the 8 of February we had The EVS-Café event in the Youth center of Kalamata. The EVS-Café was an event organized by the EVS-Volunteers, every year we have at least one EVS-Café taking place in the Youth center. The event was organized by Rosa Vernooij. The goal of the event was to inform young people about EVS and to give helpful information about the process. There were not so many participants, but we expected that, still it was very stuffed because all the EVS- Volunteers including the new Volunteers. it was also a nice welcome for the our newcomers. The event was divided into two parts. First Rosa made an amazing presentation about EVS and everything you need to know about it. She explained the general idea and the process of the EVS experience. Also in the end of the presentation Rüya Hazar, Sara Amghar and I talked about our own personal experience. The people liked it a lot to hear the personal impressions of us. After the presentation finished, all the EVS-Volunteers were there to talk with the guests and answer their questions. Very fast it turned into a nice party with a good atmosphere.



Vegetarian Winter Food

Yummy Nutroast (Shhh! It’s vegan too) When it’s cold and dark outside there’s nothing better than some warm homecooked food. In the UK we are big fans of “roast dinners”. I guess you could say they are a typical British dish. All the ingredients can be found in the UK and grown during the autumn/winter months. A roast dinner is a meal of roasted meat, roasted potatoes and other root vegetables (parsnips/squash/carrots) served with some greens (broccoli/peas/kale) and juicy gravy. If you’re feeling fancy you might add something like red cabbage, or red onions cooked in balsamic vinegar. Roast dinners are traditionally eaten on a Sunday afternoon. In the past Sunday roasts (as they are commonly called) used to be eaten as a family after going to church on a Sunday. It was often the best meal of the week for working-class families, the rest of the week they ate more simply. Although not everyone attends church anymore a lot of people still keep the tradition of a Sunday roast with their loved ones. Or if you’re younger and have been out partying the night before you might go to your local pub for a roast. It’s the perfect way to ease a hangover and catch up with friends. For the virtuous vegetarians: There is no need to be a meat-eater to enjoy this kind of comfort food. In fact in Britain now many people are vegetarian, so


we have adapted the dish to accommodate. The most common way to enjoy a roast veggie-style is to make a Nutroast. Nutroast is like the American plate “Meatloaf” but instead of meat it’s a “Nut-loaf” or “Nut-roast”. It’s a savoury cake or loaf made out of nuts, vegetables, breadcrumbs and herbs. There are all kinds of different varieties, and depending on what’s in your cupboard, you can add whatever you want. Here I will show you a recipe for an easy nutroast. Nutroast Ingredients: 1 medium sized onion or a small leek, chopped into small pieces 2 cloves of garlic, crushed and chopped into small pieces 2 sticks of celery, chopped into small pieces 200g of carrots, chopped into small pieces 225g of mixed nuts, chopped up 120g of breadcrumbs 1 tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil 1 tablespoon of tahini 1 teaspoon of yeast extract or half a cube of vegetable stock crumbled 1 teaspoon of tomato puree Half a teaspoon of dried sage Half a teaspoon of dried thyme Half a teaspoon of dried rosemary 2 teaspsoons of paprika Salt and freshly ground black pepper Method: Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4 1. Grate up the carrots with a grater into thin pieces. 2. If you have a food processor you can grind the nuts up a lit-


tle, just enough to make them finer but not so much that they become like flour. If you don’t have a food processor just make sure to chop them up a lot. 3. Sautee the onion/leek and celery in the oil until they are soft 4. Add the garlic and fry gently for another minute 5. Mix all the ingredients together in a big bowl 6. Put the mixture into a loaf shaped baking tray (like those that are used for bread). If you don’t have this you can use a small baking tray, just as long as it has deep sides. 7. Put the tray in the preheated oven and bake it for 40 minutes. Check if it’s crispy on top and cooked inside. Bake it for 10 minutes more if you think it needs it. 8. Turn it out onto a plate or board. If you have fresh herbs, dried cranberries or orange you can decorate it with these. Serve with the vegetables plus roasted potatoes and enjoy!

For more ideas and varieties check out these websites: All about nutroasts wordofmouth/2011/dec/15/how-cook-perfect-nut-roast The classic Festive


Easy Peasy easy-nut-roast An epic feast

“Life’s great when you go to the pub for a roast with friends”


My Project

What is she actually doing here? Why did she even come here? I could almost hear those thoughts rushing through their minds when they meet me. Maybe YOU had them when you met me. Well, today is your lucky day because I’m going to tell you all about it! Yup, this article is all about little ol’ me... or at least about things somewhat related to me. Chasing around people who didn’t hand in their articles on time for this quirky bunch off digital pages that we call our magazine (until the day comes when, ironically, I find myself being late... which is today) is just the beginning. Let’s start from the top. I came to Kalamata through EVS (that would be the European Voluntary Service, awesome stuff) It’s one of the different programmes under this whole Erasmus+ scheme supported by the EU (European Union, hope I didn’t actually need to write that). In Kalamata I work for a non-governmental organization called KANE. You know about the local Youth Centre, right? The red door on Plateia Othonos. Well, KANE is the one who brought it into this world and now it’s all grown up and becoming independant! The Youth Centre is also the place where I hold regular workshops for the locals (or anyone wishng to join). I lead a workshop called Creative Arts and a language workshop where I teach Croatian. It took me a couple of classes to adapt the material to the wants of my students but now they’re becoming masters of cutting and folding paper. As for Croatian, I am amazed by their motivation but some still need to figure out that learning a language requires


actual effort. Apart from the workshops, I try to help with decorating the space for events at the Youth Center, which is always fun. Also, I regularly write articles here, I also write for our blog (by „our“ I mean the EVS volunteers)... which is undergoing a renaissance right now. Apart from that, I spend most of my working hours in the office. When I say „office“ don’t picture a boring room filled with neatly organized identical desks. No sir! Our desks come in all shapes and sizes and the place has its charm which is mostly because of the people working there who create a pleasant atmosphere. Somewhat distracting at times but, non the less very pleasant. There, if I’m not preparing my workshops or writing articles, I help with anything necessary. As KANE organizes a number of events, conferences, coordinates international projects, I tend to help with whatever they need, from paperwork to carrying chairs. As winter is reaching its end, I will spend a lot of time on the staircase outside of the office doing a huge painting on the wall (yes, they gave me a wall. That’s called pure happiness!). As my time here passes, I feel like I’m more willing to take initiative and, actually, I fear that one day I will try to bite of more than I can chew when it comes to work but, we’ll see about that. Anyway, in a nutshell, I do a number of different things, mostly ones that require some creativity and I plan to do some more ambitious ones in the following months so, stay tuned.


Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day The day we now celebrate to show your love to your partner. We give them a present or go to dinner. But where does this day come from, why do we have a valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s day? I found 3 explanations, which ihave to say are all not reliable, because the truth is no one really knows where it comes from. For the first story we go back to Rome in the 3rd century, there lived the christian priest St. Valentine. According to tradition there was a imperial law that forbid soldiers to get married. The people believed that single man where more prepared to die. Valentine however let soldiers marry in secret because he believed that love could concur anything. When emperor Claudius II found out, he executed Valentine on 14 February 269. This is how Valentine became a martyr for love. The second story is about Lupercalia, this is not romantic at all. It was a roman fertility fest hold on the 15th of February. It was celebrated in Lupercal, in the cave where Romulus and Remus where fed by the wolf. A priest would sacrifice goats and young dogs. After they ate it the priests cut the goat skin in pieces. With a part they covered there body parts and with another part they made belts. Then they would run half naked through the streets trying to hit woman with the belts, because if you where hit it would lead to fertility.


The third story is again about St. Valentine he was persecuted for his faith by emperor Claudius II and was personally interrogated by him. He impressed the emperor who tried to persuade him to the roman faith. Valentine refused and was sentenced to death. But on his last night he would have wrote the first â&#x20AC;&#x153;valentines cardâ&#x20AC;? to the daughter of his guard who was blind. When she received the note she could see again and read the note. But as I said not one of these stories are reliable because St. Valentine was probably real but the only thing they actually know about him is the day he died.


Zoom on Kalamata #ZOK #ZoomOnKalamata #January A winning picture of your January belongs to Ruya Hazar (picture: “Adaptation”). Congratulations!!! Your picture is getting its own spot on our wall, making our Youth Center even more beautiful!!!


Theme for January is: “Love is in the air”! Kentro Neon Kalamatas invites you to participate in a photo contest which aims to discover the beauty of our city. Regardless of the technical capabilities of your camera (or even your phone!), be open to your own creativity and new challenges! Every month, all submitted works will be published on Facebook, where they will be evaluated by “likes”. The winning image will receive the title of the month and will be hanged on the Youth Center’s wall. Photographs can be submitted by the 25th of each month. Interested candidates please send your work to: kentroneon. and add following information: • first name and last name, • title of the photo (facultative).


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