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November 2013

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EDITORIAL I would like to use this editorial to remind/ inform you about this fanzine. LINK started back in 2009 by the EVS volunteers hosted in Kalamata by K.A.NE. organisation. It is not an edition of the Youth Centre of Kalamata, but an attempt to offer to the EVS volunteers being in Kalamata the chance to express their experiences, ideas as well as to write about their projects, their countries, their organisations etc etc.  This fanzine is being managed by the EVS volunteers themselves, who are following a rotation system, changing different positions (editor, writer, photographer, illustration etc) throughout the year. Link, is being published every 15 days and behind it there is lot of work! If you have some time, please send us a feedback as well as your ideas for Link.  Until then, we have to congratulate  K.A.NE’s EVS volunteers for their great job and... enjoy reading!!! Filaretos 2


Erika Funa


Lina Šuminaitė

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ΜΙΚΡΕΣ ΑΓΓΕΛΙΕΣ With the Youth Centre opening again its doors to the public, for the 5th year, there are still some things, where we could use your help!!! For the beginning of the workshops, and throughout the year, the Youth Centre needs:


Strange as it may sound, the Youth Center is in need of chairs! As the Youth Centre acquires more and more members, and the use of the chairs is extensive, our poor old chairs are breaking down. As it is, it is impossible to have all the chairs that the workshops need. If you have any chairs that you do not use, or you think that you can spare, you can bring them!

* MARKERS for the white board


Unfortunately, the Youth Centre at the moment has only 1 working (almost) computer to be used in the info-point. Temporarily, and only for the registrations, volunteers of the Youth Centre have brought their computers from home… however, eventually they will need them back… We need at least 1 more computer to be used in the dance workshops and 1 more for the outside activities… :(

* Guitars

As we are very musical this year, if you have any guitar that you do not need anymore and can give it to the Youth Centre, please do :)

* Mirrors

This may be a bit of a longshot but we also need full-length mirrors for the dance room.

As all of the language workshops make use of the white board, we We know that it may be unlikely consume approximately 3 mark- that people have spare full-length mirrors lying around in their gaers per week! rages at home, but then again,


if you don’t ask, you’ll never reYou can never have enough of ceive! those! 4

Arabic expressions By: Ahmad Good morning ‫حابص ريخلا‬ Good evening ‫ءاسم ريخلا‬ Good night ‫ةليل ةديعس‬ My name is ahmad ‫يمسا دمحأ‬ beautiful flower ‫ةرهز ةليمج‬ peace be with you ‫مالسلا مكعم‬ thanks to god ‫دمحلا هلل‬ how are you? ‫فيك ؟كلاح‬ beautiful sun ‫سمشلا ةليمجلا‬ cold weather ‫سقطلا درابلا‬

(sabah anoor) (masaa alkheer) (laila saeeda) (esmee Ahmad) (zahra jameela) (assalamu aleekum) (alhamdooleelaah) (keefa haluka) (ashamsul jameel) (ataqsool baared)




The Last Visit to the Wonderful world of smells By: Amaia

In this time only a few of us were lucky to visit the factory and Athanasius and to know the history of the family business. Pantelis Athanasiou, whom many people in Kalamata still remember, began making cakes at home since 1938. In the  beginning he  was  selling cakes in the streets of Kal8

amata, schools and in all the places where many people goes to enjoy, such as football stadiums etc, and always using his bicycle to go from one place to another. Later, his descendants started using a small family bakery to continue the trade of cake sale, selling cakes to small shops, and with time creating their own chain of stores.


They opened their first store in 1992 and today they have stores in all different parts of the world, such as USA (Boston), Panama... Always before opening a new shop, there is good business planning to make sure that it could be maintained. So, they are very strict particularly with the quality and with the Greek origin of the products, and all is made with olive oil. They produce sweet and bitter flavours, and even some other products such as some delicious chocolates which we were lucky enough to taste.


These last two years, due to the economic situation that has been happening in most of Europe, they  found  great difficulties, but even so, they  still keep betting and risking to undertake new business outside of the country. It is a way of maintaining business, something like a business insurance, just in the case the economic situation goes worse in Greece. In that plan more than 100 employees are also included. Right now, they are producing 350 different products to be sold daily and, always fresh and with a very high quality. 

The next step for Athanasius is to go for growth at the local level by opening a shop with coffee and delicious snacks, breakfast sandwiches etc, near the harbour.

Finally, and after the visit to the factory, and fascinated by the wonderful world of smells that I could appreciate there, we had the great fortune to taste some of the delicious things they offered to us, having at the same time a nice chat about the interesting story of the founder.


On-arrival Seminar in Athens By: Danae

Athens - 5 days with 38 volunteers, coming from 16 countries, working in 15 different non-profit organizations. Somewhere inbetween there was us, the 4 EVS volunteers who arrived to Kalamata in October and now got to go 12

to the on-arrival seminar. The seminar took place in a hotel in Omonia, which first scared me a little bit, since I’ve heard the stories of the other volunteers who went there in September already. Surprisingly I didn’t see anything threatening just a lot of policeman, which also made sense, since we were living right next to a police station. The hotel was nice, especially since we had 5 days without cooking or cleaning ahead of us ;). At 6:30 pm the seminar started off with a short welcoming and we got to see the other volunteers, as well as our 4 trainers for the first time. We also played some games to get to know all the names, which was impossible in only one hour. Everyone seemed very nice and you could feel everybody’s excitement for the upcoming days. After dinner we went out to Eksarxeia for one or two drinks.

The next day’s motto was “My EVS”. We all took a closer look at our own project in creating a poster about it. Later on everyone introduced the project to the other volunteers. It was very interesting to see and to hear what the other volunteers are doing and also nice to exchange our experiences concerning our projects. The second night we climbed up on a little hill close to the acropolis, where we had an amazing view not only at the lit up acropolis but also at huge Athens. Greece

also won the important soccer game against Rumania that evening so there were fireworks, which made everything even more beautiful. On Wednesday it was time to learn some Greek. Our challenge was to create a TV commercial for a gadget that would be useful for the everyday life of an EVS volunteer… in GREEK! We came up with the idea pretty fast but spent a loooong time to translate everything into Greek. My 13

group for example invented the EVS volunteer GPS“ΣυσκευηΕυρεσηΕθελοντων”, an application for your mobile phone, which helps you to find other EVS volunteers in Greece. The same day we also found out about the origin and the background of the EVS program and we learned more about the rights and the responsibilities of an EVS volunteer. After dinner we had a

little pyjama party at the hotel and after watching two movies most of us went straight to bed. The next morning we got up with a lot of motivation, since we were going to explore Athens. We were divided into 5 groups with different themes 14

(1. gastronomy and cuisine 2. crisis 3. tourism, sports and entertainment 4. social movements and NGOs 5. interpersonal relations) in order to learn more about city, culture, language and people. Every group had to do tasks around the city interacting also many times with people from the street. In the end of the day we presented the results of our rallies to the others. It was a very fun and interesting day but also stressful, since we only had a certain amount of time to finish everything.

The evening most of us went out - even though it was raining cats and dogs - again to enjoy the colorful nightlife of Athens. Soon it already was Friday and also the last day of the seminar. So for a last time we gathered together in the big seminar room to learn about the youth pass we will create ourselves in the end of the project to have a summary about our development and our achievements during the

program. Afterwards we did an evaluation of the whole seminar. Everyone was very happy with the days we spend together in Athens and also a little bit sad that it was already over. During those days we made new friends and now know other volunteers all over Greece. The seminar did not only motivate us for our projects, inform us about important things connected with our EVS but also helped us to create a big network. So in the following months we hope to 15

visit each other and see other nice places of Greece. Since most of us only left the hotel the next day after breakfast ending to 5 Supercalifragiliswe had another night together ticexpialidocious days! and we planned our farewell party in a club in Kerameikos. Even two of our trainers joined us. The party was the perfect 16

Teddy in Germany By: Melina

Finally Teddy made it to visit Melina in one of the oldest and important cities of Germany. Augsburg was once a part of the Rome empire leaded by Emperor Augustus that also gave Augsburg its name. So Augsburg is full of historical buildings and places that Teddy wants to visit during his stay. He starts with the most significant place: Die Fuggerei. Die Fuggerei is the oldest still

existing socialhouse complex in the world founded by Jakob Fugger during the medieval age. It’s a place where the needy citizens of Augsburg could be housed for 0,88 ₏ per day. Their only due was to pray for the Fugger family everyday. To get a better sense for the medieval age, Teddy is visiting a big medieval festival surrounded by the historical walls 17

of Augsburg. He is watching make their way to see “Augsknight fights, belly dancers, burger Puppenkiste”. theatre plays and is drinking a lot of wine. In the big market he is buying handmade braceltes and rings for his family and friends at home. After enjoying the mystic medieval world, Teddy visits the world of marionettes. And whereelse can you find a better place for such a trip than in Augsburg? Nowhere! Augsburg is the only place where you can find a real marionette theatre, that even Japanese from the end of the world Also Teddy can’t wait to see all those lovely fairytales played 18

on a small stage filled by “Bierzelte” (beertents) with handmade marionettes and a a lot of beer, german folk mumagic setting. sic and drunk germans. To make it more typical german After the show he meets all most of the people are wearthe actors of the theatre: Jim ing their traditional dresses. Knopf and Lukas, Urmel aus dem Eis (Urmel from the Ice To get to know something Age), Frau Holle (Mother Hul- besides all those traditional da) and more. and cultural things, Melina introduces Teddy to the sporty For the next day Teddy is Augsburg. If greek people looking for more action so know about Augsburg it’s Melina shows him the “Plär- probably because of family or rer”, a folk festival that opens friends there or football. Since in spring and autum. It is full we have a good football team

(FC Augsburg) that is also playing internationally, Augsburg is not that unknown anymore. Another important and good team we have is in Icehockey. It’s not that famous of rollarcoasters, ghost trains, like FCA but probably even funrides and sweets. Here you can also find the famous 19

better in its league. As a random tip: if you would ever visit an icehockey game wear your thickest clothes and shoes!!

mas market that starts almost one month before christmas. So Teddy takes his chance and visits also the beautiful “Christkindlesmarkt”. Thank

And because we love markets god he has this tick and warm in Germany, especially in Ba- coat otherwise he would varia, there is also a christ- freeze a lot. In this time it’s 20

already in minus and snowing in Germany but for us Germans it’s almost a must to have snow during christmas. Anyway we have a problem with the coldness so we are drinking “Glühwein” (hot spicy wine) and the children “Punsch” (almost like Glühwein just without alcohol). If you are hungry or if you are not, you eat a “Bratwurscht” (a bread roll with sausages) or “Schupfnudeln” (special noodles with sauerkraut). On the way through the market you can find handmade things like lights, clothes, accesoires and everything around christmas. For sweets there is also a big variety but the most common for christmas is “Lebkuchen” (gingerbread).

Unfortunatley Teddy has to leave Germany and go back home to his family and friends. He leaves with a full stomach of food and beer, a lot of medieval history, a thicker coat and a lot of good memories. Teddy enjoyed it a lot and he wants to see more of Germany!


Fiachra, with light in his mind and everything in his hands By: Carmelo A waitress impatient for orders. Haste and unrest among my Arabic friends who were also on their way to Rodonthos for the announced evening of live music. Noise, smoke and restlessness on a cloudless night. Definitely something unusual for this time of the year in the mid of November. But it would not rain on that day, for even the weather paid its respect. Then more haste. My phone spits out a quite complicit 22

message, and I hear another ringtone not far from me, that demands the attention of its owner. Speed ​​and more speed in the land famous for its “ σιγα σιγα”. Anxiety and restlessness are something unusual here in this small town of Peloponnese. And then a man who, counter-balancing the look of his elegant acoustic guitar with his carefree casual style, appears and calms the air. It was Fiachra Mac Íomhair.

Time seemed to stop and suddenly there was no trace of the previous anxiety and hurry that we have all become accustomed to, even here in Greece. The seemingly impossible happened. Everything went quiet and still. Even the clock stopped ticking as the room full of expectation was awaiting to hear the slender Irishman sing. To hear sing the person who was born to do this and nothing else. It was about eleven o’clock at night and everyone who was not there that night did not know what they were missing. While Fiachra began strumming the Fisherman’s Blues by The Waterboys, I closed my eyes and let my body move to the harmonious rhythm of the song.

The song finished, and loud cheers of approval followed immediately along with the first round of ovations from the audience. Yet again, Fiachra has won us over. Many more songs followed as everything flowed slowly, slowly, between one tsípuro ( τσιπουρο ) and another. The poetic verses were caressing our souls. Today, as I am writing this, I only have room in my heart to say thank you. Thanks for another brilliant night. Ευχαριστούμε Fiachra. The rest of my heart now belongs to your music, your style and some other girl that night was Rodanthos. Time will tell the rest.


Interview with Melina By: Leo 2. Why are you doing an EVS? This really sounds like an application to me but ok :D I want to gain all those experiences that you can just gain in something like this here and I really liked the project in which you are free to create your own projects! 3. Melina, you are half Greek, is that the reason why you chose Greece for you EVS? Actually I wanted to go to South America, but I missed the deadline… so I decided to go to Greece (because of my origins) and finally I’m happy I missed the deadline to South America :D 1. How old are you? I’m 18 years old.


4. Is it the first time you are here in Greece? No, it’s not my first time. I have been in Thessaloniki

a few times, because a big part of my family lives there and I went on Thassos when I was a child. I really love Thessaloniki and I have to visit more Islands -> that’s my plan for next year!

The food!! I love the food here! I’m eating all the time… and when I see skinny greeks, I’m always wondering: How is that possible??? How can they resist to all the divine food? I hate the tropical rain here! Actually the weather is much 5. How long is your EVS much better than in Germany project and when will you but still … Greece has been alfinish it? ways sunny for me :D I’m here since August (and I enjoyed a lot the Greek summer!) and I will stay till end of May/beginning of June… actually I don’t know, because maybe I will travel through Greece after my EVS. 6. What will you do after your EVS? Back to Germany or stay in Greece?

8. Tell me something about your hobbies. I love to dance! Especially everything around Salsa that I could dance all night and day! I also played the guitar for 12 years, but I stopped just 2 years ago because I lost the fun in playing the guitar… but now with all the musicians around me (and really: almost everybody plays the guitar here!) I want to start again!

For sure I will go back to Germany and study! I really love to be here in Greece, but to study and work I prefer 9. Favourite color and Germany! why? 7. What do you like here It depends in which mood I in Greece and what not? am and where the color is :D


… in my room I like pink, on me I like white and beige, in the landscape I like green and colorful … etc :D and I can’t explain why! 10. Your favourite book and movie and why do you like it? Hmm.. this is actually also changing all the time but I have some favourite categories: historical and criminal books :D, but I have favourite movies: Harry Potter, Fast and Furious and every Bollywood movie with Shah Rukh Khan

12. A Country or a place you really want to visit? Once in my life I have to visit Cuba and Santo Domingo… and Brasil :D actually there are a lot of places where I really have to go! I’ve once been in Norway, but I want to go there again and go to the North Kap! Very beautiful country! 13. What do you need for a good party? My friends, good mood and especially good music!

11. What languages do 14. Do you have any idols? you speak? I have a lot, it just depends in I speak German, English, I what I want to become better. used to speak Spanish bet- But these are not just idols ter than English, but since I’m in dancing or playing etc. here (and here is just English) Also sometimes I’m really imI lost it totally… I used to speak pressed by someone’s behavFrench, but the same thing.. ior in a special situation and If you don’t speak a language then I try to take this over and anymore you will forget and see it as my idol … I hope it’s now I’m learning Greek! I’m somehow understandable :D very proud of this :D 26

15. What makes you sad 17. Ok, now I want you to or angry? tell me the first 3 things coming in your mind if you I don’t like to be alone, then I hear the word friend! become sad… I also become sad and angry if someone Laughing, faith, home. wants to discuss with me all the time about Merkel and at- 18. Do you like to be intertacks me in saying always bad viewed? And why? things about my home Germany and especially about No, I really don’t like it! I have the people… don’t be narrow no idea why :D It’s strange minded! to answer all those questions about me… Actually you are 16. What kind of music do supposed to interview imporyou like and how impor- tant and interesting people tant is music for you in and that’s definitely not me :D your life? and I also don’t like to be interviewed by Leo, that’s even I really like almost every worse! genre except techno and that electro stuff. I love to hear Ok, thank you very much Latin, Rock, Metal, Country, for your time. Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Reggae, Greek music… it depends of the song! And I can’t imagine living without music. It’s like it is accompanying you through your whole life.


Να η ξενοφοβία μενεί μακριά μας By: Φίαχρα Hello again! Λοιπόν, on November the 8th we had our intercultural night at the Youth Centre of Kalama-

ta, and, with 9 different countries from the north, south, east and west of the ‘Old Continent’ represtented in the 50 square metre dancehall of the first floor, we were almost guaranteed a good night. We were not disappointed. The night started off with maestro Γιώργος lulling the locals in with his tunes. In short order, we commenced with the celebration of the diverse cultures present in the Youth 28

Centre. Μεταφρασeur extrordinaire Filios led the proceedings and introduced Ahmad from Jordan. He introduced his country and his culture. He prepared an Arabic salad and a traditional Jordanian main dish with patatoes, yoghurt and vegetables baked in the oven, which tasted fantatsic.

Next up was Erika presenting Slovenia. She presented a chicken-shaped map and really tasty dish called pražen krompir. She introduced herself and her country and spoke good Greek, much to the delight of the crowd of native Greeks that had gathered for the event.

ing his maternal homeland of Italy. As a native Greek speaker he presented himself and Italy and his gorgeous Italian pasta.

After Loukas came Lina from Lithuania. She introduced herself, part of her culture and her food, a delicious fish dish with mushrooms that is normally eaten on Christmas. By this

Next up should have been, me, Fiachra, presenting Ireland (Sorry Filios!), but technical difficulties in the kitchen rendered him unfashionably late. The show must go on and on it went to Loukas present-

time my food was ready and I presented my country with as much Greek as I could nervously muster in front of such a crowd, presented my food Shepηεrd’s Pie (minced beef and vegetable layer topped 29

with mashed potatoes) and even did a little Irish dance :P .

We flew from Ireland straight over to Germany, with no connecting flights, and arrived at Melina, Leo and Danae’s homeland. They each

presented the culture of their region and also some German food... Poor Melina! After all the hard work with her Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), there was a bit of a mishap on the way to the event and unfortunately, it didn’t make it to the party. I can assure you all however that it was beau30

tiful! Ahmad, our gentlemanly Jordanian donated his salad and Danae made Nürnberger bratwürst, and Leo, God bless him, brought Jagermeister!

We went to Turkey next, represented by Eda, Ugurcan, Ali and Abdi. They showed us a video showcasing some of Turkey and it’s culture. The food they prepared was really tasty - a dish of leaves and rice with spices and lemon, zeytinyağı, and apple pie, Yaprale Sormasi.

of a Greek fisherman and a dancing donkey and presented half a table-full of Greek food, sweet and savoury.

Last but by no means least was Amaia from Galicia and Carmelo from Andalucía. They produced some very tasty food indeed - tortilla de patatas,

with and without onion, and …...sangria! Long life, they say, to anyone who brings sangria to a party (well, just me), and the bucketload they Next up was Greece, with brought with them was gone Γιώργος at the wheel. They before you could say “El que showed us a great animation no apoya, no...” 31

No better way to kick-start a Γεια μας, και να η ξενοφοβία party I say and fairly shortly μενεί μακριά μας thereafter the floorboards were hopping to the rhythms of Lithuania, Greece and Montenegro. Also, the same night marked the end of Jelena’s EVS experience. Towards the end there were a lot of emotional farewells and see-youlaters.

Fotos by: Sofie Kostea From the start to the very end the atmosphere was fantastic. Spirits were high and plentiful, everybody had a great night and hopefully they went home with a greater appreciation for the diversity of culture here at the Youth Centre, but also the remarkable similarities between us that exist at the end of the day (or night as the case may be!). 32

The Karamazov Project Concert at Kentro Neon By: Erika The Saturday of the 16th of November was no regular Saturday, for unlike other weekends, the Youth Center opened again in the evening. All the Youth Center EVS volunteers and some local volunteers gathered there around 8 o’clock pm to prepare the venue for what was about to follow: the Karamazov Project concert. The small tables in the first floor were decorated with tea lights and some flower bouquets were placed on the bar to greet the visitors with some fresh colourful life on a cold rainy evening and add a touch of natural beauty to the place. After a short welcome and the opening words by Filaretos, the first one on the stage was Fiachra MacIomhair from Ireland, our EVS colleague in the Youth Center, and a rock star in the making. He opened the

show with an Irish song called the Fisherman’s Blues, a favourite of his fans and friends in Kalamata. It should be mentioned that in the Youth Center circles, Fiachra is a very popular veteran of public performances, and by now it has become hard to imagine an event or a gathering without his music. This time too, his blues and rock programme was very well accepted by the audience, who seemed to en33

joy the variety of the songs selection and his charisma on stage. After a few songs, the Youth Center was already getting quite busy and as most of the seats and sofas were

with the title The Agony of a Civilization, in which Takis Pedazo descends from Las Nowhere in Greece. Despite the fact that the Karamazov Project only consists of one person, the presence of Panos on stage was really strong, much of which was due to his deep raw voice, and his intense performance. With his music the ambient became more intimate and the audience connected with the singer as he talked about his music bealready taken, some of the tween the songs. younger visitors found their spot on the floor next to the stage, where the view was the best. The main act, Karamazov Project, followed right after a short break after Fiachra’s performance. The air was interspersed with expectations and curiosity as Panos Padazo (Ian Milton) took the stage, tall, slender, dressed all in black and with black pointed leather shoes. His artistic name was inspired by a series of essays by Herman Hesse, 34

Panos Pedazo is a singersongwriter and all through the night he accompanied his singing with his guitar. At some stage during the show, he even invited Fiachra back

on stage for a Folsom Prison Duet, which was a nice surprise and a great success. The music genre of the Karamazov Project encompasses blues, folk, rock’n’roll, country, goth-

how heavy music the singer has a good sense of humour, which is based on the observation that throughout the show he made people chuckle with his witty comments and remarks.

At the end of the show, the stage was taken over by us volunteers, who prepared a birthday surprise for a local volunteer and an Arabic teacher at the Youth Center. We sang him the happy birthic Americana and alternative. day song in Arabic and invited The singer lists Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, Neil Young and 16 Horsepower under his musical influences. Mostly, his music has a dark existentialist undertone and is cloaked in the postmodern feelings of futility, loneliness, despair and the yearning for him on stage for a surprise purpose, unveiled truth, au- home-made cake with his thenticity and the peace of name on it. All in all, it was mind. And even though the another great night at KenGreek of the journalists of this tro Neon, and hopefully many magazine (in this case me) is more such events will follow not as impressive as we would in the next months. want it to be, I believe it is safe to say that despite his some35

Apple Pie Recipe By: Ugurcan

Ingredients 400 g of flour 1 packet of butter 20 g of cinnamon 2 eggs 400 g sugar 1 baking powder 7 apples and oil Method The dough: Put the ingredients (flour, butter, oil, eggs and 100 g of sugar) in a plastic bowl and knead for 30 minutes. Then you have to add baking powder. Then put in a tray. Filling: Take 7 apples then peel them. Then grate them. And 36

then put them in a tray and add 20 g of cinnamon. Then add 300 g of sugar to the apples, put on a stove and mix on medium heat until the juice is gone. Put it aside for 10 minutes. Take a tray and then put some oil in it so that the dough doesn’t stick. Then take a small part of the dough and put it a side. Put the rest of the dough in the tray. Flatten it so that it covers all surface. Then add the apples over it. Then take rest of the dough and roll it flat. Cut it in long strips. Then put over it the apples in a net pattern. And put in the oven. Bake on 200 degrees for 50 min.

Interview with a local volunteer: Niki By: Melina 1. We see you all the time in the Youth Centre, running around, giving instructions, finding a solution for every problem and giving information. What’s actually your task there? Being the girl for everything? Well hello first of all, and thanks a lot for this interview. My task in the Youth Center is basically to coordinate all the workshops of the Youth Center, to help the EVS volunteers to collaborate and communicate with the local volunteers, to inform the members of the youth center about the activities and programs in the Youth Center. It’s not an easy task and it requires patience and good mood because you are working with people.

2. How long are you doing this? And why are you doing this? I am doing this for 6 -7 months, it’s not a long time. I started last year as volunteer at the youth center and now I am working there with a program from the EU. Youth Center of Kalamata is a very interesting project not only for the local community, but also for the people who participate there. It helps you not only to come closer with people from different countries, but also to develop your social and communicational skills, to work with European projects such EVS, LEONARDO, GRUNDVIG and to develop skills in the section of non formal learning, that’s mainly the reasons I wanted to do this. 3. Do you want to take on more responsibility in the future? Maybe even to take over the Youth Centre? Hmm…It’s something I can’t imagine yet. I want to try to involve in other things as well 37

and working in the youth sec- education teacher. I studied tion yes, but I think I have a History and Archaeology and lot of things to learn. I mainly teach Greek, History, Literature and Latin. 3. Do you join some workshops in the Youth Centre? 6. Tell us your favourite I m trying… but my job is real- place in Kalamata? Let ly demanding so I don’t have it be whatever you like: a lot of time to attend any a park, a coffee place, a workshops, however there fashion shop…. are many workshops I would Well I like many places in Kalike to join…. lamata where I enjoy sitting and reading my books, my 4. What is your current favourite is a small café it’s project? Maybe to learn called “STOLIDI ENA” and it’s something, to develop in the center of the city, it has something… whatever? a small garden and it was a My current project is to coor- former house and they made dinate the workshops and to it café. I like this place beinform the members at the cause It’s quiet, friendly and it Youth Center. I hope I will has great decoration! It’s relearn how to cooperate with ally sweet! people, to be tolerant and supportive, and generally to 7. So if you could go to any gain great experiences with place in the world, where great people… would you go and explain why? 5. It takes a lot of time, Well, I really want to travel what are you doing beside to Australia. …Australia is a working in the Youth Cen- strange place with many diftre? Are you studying? ferences like mountains, desWell beside working in the erts, seas, animals and of youth center, I m a secondary course different culture and 38

that really seems very interesting for me and I want to explore it! 8. Is there something you really hate or love? Tell us both! I really love dogs and I already have one, and I want to have a second one. Hmmmm…. as for the things I hate I would say …I hate people lying and nowadays it is really often phenomenon. 9. Which type of pupil have you been during your grammar school? The clown, the princess, the nerd, the shy one, the teacher’s pet…. Did it change? And why? What do you prefer now? I was actually the shy one, I wasn’t talking very much in the class and of course I have changed a lot since then…! would say as you grow up your character and personality changes and that’s the good part because I think it’s a good thing to evolve ….now I‘m more immediate and bold….

Your last 4 words: Describe yourself with a color, an animal, a drink and a shoe! Ahahhha! Tricky question! Well If I had to describe myself with a colour I would say purple, with an animal…hmm probably a furry grey cat…a drink probably rum because it’ s the best drink ever! And a shoe definitely an All Star Converse ‘cause I like simple shoes!:)))





Hello to everyone! My name is Georgia. I am 25 years old and I live in Kalamata. I spent the last 5 years in Athens doing my Bachelor in Management and Business Administration and the last year in the Netherlands continuing my studies for a Master’s degree. I am glad to be back to Kalamata after all those years. I am happy to be part of K.A.NE.organization.

Filaretos Vourkos / Last 7 years I am working in the field of non formal educa- tion as a volunteer, youth worker and youth trainer. 4 years ago, I decided to create the Youth Centre of Kalamata, in order to initiate the youth work in Kalamata and promote active citizenship as factor of change.

Hi my name is Fotini Arapi and I am project manager at K.A.NE. organisation. I started working here in September 2011 and fell in love with the Youth Centre, its dynamic and most of all its incredible team of foreign and local volunteers! See you around :-D

EVS: I’m Uğurcan Pehlivan. I’m from Turkey. Erika Funa I’m working in From Slovenia ecological farm. (half Greek), 26 I’m playing bas years old, uniguitar. I will be versity graduin Greece until ate (English, 31 of July. My Philosophy) name become to Likes: bemy country and ing outdoors, the meaning is languages, art, Ugur - fortune nature, yoga. and Can - soul. 40

Leonard Pristl / 19 / I love going for skiing in the winter, I love the white mountains and the nature, but I also fell in love with the sea and the beaches here / I work in ΚΕΦΙΑΠ Μεσσηνίας from January 2013 to January 2014 as a EVS volunteer.

Hello, my name is Fiachra (the English translations are: hunter/tracker or raven), I’m 26 and I come from Ireland. Here at the youth centre I teach music, English, make good frappes in the café and bad jokes in Greek. Χαίρετε!

Danae Lehmann/ 20 / Germany I like being around people, photography, greek lifestyle, good food, swimming in the sea. I’m volunteering at the youth center from October 2013 to August 2014.

Γεια σε όλους! My name is Carmelo Márquez. I am from Cadiz, a city of Andalusia, in the south of Spain. I’m 25 years old and I have finished my career in journalism. So, like good Spanish, I love flamenco, football (my team is F. C. Barcelona), sea and his waves, philosophy, literature, music... My work here in Kalamata, besides teaching Spanish and Flamenco in KANE center is to help as possible to workers KEFIAP (center children with disabilities) and equestrian therapy until June 2014.. Τα λέμε.

I’m Mehmet Ali Şirin. I’m from Turkey. I’m working in ecological farm. I’m playing elektro guitar. I wil be in Greece until 31 of June.

Hi everybody! My name is Melina/18 years old/ half german/ half greek and I’m working in the Therapeutic Horseriding and in the K.E.F.I.A.P. I love chocolate and to dance, so I teach Salsa for children and Latin and of course German! And all of that I’m really enjoying!

Abdurrahman Ermiş I am Abdurrahman. I am from Turkey. I am working in ecological farm. I am playing drum. I will be in Greece until 31 of July.

Hi, My name is Ahmad Ayyash and I am from Jordan iam 23 years old I love to play chess and football. I am fan of Real Madrid club and I am a construction engineer. My project is about autistic children.

My name is Eda Tandoğan. I am from Turkey. I am 21 years old, still a university student. My project is about disabled people in kekykamea.

My name is Amaia and comes from Basque roots, since my mother is from San Sebastian, the meaning of my name is “the end” but in turn is an warrior woman of Basque mythology. But I born in a beautiful land north of Spain, Galicia, Atlantic ocean.

Lina /28/ Lithuania/ volunteer in K.A.NE. Youth Centre from August 2013 to July 2014. Teaching lithuanian and art. Hobies: design, history and museums. 41

The volunteers responsible for this publication are hosted in Greece in the framework of the European Youth in Action programme, Action 2- European Voluntary Service. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, anvd the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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