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On-Line On-Line Newsletter Newsletter Issue 3. October 2010

What you may have missed..

KTECH Design LLC comes to Australia: Eagle Archery exclusive Distributors.

Eagle Archery Supplies Hello and welcome back to the latest issue of Eagle News. This month saw us catalogue EVERYTHING you can buy from us! Very soon you will be able to see stock availabilty and enjoy the online shopping experience with goods shipped to you with a simple mouse click via our new website.

“A new dimension in stabiliser technology”. KTECH DESIGN. is focused on providing high quality products and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. All of our patent pending stabilisers are 100% CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum utilizing the structural integrity of the Mathews Gridlock design. All KTECH Stabilisers incorporate the Mathews tested and proven Harmonic Stabilisers and Harmonic Dampers and are available in Mathews Lost Camo and military spec black hard coat finish.

If you have any ideas for our Eagle News online newsletter, please fill out our enquiry form on our website.

PRODUCTS. The Tech-3, Tech-5, Tech-7 and Tech12 3D deliver stabilsation and absorption with the intergration and adjustability of the proven mathews Harmonic stabilisers and Dampers.

In this issue: Main Features *Team Eagle ranks 2nd nationally *Eagle Archery “Go-Live” Nov 1st. *The Slow Road Back

With each KTECH Stabiliser, 1 Mathews Harmonic Stabiliser and 2 Mathews Harmonic Dampers are included. Information and technical specs from

What’s new! *KTECH Design comes to Australia *Multi coloured Zebra Bowstring *Under the Microscope: Fusion Vanes *Viper Diamondback Series

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Bulldog Collar Pin nock adaptor Tool Steel Points

Eagle Archery Supplies: Premier Showcase Stocking Distributor

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1/10/10 2:16 PM

The Slow Road Back In May this year, Eagle Archery Staff Shooter and Carbon Express Pro Staff Shooter Lyndon May, was struck with shoulder injury and tendon damage on his right elbow which caused him to have a month off from shooting and another month off from competitive archery. Now, it seems that Lyndon has started to climb back with a first place finish at the Percy Davidson Memorial Tournament in Hervey Bay held in September. “Coming into 50 and 30 metres, I was down by 26 points and had to focus on how the good shots felt to reduce the deficit. At the end of the day I won by a mere 6 points”. “Your mental game is so important”.

Team Eagle 2nd place Nationally 3DAAA. Following on from our 1st place in July, 2nd at Coffs Coast, and 1st place at the 3D Pacific Championships at Cooloola, in September, we sit in 2nd spot Nationally. With 1 shoot to go, (the 3DAAA Nationals in November at Armidale) where double points are available to the sponsored teams the competition is far from over. Even if we just place, we should rank in the top 3. here’s hoping. Team members Lyndon “The Rev” May, Danny Oostenbrink and Daryl Anderson have been shooting out of their skins, especially Daryl who won his first top 10 shoot out at Hinterland. At the 3D Pacific Championships, Daryl got 6th place, Lyndon 10th, Danny 3rd and Remi Haage 1st in their respective divisions.

Under the Microscope: Fusion Vanes by Norway Industries SHORT, HIGH-PROFILE WITH A PROVEN SHAPE The Fusion® Vane sports a high profile design based upon the increasingly popular foot print of today’s short vane designs, but all similarities end there. With a profile similar to a traditional shield cut, the modified silhouette increases the surface area of the most critical point to the vane’s anatomy. This unique design minimizes cross wind interference while maximizing broadhead flight and arrow stabilization.

FUSED BASE AND BLADE Two distinctly different proprietary polymers are used to separately create the clear base and colored blade of the vane. They are then “fused” together during the manufacturing process. By employing a soft suction fit base and a durable and responsive, tapered blade, No cleaning or preparation is needed for Fusion™ Vanes. Because our blend of materials requires no primer or any other material on the base of the vane for adhesion, Fusion® vanes have an unlimited shelf life.

This is why I love Fusion: The wide clear base provides a wider surface area which acts like a suction cap to the shaft and the fact that NO pigments or oils stop the glue from setting properly and less than 10 seconds to stay stuck! Lyndon May

Information sourced from

Diamondback Series Have all of the great innovative features of our regular sights and mimc the aggressive looks of the Mathews™ Z7™ bows. The Diamondback Series also feature a newly designed red level graphics and logos. Diamondback Microtune has been under construction for some time now and we are getting anxious because we know, as soon as we “go-live” with our new retail manager system you, our customers, will finally get to enjoy the ease of simplicity of “clicking” a mouse to place your order which will work hand in hand with our new website. We plan to “go-live” November 1st, so when you come into our retail store, feel free to have a laugh while we attempt to learn all about it.

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Available as Predator Pro 2000, Predator MicroTUNE and Viper H1000 models in black, REALTREE® AP™, APG™ and Mathews™ Lost Camo™.

Diamondback H-1000

Available in store November

Diamondback PRO-2000

1/10/10 2:16 PM

Eagle News Oct 2010  

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