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Each year, new and improved products have been introduced, each with the purpose of fulfilling a specific task, making other tasks easier, or enabling the customer to use edged products more conveniently and comfortably with greater safety, and to store them at home or carry them on trips. This year, as in previous years, Lansky will be introducing new and improved knife and tool sharpening products at major trade shows around the world. Almost from the start-up date of Lansky Sharpeners, the company has aggressively pursued national and international advertising programs and marketing & distribution practices designed to place the Lansky product line before the widest range of consumers. The result is that Lansky Sharpeners have become the name most recognized and accepted by consumers worldwide.

In 1991, Lansky Sharpeners acquired the Crock Stick® brand, together with its full line of ceramic rod sharpeners, many of which incorporated a two-stage sharpening system that is a variant of the Lansky Controlled-Angle Sharpening System.


are protected under one or more of the following patents: D-271,444; D-273,081; D-278,237; D-279,237; D-280,380; 1,284,891; 4,272,925; 4,471,951; 4,512,112; 4,530,188; 4,640,058; 4,714,239; 4,777,770, 6,059,645 and other US and foreign patents pending. Specifications subject to change without notice. Products shown in this catalog are either manufactured by or made for LANSKY SHARPENERS. LS®, Lansky Sharpeners®, Crock Stick®, Mini Dog Bone®, Nathan’s Natural®, Sharp Stick® and Fold-A-Vee® are all registered trademarks of Lansky Sharpeners.

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C A T A L O G P R O D U C T | S H A R P E N E R S

In addition to creating a broader line of Controlled-Angle Sharpening Systems during the 1980s, Lansky also developed a number of accessory products, like mounts for the sharpening system, specialty sharpeners such as those for sharpening serrated blades, and unique pocket sharpeners such as the Mini-Sharpener and Dog Bone Sharpener. Next came a series of pocket-sized sharpeners, including specialized serrated blade sharpeners that work to sharpen the proprietary serrations used on the blades of some of the major knife manufacturers. Before Lansky developed its series of serrated blade sharpeners, these blades could not be sharpened by traditional means.

As the Lansky firm celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2004, it launched a whole new line of sharpeners featuring diamond sharpening rods, folding diamond paddles, diamond pads and diamond benchstones. Lansky now offers the most complete selection of knife and tool sharpeners.


At the heart of the original Lansky Sharpening System was an ambidextrous knife clamp made of aircraft aluminum which had two banks of pre-drilled holes that acted as guides for the sharpening hones. Once the knife is attached to the clamp, the user can bevel or sharpen both sides of a blade to the same, precise angles. The system proved to be so well made, so easy to use and produced such superior results for people with little previous knife sharpening know-how or experience that they have become a standard throughout the world.

Lansky’s search for new ways to do a better sharpening job then led to the development of a series of tool sharpeners that sharpen axes, hatchets, lawnmower blades and even shovels, hoes, machetes and scythes. Always on the lookout for innovation through new technologies, Lansky first introduced the tungsten-carbide Easy-Grip sharpener in the early 1990s, and then followed it up with the Deluxe Easy Grip in 2004 and the Quick Fix, a small, pocket-sized sharpener featuring tungsten carbide sharpening rods on one side and ceramic sharpening rods on the other.


In 1979, a young man in the cutlery trade who also ran a sporting goods store, harnessed the secrets of the professional knife sharpeners and developed a system that, for the first time, enabled the average person to properly sharpen a knife quickly, easily and safely. He knew that the real secret to proper knife care is maintaining a good bevel and the right sharpening angle on each knife at all times so it is always ready for the kind of tasks it was designed to perform. That’s when Arthur Lansky LeVine, founder and president of Lansky Sharpeners®, created, patented and marketed his first Controlled-Angle Knife Sharpening System.


Over 25 Years of Innovation

Anedge above the rest


...for the gourmet chef...

been recognized as the world leader in Sharpening Technology. Each LANSKY SHARPENERS product is carefully designed to meet unparalleled performance, reliability, and safety standards. All LANSKY SHARPENERS products are engineered to be completely ambidextrous, and manufactured with superior quality materials by craftsmen who are committed to providing you with a product that is second to none. Our 188,000 square foot distribution center is fully computerized and strategically located to expedite speedy delivery of the world’s most complete line of innovative sharpening products, accessories, and replacement parts.

...for the outdoorsman...

...for the craftsman...

Symbols next to products indicate recommended category(s) of proper sharpener product usage.

One guide rod for each honing stone.

Stock #LKCLX Extra Coarse Hone, Coarse Hone, Medium Hone, Fine Hone, Ultra-Fine Hone

Lansky Standard Knife Sharpening System Stock #LKC03 Coarse Hone, Medium Hone, Fine Hone


Stock #LK3DM Coarse Diamond Hone, Medium Diamond Hone, Fine Diamond Hone

Attach Knife Blade to Clamp

2 Assemble Hone on Guide Rod

Compact custom-molded storage/travel case sits flat or on edge with convenient hanging tab.

Lansky Professional Knife Sharpening System Sharpening hones on color-coded, finger-grooved safety holders.

3 Sharpen One Side First, Then Flip Over

Specially formulated honing oil.

Stock #LKCPR Medium Serrated Hone, Coarse Hone, Medium Hone, Fine Hone, Ultra-Fine Hone

Multi-angle knife clamp.

TheUltimate in Sharpening SystemsTechnology Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use. The Lansky Controlled-Angle Sharpening System is designed to give your blade a professional, razor sharp edge every time. All systems include: • Patented, precision-engineered, multi-angle, flip-over knife clamp • Sharpening hones on color-coated, finger-grooved safety holders • One guide rod for each honing stone • Specially formulated honing oil • Extra long knife clamp screws • Custom molded storage/carrying case to hold all system components • Complete easy-to-follow multi-lingual instructions

LANSKY SHARPENING ANGLES 17° Angle - A severe angle recommended for razor blades, X-Acto® blades, scalpels or similar tools. Provides an extremely sharp but delicate edge. 20° Angle - A commonly used angle for higher quality blades and provides an excellent edge for kitchen cutlery and filet knives. 25° Angle - The recommended angle for most knives that need a durable, sharp edge. Ideal for hunting and outdoor knives. 30° Angle - An outstanding angle for knives that see the heavy use of cutting cardboard, wire or carpets. Recommended for heavy duty use.

Stock #LKDMD Extra Coarse Diamond Hone, Coarse Diamond Hone, Medium Diamond Hone, Fine Diamond Hone

Patented through the clamp mounting hole allows 360° rotation for easy sharpening.

Fully adjustable guide rod maintains the same plane during all sharpening operations. Innovative honing stone guide guarantees an exact stone-to-knife angle. Simply select the 30°, 25°, 20°, or 17° angle.

Convenient thumb screw adjustment provides secure and exact blade positioning. Our patented recessed finger saddle provides additional comfort.

Ambidextrous design provides easy use for both left and right-handed individuals.

Patented color-coded hone holders are ergonomically designed for comfort and finger protection. Patented aircraft grade aluminum multi-angle knife clamp is symmetrical in design, providing uniform sharpening angles when sharpening both sides of the blade.

Lansky Deluxe Diamond Knife Sharpening System


Lansky Standard Diamond Knife Sharpening System



Lansky Deluxe Knife Sharpening System


Lansky Controlled-Angle Sharpening Systems make knife sharpening as easy as

Lansky Universal Knife Sharpening System Stock #LKUNV Medium Serrated Hone, Coarse Hone, Medium Hone, Fine Hone

Lansky Natural Arkansas Knife Sharpening System Stock #LKNAT Soft Arkansas Hone, Hard Arkansas Hone, Black Hard Arkansas Hone

Serrated Edge Hones For sharpening all serrated blades using Lansky Multi-Angle Sharpening Systems

Coarse Diamond Hone

Medium Serrated Hone

Polishing Hone For rehabilitating and reshaping serrated edges, but does not sharpen to final edge. Stock #LSMRT

Extra Coarse Hone

For beveling and reshaping of extremely dull and deteriorated cutting edges. Stock #S0070

Fine Serrated Hone Medium Diamond Hone Excellent for keeping a fine sharp edge on all knives. Stock #LDHMD

The ultimate accessory for your Lansky Sharpening System. The new Super Sapphire Polishing Hone lets you achieve the ultimate, factory-style finish on an already sharpened blade. Stock #S2000

Mounting Systems

Coarse Hone

For producing the fastest cutting edge on all types of knives for home use, woodcarvers, sportsmen, butchers, and commercial knife sharpeners. Stock #S0120

Super Sapphire Polishing Hone

Perfect for producing a fast sharp edge and final polishing. Stock #LSERT

Perfect for touching up a sharpened edge. Stock #LDHFN

Universal Mount stores in carry case with Lansky Sharpening System

Natural Soft Arkansas Hone

Stores with kit

Fine Diamond Hone

Lansky’s exclusive patented, pin and post design provides you with an easy-to-use flip over feature. This allows you quick, simple and safe sharpening of both sides of the blade.




Used to produce a fast but finished edge. Stock #LDHCR

Medium Hone

Excellent for keeping a fine sharp edge on hunting, fishing, kitchen, and pocket knives. Stock #S0280

To quickly achieve a sharp edge. Stock #S0300

360° Rotation for easy Blade Orientation

Fine Hone

Produces a razor-sharp edge. Stock #S0600


Used to start the edge of extremely dull or deteriorated knives. Stock #LDHXC


Extra Coarse Diamond Hone

Specially formulated for use with all Lansky Sharpeners and Natural Arkansas Benchstones. It is a highly refined honing oil and is essential to keep your hones lubricated to achieve the best sharpening results. Just a few drops will protect the stone and give you the professional edge you desire. Nathan’s Natural Honing Oil is available in a 4 oz. plastic bottle. Stock #LOL01

Natural Hard Arkansas Hone

For a very fine edge or touching up an already sharpened blade. Stock #S0650

Ultra-Fine Hone

A good finishing stone for sharpening high quality cutlery. Stock #S1000

Natural Black Hard Arkansas Hone

For final polishing of sharpened edges. Stock #SOBHA

Universal Mount

Pedestal Mount

Convertible Super “C” Clamp

Stock #LM009

Stock #LM007

Stock #LM010

The versatile Universal Mount is designed to optimize your Lansky Sharpening System.

A great new convenience for your Lansky Sharpening System, the Pedestal Mount is designed so that the post is a permanent, integral part of the base.

The Convertible Super “C” Clamp Mount has a unique two-piece design featuring aircraft grade aluminum construction that allows you to attach your Lansky Sharpening System on vertical, horizontal or curved surfaces.

Other features include... • Compact lightweight aluminum construction • 2 piece mount disassembles for easy storage • Fits in your sharpening system carrying case • Pre-drilled base can be screwed to your work bench. (screws not included)

Other features include... • Designed to give you maximum stability • Lightweight single-piece unit • Screw holes to facilitate optional mounting • Made from space-age plastic


Use with all Lansky Multi-Angle Knife Sharpening Systems. All hones are interchangeable and are mounted on their own color-coded, finger-grooved handles.

Nathan’s Honing Oil


Accessory Sharpening Hones

The handy, pocket-friendly sharpeners that are a must-have for anyone who needs to sharpen a knife, fish hooks or other pointed objects. SHARPENS STRAIGHT-EDGE AND SERRATED BLADES

Crock Stick® Cold Steel® Sharpener

A handy patented pocket-size sharpener specially designed for the proprietary serrations used on Cold Steel ® brand folding and fixed blade knives. The special grooves exactly match the mini serrations. Safety thumb rests and keychain keep the sharpener always ready to serve at home or in the field.

Plus fish hooks and other pointed objects

Easy to grip pocket friendly safety end caps

Crock Stick® Multi-Sharpener Stock #LTRIM, Stock #BTRIM40 (40 Piece Bowl)

Modern knives are manufactured with a variety of unusual and proprietary serrated, scalloped and saw-tooth edges. These types of serrated blades are difficult or impossible to sharpen by traditional methods such as bench stones. That’s why Lansky Sharpeners has created a family of special, handy pocket-size sharpeners designed to sharpen all of the most common serrated blade edges. Depending on your choice of cutlery brand, one of these sharpeners will help you maintain that factory-new edge for as long as you own those knives.

Special groove for sharpening fish hooks and other pointed objects

Stock #LTRSP

Crock Stick® Multi-Sharpener “The Mini” Knife Sharpener Stock #BKEY30 (30 Piece Bowl)

Mini Dog Bone Crock Stick®Sharpener

The Spyder sharpener has three different radiuses so that it will sharpen more unique serrations. This patented model of Lansky’s popular Multi-Sharpener is ideal for the distinctive serrations on Spyderco® knives. Like the Multi-Sharpener, it will sharpen regular as well as serrated blades, and it has a special groove for sharpening fish hooks and other pointed objects. It features non-slip thumb and finger rests and a keychain.

Stock #BDOG50 (50 Piece Bowl)

Easy Grip®Tungsten Carbide Knife Sharpener

Mini Dog Bone Crock Stick® Sharpener

Stock #BLSTCS12 (12 Piece Bowl)

This alumina ceramic rod is a super compact pocket sharpener, and perfect for quick sharpening of knives. Featuring a convenient key chain attached to colorful, patented finger guards. Stock #LCDOG, Stock #BDOG50 (50 Piece Bowl)

“The Mini” Knife Sharpener

“The Clip” Knife Sharpener The Mini Crock Stick® Sharpener with key chain is a compact, lightweight and versatile knife and fish hook sharpener. It features two removable alumina ceramic sharpening rods that are easily positioned for fish hook sharpening, or easy cleaning. Stock #LCKEY Stock #BKEY30 (30 Piece Bowl)

Hard Super Arkansas Pocket Stone The Hard, Super Arkansas Pocket Stone is formed from Arkansas novaculite. It has two special grooves on one face for sharpening pointed objects, a handy keychain and leather pouch. Pocket Stone Size: 3”x 1” x 1/4”

These items are available in a multi-quantity “Bowl” Display Stock #BTRIM40 (40 Piece Bowl)

Handy keychain

The Lansky Multi-Groove Fish Hook Sharpener will keep all your fish hooks at their sharpest and most efficient so they will set deeper and surer in your fish. Only a few strokes with this specially grooved sharpening hone will keep your hooks and lures at their sharpest and extend their useful life. Easily attaches to your fishing vest or key ring. Stock #LFISH

Crock Stick® Spyder Sharpener

Unique triangular ceramic sharpener Ergonomic ambidextrous design

Fish Hook Sharpener

Stock #LTRCS

This Pocket Crock Stick® has two 4” alumina ceramic sharpening rods with a single sharpening angle and can also be used for sharpening fish hooks, darts, needles, etc. The plastic storage case/base has a clip for convenient pocket carrying. Stock #LCLIP

Stock #LSAPS

The “KNIFE” “The Knife” was specially engineered of space-age synthetic materials by a knife designer to provide many unique features. The handle is cross-hatched for secure gripping, with a hole for a lanyard. The thumb rest is ridged for positive handling. The blade provides a serrated area for cutting cardboard or other heavier material. Portable, compact, convenient and practical for the home, work, office, camping... Stock #LKNFE

Eraser Block A special, pliable abrasive-type eraser used to clean metal filings which accumulate during the sharpening process on the alumina ceramic Crock Stick® sharpening rods. Proper rod cleaning maximizes sharpening efficiency. Can also be used for cleaning metal and sports equipment. Stock #LERAS

9-inch alumina ceramic sharpening rods.

2-STAGE SHARPENING 1st Stage … 20o Angle – designed to thin and tune the blade edge prior to the 2nd sharpening stage.

Designed for 2-stage sharpening.

2nd Stage … 25 o Angle – sharpens the bevel of the blade edge for durable, professional results. Hardwood base. Handguard properly positions your hand safely away from the blade.

ambidextrous design. Convenient rod storage under the base.

Anedge above the rest

Professional Model 2-Stage Sharpener

Gourmet Model 2-Stage Sharpener

Deluxe Turnbox Crock Stick® Sharpener

Standard Turnbox Crock Stick® Sharpener

This 2-Stage Sharpening System features hardwood base, permanent handguard, integral snap-in rod storage under the base, and four 9” long alumina ceramic rods. (2 medium grit and 2 fine grit) Stock #LCSPR

This 2-Stage Sharpening System features solid hardwood base, permanent handguard, integral snap-in rod storage under the base, and two 9” long medium grit alumina ceramic rods. Stock #LCSGM

This 2-Stage Sharpening System features a hardwood turnbox with internal rod storage in the base, and four 5” long alumina ceramic rods. (2 medium, 2 fine) Stock #LCD5D

This 2-Stage Sharpening System features a hardwood turnbox with internal rod storage in the base, and two 5” long medium alumina ceramic rods. Stock #LCS5D



Turnbox Sharpeners fit in pocket, tackle box, backpack or kitchen drawer.

CrockStick® Fold-A-Vee Sharpener The Fold-A-Vee Sharpener is an ingenious, safe, effective sharpening tool especially designed for field use. The alumina ceramic rods give long-lived dry sharpening capability for knives, fish hooks, or any cutting edge. The Fold-A-Vee is ideal for hunters, fishermen, backpackers, campers, do-it-your-selfers and can be used at home for quick kitchen cutlery edge touch-ups. Stock #LCSFV

Fold-A-Vee features include... Completely self-contained, no parts to assemble Compact and lightweight Portable – folds to fit in pocket, knapsack or tackle box Totally ambidextrous – easily used by right and left-handed individuals • Pre-set angles of 20° and 25° for 2-stage Crock Stick® sharpening, providing the correct sharpening position • • • •

Both turnbox models feature internal rod storage

CrockStick® Serrated Bread Knife Sharpener Stock #LSKNF

Ambidextrous design

Wedge-shaped alumina ceramic sharpening stone

Finger-grooved hardwood handle with thumb rest

Prolong the life of your bread knives and assure better, safer bread slicing.

Ceramic SHARPStick® A classic style butcher’s sharpener updated with a space-age 8” alumina ceramic sharpening rod in a solid wood handle. The Sharp Stick is easily cleaned with our Eraser Block. Stock #LSS8CM

Anedge above the rest

Easy Grip Tungsten Carbide Knife Sharpener ®

Stock #LSTCS, Stock #BLSTCS12 (12 Piece Bowl)

It’s never been easier to put a razor-sharp edge on a knife. Just three or four strokes with the Easy Grip Sharpener will restore any blade. The secret is a precision V-shaped tungsten carbide sharpening element in the head of the sharpener. Designed with an ergonomic grip, finger guard and thumb rest, the Easy Grip Sharpener is both safe and comfortable to use right-handed or left-handed.

Stock #LCSTC

3 or 4 strokes across the tungsten carbide sharpening side puts a new edge on your knife

Easy grip, ergonomic ambidextrous design

The compact Quick Fix is small enough for your pocket, tackle box, daypack, briefcase or purse

Just a few strokes on the Crock Sticks and the sharpened blade is polished

The Easy Grip Tungsten Carbide Sharpener can be used right- or left-handed to quickly sharpen kitchen, work or sport knives. Keep one in your kitchen drawer, another in your tool or tackle box, and one in your backpack.

Lansky’s Quick Fix combines two great sharpening technologies to give you the fastest blade tune-up anywhere. Just 3 or 4 strokes on the tungsten carbide side and your knife is sharp. Or a few quick strokes on the Crock Stick ceramic rods can be used to touch up a blade. It’s that fast! It’s that easy!

9-Inch Diamond Sharp Stick

Thumb rest for maximum safety and control

Roomy safety guard fits even the largest hands and allows use with gloved hands

Deluxe Easy Grip Tungsten Carbide Knife Sharpener

Broadhead Arrow Sharpener

Stock #LSTCN

Stock #LTCBH

With Universal Broadhead Wrench In Hunter Orange Safe, convenient universal broadhead wrench works with 2, 3, 4 and 5-bladed broadheads

Rubber overmolded non-slip grip Comfort-grip, non-slip, rubber overmolded grip

Low-V tungsten carbide head sharpens closer to the blade tip Fixed-angle tungsten carbide sharpening heads are replaceable

13-Inch Diamond Sharp Stick

13-Inch Steel Sharp Stick

Stock #LSS13D

Stock #LSS13S

Diamond andSteel Sharp Sticks® Stock #LRRDF

Lansky takes the classic Butcher’s Rod style sharpener to a new dimension with a fine diamond grit permanently bonded to a heavy-duty steel rod. The Diamond Sharp Stick features a hand guard and an overmolded rubber, non-slip, comfort-grip handle. The diamond grit makes proper maintenance of your finest kitchen and carving knives faster and more efficient than ever before. Just a few strokes are all you need to put a factory-like edge back on your knives.

Lansky’s Retractable Diamond Sharpening Rod fits almost anywhere. The sturdy 5 inch all-brass case is knurled to provide a comfortable non-slip grip. Just twist the cap when you want to sharpen a knife and the diamond sharpening rod extends 3.5 inches and locks in place. It’s designed to work like a Butcher’s rod and can be used for sport, work and kitchen cutlery, and it’s grooved for sharpening fish hooks and other pointed objects.

Retractable Diamond Sharpening Rod Stock #LFRDF

Lanyard hole

The deluxe version of Lansky’s super fast tungsten carbide sharpener features a roomy, overmolded rubber non-slip grip for maximum comfort and control, safety thumb rest and a lanyard hole for easy attachment to a belt or backpack.

A safe, easy and compact tool that makes fast work of three different tasks, the Lansky Broadhead Sharpener will prove indispensible to every bowhunter.

This versatile 3.5” folding rod sharpener is great for proper knife maintenance, including sharpening of straight-edged blades, some scalloped blades, and even gut hooks. The sharpening rod features a fine diamond grit and it stores in the comfort-grip, non-slip handles.

Folding Diamond Sharpening Rod Stock #LFRTF

Just 3 or 4 strokes and your medium to large knife or machete is sharp

Locks broadheads safely for tightening or replacement.

It also can be used to touch-up a knife.

Folding Diamond Rat Tail Sharpener

All Folding Diamond Paddles, Rods and Rat Tail Sharpeners fold down into their high-impact plastic handles, making a 1” x 4.25” package that fits neatly in a pocket, daypack, briefcase or tackle box.

The tapered Rat Tail shape of this 3.5” long fine-grit diamond sharpener makes it ideal for sharpening straight, serrated and tool blades as well as gut hooks. The sharpening rod stores in the rubber-overmolded, comfort-grip, non-slip handles.


Safety Guard

Replaceable tungsten carbide inserts

Non-slip thumb rest

Stock #LSS9S Rubber overmolded non-slip handle

Pre-set 23° angle for professional edges


9-Inch Steel Sharp Stick

Stock #LSS9D




Lanyard Hole

Get a Razor-Sharp Edge in Seconds with the Easy Grip Knife Sharpener


Quick Fix Pocket Knife Sharpener

Double-Sided Folding Diamond Sharpening Paddles Lansky Double-Sided Diamond Folding Paddles offer two full surface diamond sharpeners in one compact unit. Both doublesided models have the same folding convenience and rubber over-molded handles and are the same size as our single-side folding diamond paddles.

Coarse Grit

Stock #LDFPCF Features a coarse grit side for sharpening those abused or dull edges and a fine side to touch up or smooth an edge.

Fine Grit

Fine Grit

(3.5" x .75" / 8.9 x 1.9cm) sharpening surfaces

Stock #LDFPMF Features a medium grit side for everyday sharpening and a fine side to finish an edge.

Medium Grit

Folding Diamond Sharpening Paddle These handy sharpeners feature a generous 3.5" x .75" paddle with full diamond grit surface for fast, easy sharpening of the hardest steels. When not in use, it folds into the comfort-grip, non-slip handles for easy storage.

Stock #LDFPM Medium (3.5" x .75" / 8.9 x 1.9cm) diamond grit sharpening surface

Available in 5 color-coded diamond grits — Extra Coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Ultra Fine.

Diamond Sharpening Pads

Stock #LDFPF Fine

Stock #LDFPC Coarse

Stock #LDFPE Ultra Fine

Stock #LDFPX Extra Coarse

These sharpeners are ideal for sharpening and maintaining an edge on various tools and knives. The 6" tool features a rubber over-molded handle for greater comfort and better gripping and a 1.875” x .75" diamond grit sharpening surface. The sharpening pads are available in 5 colorcoded diamond grits — Extra Coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Ultra Fine.

Stock #LDPMD Medium Stock #LDPCS Coarse

Stock #LDPXC Extra Coarse

Stock #LDPFN Fine

Stock #LDPEF Ultra Fine

Anedge above the rest (1.875" x .75" / 4.7 x 1.9cm) diamond grit sharpening surface

Diamond Benchstones 6"x 2" Diamond Benchstones Stock #LDB6X Extra Coarse Stock #LDB6C Coarse Stock #LDB6M Medium Stock #LDB6F Fine Stock #LDB6E Ultra Fine

Lansky’s Diamond Benchstones are designed for expert knife and tool care. All Lansky Diamond Benchstones feature a full edge-to-edge diamond grit surface for quicker, more efficient sharpening. They are available in two sizes and five grits: Extra Coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine and Ultra Fine.

“The Puck” This pocket-size Lansky Dual-Grit, Multi-Purpose Sharpener is ideal for sharpening lawn mower blades, machetes, hatchets, axe blades, shovels and spades plus a variety of other cutting and chopping tools. The Puck’s easy to grip contoured shape, provides for safe, simple tool sharpening. Dual-Grit design provides a coarse side for quick cutting and shaping, and a medium side for final sharpening and finishing of your edge. Stock #LPUCK

Lansky’s Diamond Benchstones feature a high-impact plastic self-storing case that raises the stone as shown to the left for maximum safety and comfort. The bases come with non-slip feet and an overmolded rubber frame.

(6" x 2" / 15 x 5cm)

Stock #LDB8X Extra Coarse Stock #LDB8C Coarse Stock #LDB8M Medium Stock #LDB8F Fine Stock #LDB8E Ultra Fine


8"x 2" Diamond Benchstones

Lawn & Garden Sharpening Tool (8" x 2" / 20 x 5cm)

This Garden Tool has a specially designed shape for the easiest sharpening of all your garden tools, including the blades of gas-powered and electric lawn mowers. Stock #LGRDN


Natural Arkansas Benchstones Hard Arkansas Benchstone Use whenever an exceptionally fine edge is desired. Provides the final polishing and finishing to all your edges. The ultimate finishing stone for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. Stock #LBS6H (6" x 2" / 15 x 5cm)

Nathan’s Honing Oil Specially formulated for use with all Lansky Sharpeners and Natural Arkansas Benchstones. It is a highly refined honing oil and is essential to keep your hones lubricated to achieve the best sharpening results. Just a few drops will protect the stone and give you the professional edge you desire. Nathan’s Natural Honing Oil is available in a 4 oz. plastic bottle. Stock #LOL01

Heavy Duty Sharpening Tool

Soft Arkansas Benchstone The best quality natural stone to achieve a sharp edge quickly. It is ideal for chisels, planer blades, axes and other large tools. The Soft Arkansas Benchstone is the most versatile for general purpose sharpening.

This space-age ceramic Abrasive Sharpening Hone is designed for heavy-duty sharpening of damaged and abused power and hand tools around the shop, farm, home and garden. It makes simple restoration and sharpening easy for everyone. Stock #LHONE

Available in two sizes: Stock #LBS6S (6" x 2" / 15 x 5cm) Stock #LBS8S (8" x 2" / 20 x 5cm)

Lansky 2010  


Lansky 2010