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Inside: Janes Update: 60+ lbs lost! New Beginnings Spa Days


Grand Traverse WOMAN

Supporting Women in business. in the community. in their careers. Huntington’s “Women’s Initiative” is designed to help support and promote professional women and women business owners. It is our goal to offer networking, mentoring, and professional development opportunities to support your business and help you succeed.

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January/February '11

Grand Traverse WOMAN

January/February '11

Grand Traverse WOMAN

Grand Traverse




northern michigan’s magazine for women

Volume 8, No. 4 January/February 2011 Grand Traverse Woman P.O. Box 22 Interlochen, MI 49643 tel: 231.276.5105 fax: 231.276.5106 Blog: Facebook: Twitter:

Kandace Chapple & Kerry Winkler


The view at the shop

With the burn of a new year upon us, many of us will be entering the unknown — the inside of a bike/ski/fitness shop. Most of you dread the thought of entering the entrails of a shop built of muscle, sweat and testosterone. We'll admit it; the intimidation factor is high. Not just for women, either. A quick but official survey through calling a few friends during commercial breaks, has confirmed that men can also be intimidated walking in! But we encourage you to brave it. And here's how it'll go down: The first thing to admit is that it's mostly men who will greet you when you walk in the door. They are fit, lean, often ruggedly handsome men. They are nothing like you or the man you keep on your couch. You feel fat, slovenly and slightly uncoordinated in their presence, their beauty. To this, we say, rejoice. Bask in their loveliness, smile into their tanned faces, openly admire what fitness can do for a body. With time, you too can look good in a jacket cut for a jockey. With work, you can wear those running tights without feeling like a weeblewobble on stilts. With age, you could even grow a little stubble on your chin. SIDENOTE: For the women you see working in the shop, commend them, for they work day in and day out with these guys, some with an ego twice the size of their... car. These are the most skilled women on earth. They can

swagger with the boys and giggle with the girls. These are learned and wise women. Once you've decided to get over their gorgeousness, there's the mind game to endure. These guys will deduce, in the time it takes them to walk through the shop and reach you by the rack of pink women's jackets, that you aren't even sure where your skis are. Last time you went looking, you realized they were dangerously close to the litter box that you might be called upon to clean. You abandoned the whole ordeal before anyone could object. At this point, things are — as all parties have agreed upon — not looking good. You feel a bit embarrassed; they pretend you don't have creases in your face from your afternoon nap. But you're here to turn things around. This is your chance, your time, your moment. This shop and this man can make all these things happen for you. To this we say: Let him in. Look around, talk shop, ask questions. Egads! you are thinking, Give him the satisfaction? Show female weakness? Never! But, learn from us. We speak from that first moment when we crawled into a bike shop and confessed we had 1980s equipment. These men took one look at us... then went ahead and showed us around anyway.

Publishers Kandace Chapple Kerry Winkler

Priceless Photography

advance in your sport of choice. Soon, you'll be walking in the door with a little limp or a crick in your neck and the salesguy will look up, do a doubletake in glee and hurry over to see what your story is. Confess to a wipeout of any kind, and you're golden. These guys LIVE for this. You're in Trading Battle Scars territory. Your first venture into this private world is like turning 21. You realize half the fun is getting there. Who knew? Give them another year and a dozen more falls, upgrades or repairs and they start to feel like your brother, your coach, and your therapist all wrapped into one. Then comes the day when you realize you might actually love the dudes (and the chicks) in the shop, big egos and all. You let them bestow their wisdom upon you and rag on you to no end, but then secretly get teary when they ask how your first bike race went. And then the kicker: They'll slap you on the shoulder like you're one of the boys. You have, on all accounts, arrived. But one final warning: Don't let this boy stuff go to their head or yours. Wear plenty of pink, and every now and then, pretend you're unimpressed with their stories or ask them a question you know they can't answer. This keeps them in check and doesn't ruin the view.

And here's the thing: With time, these guys take quite a liking to you as you

Next issue: CAREER To do 

LUNCHEON: THURSDAY, Feb. 3: Spend your lunch hour laughing with us and building your business with relationships! Lunch tickets are $22/each or 2/$4o. Booths are $165 and include 2 lunch tickets. Email for info and to join us at The Hagerty Center. Our speaker is Shann Vander Leek, author of Life on Your Terms and owner of True Balance Life Coaching, in Suttons Bay. NETWORK NITE: Wednesday, March 2: 5-7 p.m. at our location sponsor Spa Grand Traverse. A special thanks to our main sponsor Huntington Bank and our media sponsors WTCM, Z93 and TV 7&4. The night includes wine, appetizers, prizes, a speaker and more!

January/February '11

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Skin Care Coaching

Grand Traverse WOMAN

Your best just a few weeks away. • Permanent make-up • Skincare products • Botox® and injectable fillers • Facials and chemical peels • Microdermabrasion 231.929-7700

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Janette Wiseman, LPN Permanent Make-Up Specialist


Karen Tosiello, PA Injectables & Fillers, Non-Surgical Facial Treatments

January/February '11

music Grand Traverse WOMAN


Glory Mary MacGowan, 56, Singer/Songwriter, Morning Glory Records, Traverse City

The job: I write songs, sing them and record them. The Start: I’ve been a songwriter all my life — even as a stayat-home mom for 25 years I kept writing songs, but never had the nerve to do anything with them. This year, when I had gathered a bunch of songs that seemed to go well together, I got brave and called my friend Bill Kelly in New Jersey, who helped me pull them all together and produce my CD, Morning Glory. The music: My style of singing/song writing is considered "eclectic" and falls under the basic category of Folk/Americana. For my CD, I hired fantastic studio musicians and a vocalist to back me up. I play ukulele on one song and piano on another. Bill plays guitar on

786<78!6B@@<G!FH66887! workout in your own home and make your new year’s resolutions a reality: There are 60-day, 90-day and 6-week programs for men, women, and children that will change lives (and bodies). Income opportunities available.

Before: 145 lbs

after: 130 lbs

a few of our great workouts: P90X; Turbo Fire; Insanity; Slim in Six; Brazil Butt Lift; Turbo Jam; Hip Hop Abs; and more

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Stacey Hanna Independent Consultant, Beachbody


January/February ’11

Grand Traverse WOMAN music a lot of the songs, and sings harmonies with me on quite a few, too. I love being in the studio and hope to record a follow-up CD soon. Naming the CD: The name of the CD, Morning Glory, was born 20 years ago when I started writing that song. In the song, Morning Glory is a part of me that went into hiding at that time, because I couldn’t handle some of the difficult parts of my life, my life choices. So she just faded away, into a safer place. Also, my parents used to call me “Morning Glory,” one of many nicknames they had for me. The best part: The joy of knowing my songs are being enjoyed and loved by people all over the world! Morning Glory is getting a great deal of airplay in the United States and Belgium, Germany, France… it’s getting hard to keep track of all the airplay, which is a good sign. The hardest part: Fitting the promotion of Morning Glory into my personal life, which includes studying at Western Michigan University (at Traverse City) to become a Licensed Professional Counselor, spending time with my family and boyfriend (Pier Wright of Wright Art Gallery) and watching over my three young-adult children and their spouses (in Boston, New Jersey and downstate Michigan). The perks: I get to sing! How lucky am I?

A day in the life: Sometimes I scroll through Google to find out what stations played my songs; I look for new reviews (I’ve had several). I post news about Morning Glory on Facebook and my website. I practice guitar, ukulele and keyboards and I keep writing new songs. I’m also a poet, and have had over 40 poems published in literary jour-

In the song, Morning Glory is a part of me that went into hiding at that time, because I couldn’t handle some of the difficult parts of my life, my life choices. nals. Poetry is, of course, related to songwriting, and I continue to submit my poems, write more, and I hope to publish a book of poems. Education/experience: I studied music at Interlochen Arts Academy and then at New York

University, where I was a singer/songwriter major in NYU’s University Without Walls program. I have a master’s degree in Art Therapy and Creativity. About 20 years ago, I was part of a duo called “Singamajig.” We sang and recorded songs for children under the age of 7. It was a fun time, and gave me lots of stage experience. The gigs: My first gig was in 1977 at Folk City in NYC; it was a women songwriters’ afternoon concert. Recently, guitarist Angelo Meli worked out some songs with me and we performed together a few times at Oryana in Traverse City, which was really fun. Right now I’m putting together a backup band, so that I can get out there and live my songs out loud. Years on the job: I’ve been doing this since I was born — 56! The workweek: I work all the time. I am lucky that my work is my joy and passion. My home is my office; my laptop is indispensable. I use Garage Band for working on new songs, so I carry my office (my laptop) everywhere. Mary MacGowan was born in Michigan, moved to the East to raise her three children and is now back in Michigan, where she enjoys singing about love and lakes. She really does sit by the lake every day to watch the ducks swim by. (See song 4440!) Visit  

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January/February '11

career Grand Traverse WOMAN

Back on top A Traverse City woman takes a local business and brings it, and her spirits, back to life

By Alyssa Henning Helping people was always my main career objective. In youth, however, working for a living is more about necessity than passion, so reaching that goal took a rather circuitous route for me. After working the usual fast-food jobs growing up, I found myself doing bookkeeping for contractors for many years. Having been raised in the construction industry with grandfathers, my father and uncles in various trades, I was very comfortable in this arena. But in 2000, I found myself on unemployment, developing a résumé, and searching for a job through Michigan Works. Fortunately, my bookkeeping experience made me the perfect candidate for a job at Traverse Tops, a local countertop company. I soon found myself in sales, a profession I never aspired to be a part of but one that, interestingly, led me to feel as though I was helping others.

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956 South Airport Road West, Suite A, Traverse City, MI 49686

January/February ’11


Grand Traverse WOMAN career As I learned more about the industry, I became acquainted with the process of educating customers. My job was not to get people to buy countertops; it was to help people learn about countertops so that when they ultimately made a purchase with their hard-earned money, they would be happy with their decision. I realized through this process that my passion and my job had become one and I had found myself a career! Traverse Tops was a thriving business and I advanced into learning about estimating. In 2005 the company hired another bookkeeper and I moved fully into sales and estimating. In 2008 we learned that the bookkeeper was embezzling from the company and had been doing so since she was hired. We spent two years trying to salvage the business, but it was in vain. When the decision to close was ultimately made, I was both relieved and devastated.  When you spend that much time and energy trying to pull yourself out of a hole someone else dug, it is extremely hard on your soul and spirit. There was a dark cloud over us during those two years of attempted salvage; the relief came in finally letting go. The devastation came in losing a job that I loved and could no longer do. Not long after, some industry partners held a roundtable discussion regarding the direction of the former Traverse Tops business. Everyone at that meeting agreed that, if I so desired, they would support me in opening a new business. They believed I could be successful. What a personal boost to my confidence! As I started the somewhat daunting task of making calls to put everything together, I was amazed time and again to see the good will of people in our community who truly wanted to help me make this happen. With the American economy what it is, especially in Michigan, I knew that I was taking a big risk. But that was

offset by the continued support and generosity of those who believed in me, even in tough times. I was blessed to find the perfect space at 1222 Veterans Dr. Those who were at the first roundtable discussion were again there to help with the layout and remodeling of the space. Marty Rhein, of Rhein Design, contributed his expert insight to make the space feel warm and inviting, and Denise Braun helped with the wonderful draperies. My former boss and best friend, Brian Follansbee, was the glue that held everything together for me from beginning to finish and beyond! I would not be where I am today if not for him. For the grand opening of Traverse City Tops, Inc. I had help from North Peak Brewing and Tilly’s Party Store for beer and wine, respectively. A good friend, Brad Baker, was grill master for the event and another close friend, Chantelle Jones, helped to keep plates full. The entire evening far exceeded my expectations. Since the business opened, I have had time to slow down and think about all that has happened to me over this past year, and I have concluded that your future is what you make of it. If you spend too much time looking at how terrible things are, you will miss out on opportunities to make things better. When I accepted that things constantly change, I became less afraid and more willing to take a chance on something new.  Keeping my optimism during tough times has helped me through many stormy days. With the ongoing support of the many kind and generous people who helped propel me to where I am now, I look forward to what the future holds. And I have to tell you, that’s a great feeling to have!

I realized through this process that my passion and my job had become one, and I had found myself a career!

Alyssa Henning is president of Traverse City Tops Inc. in Traverse City. She can be reached at 231.946.3700 or visit


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spEcIal oFFEr - trial class at contact: JenMac, ACE Certified Personal Trainer • (231) 409-1 FIT •

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555 S. Garfield Ave. Traverse City, MI 49686 p 231.947.0210 f 231.947.6770


January/February '11

inspirational Grand Traverse WOMAN



By Sairy Franks In 2001, I was a 20-year-old free spirit living in Brooklyn, NY, when a bullseye rash appeared on my body. I tested positive for Lyme disease and was told to take antibiotics for a few weeks with the understanding that I’d be good to go. I was not tested for any other tick-borne infections. Upon finishing my treatment, I traveled to Mexico and then moved to Thailand, thinking Lyme disease was a thing of the past. I had no idea that I had three fatal illnesses coursing through my body; Lyme disease, Babesia and Bartonella, all from the same tick bite. During the years that followed, I dealt with a lot of health problems. Lyme disease is slightly better understood than Babesia and Bartonella (many doctors have never even heard of Bartonella or Babesia), but is highly controversial and difficult to diagnose and treat successfully. Over an 8-year span, I tested positive for Lyme Disease several times but each doctor believed the results to be false positives or inconclusive and didn’t take them seriously. On June 16, 2008, I became sicker than ever and haven’t recovered since. I have not been able to work and have spent much of the time since in bed. That summer, I found a Lyme-literate doctor who tested me and diagnosed me with not only Lyme disease, but also Bartonella and two strains of Babesia. This diagnosis was confirmed by another Lyme-literate doctor. Since my diagnosis I’ve taken on two very intensive treatments with two different doctors. I stuck with the second treatment for a year and a half. I was taking approximately 70 pills a day, consisting of a combo of oral antibiotics, Chinese herbs, probiotics, and nutritional supplements. During my most challenging phase of treatment I spent over two months bedbound in a pitch-black room with the windows covered because I was so sensitive to light. I was also incredibly sensitive to sound…I was so sick to my stomach that the sound of silverware hitting a plate or the shuffling of papers could push me over the edge. A lot of the time I couldn’t even hold my own glass and my Mom helped me take sips through a straw that she held up to my mouth. I remember crying at times upon realizing I had to go to the bathroom that required me to make the trek down the hall. I was really afraid and so was my family.

10 January/February ’11

Grand Traverse WOMAN inspirational I’ve been treated for these illnesses all over the country. My condition has not improved. Much of the time I feel as if I have the flu. I’ve had an increasing number of seizures and my muscle and joint pain, memory loss, dizziness, and overall ability to function continue to worsen. This health struggle has forced me to deal with emotions that are way beyond the bounds of what I ever dreamt I’d be capable of handling. As a doula and someone who attends births for a living, you can imagine the heartbreak upon learning that my illness can be passed on through the placenta if I have children. I’ve realized somewhat urgently how unknown life truly is, even the life of a privileged person such as myself. It has become incredibly important to me to get to the bottom of my self-proclaimed purpose and mission in my own life so that I can do my best to create it while I am alive. There are no moments to be spared. Through the dark and the quiet a very clear yearning emerged; I don’t want to lose my life before really discovering who I am at my core, and I want to relate to the people in my life through the mutual giving and receiving of love. In the past 2 ½ years I have grown up in ways I never knew were possible, my inner voice has become louder than I ever knew it could, and my relationships have deepened beyond belief. This has left me feeling happier and more grateful than I ever was before falling ill. But the truth is, in the midst of the gratefulness and joy, there is a lot that I want to do with my life that can’t be done while sick in bed. I want to raise children. I want to contribute to my local and global community. I want to create a home for pregnant teens who don’t have a nurturing place to live. And there’s so much more. I am blessed with the most supportive and loving family and friends a person could ask for, but at the end of the day I am still sick and it’s up to me to do the dirty work. This can be incredibly isolating. I’ve discovered over time that my best bet for remaining connected during

I am blessed with the most supportive and loving family and friends a person could ask for, but at the end of the day I am still sick and it’s up to me to do the dirty work.

these times is through honest expression of my experience, my feelings and my needs. And also to surround myself with those who are willing to listen. My parents would do anything to improve my health, but after a decade of medical expenses they cannot take on the costs of my next treatment. Over the past 6 or so months, several friends in my community have stepped forward and offered to help me get the treatment I need so that I may reclaim my life. They have formed a core planning committee which aims to raise the funds necessary to make this happen. It never crossed my mind to ask this of them, but because they’ve listened and stayed present to my experience I didn’t have to ask. Because of this, when I am scared or struggling I don’t feel isolated…I feel listened to and relieved to have a safety net. My wonderful community and friends are working hard to send me to a clinic in California that provides IV antibiotic treatment as part of a larger comprehensive approach, as the people who seem to have recovered from my condition did so upon receiving IV antibiotic therapy. I have a mentor and friend who has been cured after receiving several months of treatment at the very same clinic I will be working with. This process is incredibly humbling and has brought me a new mission: to expand the edges of our community so that we can extend this love to others who are not fortunate enough to have the support that I have been gifted. As I walk this path I carry with me at all times the many other people on this planet who are struggling. My heart goes out to each and every one of them and my greatest hope is that I will have the ability to someday serve others in the way in which I am now being served. Sairy Frank is a certified Doula. She also holds degrees in Sociology, Anthropology and Women’s Studies from Kalamazoo College. To learn more about Sairy’s story and ways you can help, please visit Donations may also be made through Advent Lutheran Church in Lake Ann.

January/February '11 11


career Grand Traverse WOMAN

is for more than Sexy

By Sherry White

A lifelong dancer finds her fitness inspiration

There are a lot of misconceptions about what I do. Whether you call it pole dancing, pole fitness and even pole-la-tease, it’s a workout that is fast becoming a mainstream fitness activity. Many people can’t get past its colorful history as a form of exotic entertainment, but, whichever side you’re on when it comes to the whole fitness vs. stripping argument, it’s hard to deny that a pole can get you into some pretty serious shape. Even if you never plan to pole dance there are several exercises you can do to increase your strength and flexibility using the pole as an exercise device. In addition to the incredible physical transformation your body will experience, you can also expect to improve your confidence and selfesteem.

12 January/February ’11

Sarah Brown Photography

Grand Traverse WOMAN career My background is mostly ballet, which led me into other forms of fitness as I grew older. Not being able to shake my desire to dance, I tried all the cardioaerobic classes, like Zumba and Jazzercise, but they just weren't what I was searching for. I noticed pole dancing on TV from time to time and it intrigued me as a way to get fit and satisfy my craving to dance. Finding several studios in Chicago, I took a road trip immediately! I had no idea what to expect but I couldn’t wait to get there. When I walked into a studio, I felt like I was at Disneyland. My eyes were the size of saucers and I couldn’t wait to get on the ride. They had 22 poles! I knew I had found what I was looking for. I checked in with the front desk, changed into my workout attire, and patiently waited for the rest of the class to get there. When the other women filed in, I noticed that they came in all ages, shapes and sizes, not the 20-some-year-old girls I expected. I am in pretty good shape. I eat right, like to jog and take a dance class here and there. I figured this was going to be a piece of cake! The instructor warmed us up with some stretching and showed us a couple moves. She proceeded to teach us some spins and transitions and I thought to myself: “Wow, this is harder than I thought and totally not what I expected.” Looking around the room, I saw the other women elegantly floating around (seemingly) effortlessly. I couldn’t believe how incredibly strong these women were. Then, as if she were telling us the sky was blue, the instructor told us to climb to the top of the 20-foot pole. Pshh, no problem! I did that all the time with the gym rope when I was a kid, how hard can it be? I think I made it about three feet off the floor and that was because I jumped up, not climbed. HOLY COW, not only was I NOT the graceful gymnast I thought I was, but I also had none of the upper body strength I thought I had. Once we had finished the introduction to some of the moves, we learned


hen the other women

filed in, I noticed that

they came in all ages, shapes and sizes, not the 20-some-year-old girls I expected.

e v a H a n n Wa t s u J s l r i G

! N FU

Rent 1, Get 1 Free! Rent any nordic, alpine or snowshoes for a day and take a friend for free. Valid through January 31st.

a short dance routine. This part came a little easier for me with my dance background so I started shaking my booty like no one’s business. I was having a total blast even though I was sweating like a pig. The girls in class had built a wonderful camaraderie in less than one hour. Most of us, total strangers, were laughing and cheering one another on as we played in our playground. After class, I immediately signed up for the next class offered. I had found exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t wait to take it to its highest level. I couldn’t afford to go to Chicago every weekend so I purchased my own pole. My dear husband built a dance studio in our garage and installed the pole (of course he did). I worked out and practiced so much, I could barely wash my hair because my arms were so sore. However, in a very short time I became much stronger and felt a confidence I had never experienced. Needing to share this discovery with every woman I know, I got a second pole and started teaching. Two years later I introduced Traverse City to the art of pole fitness by opening my own studio in the Warehouse District. This month marks my one-year anniversary and it has been the most rewarding first year I could have asked for. If you are interested in signing up for pole fitness classes check out Studio S online at or call Sherry at 231.63.FLIRT.

Valid at 8th Street Location only.

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Make Good Choices.

736 East 8th Street, Traverse City 231-947-4274 January/February '11 13

health Grand Traverse WOMAN Dre Photography

From Student to Survivor Jean Mahoney, 47, CPT, Cancer Survivor, Traverse City The job: I am a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in wellness exercise for cancer patients. I co-teach the Cancer Exercise Wellness Class sponsored by Anytime Fitness and FAST Physical Therapy & FAST Fitness. The gyms are locally owned by different people but they are working together to offer this class. I am also beginning to train on an individual basis at Anytime Fitness and in clients’ homes. The start: Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Part way through the treatments, to try to regain my strength, I took an exercise class for cancer patients. After graduating from this class, I began working and studying to become a certified trainer to ensure that this class would continue in Traverse City. The class: The free class meets two times per week for ten weeks. The class focuses on empowering our clients through exercise while they are battling or recovering from cancer. The goal: Our goal in the class is to build confidence and teach each participant enough so she can continue to exercise on her own in an environment that works best for her. Some join the gym and work on their own or continue with a trainer. Others make arrangements to exercise in their home, outside or atother gyms.

Ask Dr. Paulson how you could

have a beautiful smile in just 6 months

The Lifesaving screening TesT tColorectal cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., is preventable, treatable and curable. t A colonoscopy, the simple screening test for this disease, Before

Grand Traverse

Smile Center 14 January/February ’11

6 Months Later


is recommended for everyone over 50 - or younger, if risk factors are present. t Contact your primary care physician for additional information or a referral.

6 Months Later

Ryan Paulson DDS ™ÓnÊ-°Ê>Àwi`ÊÛi°ÊUÊÓΣ°™Îx°{nÇÓ see us on facebook: grand traverse smile center or follow us on twitter: gtsmilecenter

Rex Antinozzi, M.D., A.G.A.F. Robert Barnes, M.D. Mark Galan, M.D. Jeffrey Goldman, M.D., F.A.C.G., A.G.A.F. Montgomery Hegewald, M.D. Kurt Sanford, M.D. Sue Coffin, P.A.-C. Krystal Auernhamer, P.A.-C.

231-935-5710 4100 Park Forest Dr. Ste. #208 Traverse City

Grand Traverse WOMAN health

My journal

Jean Mahoney shares a blurb from her personal journal about how she decided to get involved with the Cancer Exercise Class:

Whom the class is for: Anyone diagnosed with cancer within the last two years can benefit from the class. Many of our clients have never been in a gym and others have been exercising all their lives. We tailor each personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exercise to meet her needs and abilities.

Spring 2008

run for the Bayshore One year ago a nightmare started. It started after a training

Requirements to take the class: Those interested in the class must first get permission from their doctor. We do a pre-assessment with applicants to make sure they are able to do the class and commit to attending on a regular basis. We discuss any physical limitations they may have and sometimes it works out that they need physical therapy before they start the class.

there (or uphill, if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re Half Marathon. I found a lump, and it went downhill from a runner).

gram scheduled; the My primary care doctor gave me a hug and got the mammo

surgeon and the surgeon radiologist told me to call my husband and sent me to a scheduled surgery and sent me to the oncologist.

Celebrating accomplishments: At the end of the ten weeks we have a celebration lunch. Along with having a good meal, we celebrate each participantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s accomplishments and award graduation certificates.

race by the bay, I So in the time I was planning on training and running a great

race. found myself running an entirely different and much harder

and getting ready to I was just recovered from surgery, struggling through chemo Merill) who was doing start radiation when a friend told me about this woman (Karen

The best part: The best part of teaching this class is the people and the friendships that are made. I have met incredibly strong, resilient and optimistic people who have shared their struggles with me and with each other. It seems that by being together and fighting together it gets easier.

said I could exercise and free exercise classes for cancer patients. My doctors had lly active, but that was that many cancer patients felt better when they were physica

to feel better and I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really hard for me to believe. I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think there was any way

The hardest part: The hardest part is losing those friends. The exercise our clients get in the class helps

really know what I could do.

e could make Out of desperation I called Karen. She convinced me that exercis

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1 7 6 0 N o r t h e r n S t a r D r i v e , T r a v e rs e C i t y

c r y s ta l m o u n ta i n . c o m


8 0 0 .yo u r . m t n

January/February '11 15 29764 GT Woman Jan-Feb.indd 1

12/10/10 1:11:09 PM

journal Grand Traverse WOMAN to make them feel better and stay strong so they can do the things that make their life good. But it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make the cancer go away and sometimes cancer wins. Bet even then, I know that things were a little better because they took the class. Perks to the job that money canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t buy: The perks are that I am doing something that makes a difference in peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lives and it is a way to keep me healthy as well. Education/experience: My education for this job is a certification through American College on Exercise. I also have a masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in health science administration and a bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in medical technology. I gained training experience while volunteering for the class and I have always been physically active. Being a cancer survivor has given me firsthand knowledge of what our clients are struggling with. The work week: I work about 15 hours a week. My time is split among Anytime Fitness, FAST Physical Therapy & FAST Fitness, and clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; homes. I also do a lot of prep work from my home office.

a difference, and it was free. It was something I could do that didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t involve

doctors, insurance or drugs so I figured I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t lose. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s when things started getting better.

The cancer exercise class was tailored to my level of fitness. Karen and the

other trainers paid close attention to my limitations; I still had a port in my left

side and I had decreased range of motion and lymphedema concerns in my right arm.

So I worked out twice a week with other cancer patients. We all grew stronger, compared stories and continued with our strugglesâ&#x20AC;Śbut somehow it was easier.

I am now a one-year survivor and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m studying for my personal trainer cer-

tification so I can help other cancer patients. Maybe next spring Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be in the

Bayshore. But even if Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be working with others to help cancer patients

Family life: I am married and have two children. My daughter is in her first year at college and my son is in high school. Jean can be contacted at 231.383.0153 or visit FAST has three locations and specializes in physical therapy, sports training, and fitness. To see the gym where the class is held you can visit and select the Traverse City location.

with the race of their life.

Fall 2010

Karen has moved with her family to Virginia and continues to promote

cancer exercise classes. Since then I have been certified as a personal trainer

and teach this class with another trainer (Annemarie Wigton, Fast Physical

Therapy) at Anytime Fitness. Today, I am cancer free and helping others with their struggle with cancer.

7ZiiZg# 7g^\]iZg# Become part of the Lite 96.3 family... and you get all the



Donna nelson, fnp

86H=!Ldg`YVn7dcjh!8djedch!  HeZX^Va9^hXdjcih!VcYhdbjX]bdgZ Just go to and join today! 16 January/February â&#x20AC;&#x2122;11

Donna brings with her years of experience in sleep disorder medicine. Working 5087 North Royal Drive ~ Traverse City with doctors Charles Gwizdala, MD 231.935.0440 & John Krcmarik, MD. Donna will be a valuable asset in the care of sleep patients in the Northern MI community. Let us remove the sheep from your sleep let us remove the sheep from your sleep

5087 North Royal Drive Traverse City tXXXQDDOXNJDPN

Grand Traverse WOMAN health

Healthy weight loss:


days to a new you!

By Dr. Ann Kuenker

Priceless Photography

On the "Top 10” of every New Year’s Resolutions list is — GO ON A DIET! Wouldn’t you like to have that off your list once and for all? With determination, retraining yourself, and reprogramming habits you can do just that! It ONLY takes 21 days to create a new habit! Here are some helpful tips to get you on the right track. Why should I lose? Not only to look and feel better, but, more importantly to help your body age in a more healthy state. Your body accommodates many of our bad habits up to a point, then the joints ache more, it’s harder to catch your breath and cholesterol and blood sugar levels creep up.

You are what you eat Protein Make sure you get enough good quality protein. This could include lean meats, low fat dairy products, soy (tofu, edamame), nuts, tuna and other fish, grains high in protein such as quinoa, protein drinks. Carbohydrates Concentrate on whole grains in your cereals and breads; always chose fresh foods over packaged, prepared food. Choose fruits and vegetables over “sweets.” Avoid “white” things — white sugar, flour, white rice, etc. Fats Don’t neglect fats, but choose wisely. Fats are necessary for your body. Good fat: Fish oil, flax seed, walnuts (good sources of omega 3 fatty acids), olive oil, canola oil, even the fat in egg yolks has many beneficial effects. Bad fat: Avoid a lot of saturated fat, usually found in animal meats — so watch the butter, cheese, trim fat from meat. Avoid trans fats — read your labels — these are hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils. Even though trans fat may be listed as zero on the label, as the new labeling law is written, it can still be in the product. Be a Smart Shopper There are three easy things to remember when buying food: Fresh: Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. Colorful: Eat foods with color (lots of veggies and fruits) Avoid packaged food: Eat food that spoils, but eat it before it does. Make sure along with your healthy eating that you drink two quarts of water daily, get 7-9 hours of sleep every night, and exercise in whatever capacity you are able. Best of health to you in 2011! Dr. Ann Kuenker can be reached at the Elk Rapids Skin & Laser Clinic at 231.264.0700 or The Vein Center in Traverse City at 231.935.2844.

January/February '11 17

attitude Grand Traverse WOMAN

You Deserve to Rock Your Goddess By Shann Vander Leek

Priceless Photography

Fresh from a steaming lobster pot of a bubble bath, I marvel at my healthy form and thank the Universe for learning how to appreciate my body as part of the divine feminine. I love my Shann-ness: curvaceous, athletic, soft and strong. It feels good to be at home with my inner goddess. Years ago I had very little body-mind awareness. I imagine the disconnect may have had something to do with overindulging in my former career, allowing for mind-numbing drama, a diet of rich restaurant food, and partying like a rock star on the weekends. Thankfully, becoming a new mother and getting involved with the martial arts and yoga helped me walk away from a career and lifestyle that no longer suited me. Are you feeling haggard by bumping around, circling the hamster wheel of your life? When was the last time you participated in activities to engage your body consciousness? I am thrilled to share my personal recipe to awaken and rock the goddess within you: juicy ingredients devoted to getting your groove back and enjoying a luscious life overflowing with inspiration, self-love, mindfulness and joy. Create a delicious, luxurious feminine environment. Adorn the walls with art that speaks to you or fill a vase with fresh flowers and promise to keep the vase full year round. If you have limited space, create a feminine altar showcasing a few items that you love on your nightstand or windowsill. I love adorning my feminine space with pretty stones, special pictures and exotic looking scarves. Buy some lavender to spray in the room for a calming effect or a citrus fragrance to wake up your senses. Burning incense is a lovely ritual for meditation and freshening a stale room. Make a vision board or collage including pictures, dream locations and words that represent your immediate desires. Choosing the images and crafting each one is fun. My daughter and I make collages a couple of times each year. Honor your body with regular massage therapy. Massage is not a luxury — it is your feminine duty to allow for body work. The benefits of massage therapy

18 January/February ’11

include lowering stress, deep relaxation and improved circulation. Enjoy hot baths several times each week. I tend to take mine in the evening after my daughter is in bed. I love soaking up the calming energy of a delightful bubble bath. I create a divine space for a queen complete with tea light candles, incense, soothing music on the iPod and a good book to read. When was the last time you got your fanny into the bathtub? Nurture your body with yoga postures. Your practice will help you get in touch with your body on a deeper level. Learning to be gentle with your body through restorative poses and tuning into how you feel while you move will rock your world. Make some time to investigate the benefits of yoga and then find a teacher and studio you resonate with. Yoga will improve the way you relate to your body mind. Positive self-talk is one of my favorite weapons to combat mental destruction. Your ego mind can be an unruly playground filled with bullies, tattletales and monsters under the bed. You are enough, you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are loved and you matter. When you are feeling beaten down by the schoolyard bully, remember you have a magic weapon: You can train your mind to be the witness of your thoughts and action. Acknowledge the little $%^&* and then ask yourself the question: “Is this real?” You do not have to live in a shame pit created by the ego. If you are feeling low or unworthy, practice an internal dialogue like: “I approve of myself” or “I love myself” or “I like myself.” Repeating this loving mantra several times a day will begin to retrain your thought patterns. Your ego will have no choice but to retreat. You are so much more than your ego. You are worthy. You deserve self-care and self-love. Get unplugged from your highly con-

nected virtual environment. Consider creating an oasis of time each day devoted to getting out into the natural world. Even 15 minutes improves your mental clarity. Becoming overwhelmed by stacks of tasks, responsibilities and rules leads to pain and suffering. Make it a priority to step away from the madness and soak up the sweetness of each day. Remain curious and you will enjoy a lifetime filled with new experiences. To be delightfully curious is refreshing and childlike. With such a short time on this planet there is no time like the present to act on something you have always wanted to do. Take the art class, sign up

for belly dancing, volunteer for an organization near to your heart. Begin to ignite the magical flames of your curiosity. Your inner goddess is crying out for your attention. She is telling you that you are an extraordinary woman. She is reminding you that you deserve to allow your divine feminine to unfold. You Deserve to Rock Your Goddess! Shann Vander Leek is the owner of True Balance Life Coaching in Suttons Bay. She coaches professional women in transition to accelerate life on their terms and create more balance in their lives. Contact Shann at 231.668.9850 or visit

Hear Shann at our Feb.

3 GTWoman Luncheon

Join us for lunch and find your "Sweet Spot." Shann will talk about ways to make sweet changes in your life! Lunch tix $22 each or 2/$40. Vendor booths also available for $165 and includes 2 lunch tix. Meet 140 women on your lunch hour!


Grand Traverse WOMAN self-care

New Year Priceless Photography

By Dawn Olsen

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March/April 2011

Deadline: Feb. 14

Every year millions of people make the same resolution to get healthy in the New Year. Everyone’s optimum health is different; one person’s version may be completely opposite from another’s. There are many ways to go about finding your optimum state of health. What makes you feel good? Maybe it’s getting a full eight hours of sleep or eating the right foods. For some people, vitamin supplementation and exercise do the trick. You determine what makes you feel healthy. Find something that fits into your lifestyle to which you can completely commit. Set realistic goals: Many times people set unrealistic goals and ultimately end up disappointing themselves. The key is to start slowly, make it a habit, then continually revise and set new goals. Work with a professional: Many professionals can help you attain your goals. Initially it is wise to seek advice from your physician. Often working with a trainer is beneficial. Visit a wellness retreat: These types of retreats are often offered through resorts and spas. They usually include learning how to take care of oneself by working with a physician, learning how to cook healthy, as well as taking time out to de-compress and de-stress by scheduling time at a spa. If you have no idea where to start to achieve a state of wellbeing or if you want to build on what you may currently practice, these types of retreats will give you the tools to succeed. Take a time-out: Taking time out of your busy schedule to de-stress and decompress is imperative to feeling healthy. People have different versions of how they go about doing that. It could be as easy as spending some time alone or taking a walk. Schedule a massage every 4-6 weeks; it is amazing how renewed and revitalized you will feel afterward. Many people overlook the beneficial effects that human touch can have in achieving your state of wellbeing. Don’t give up! Figure out what being healthy means to you. Find out what makes you feel your best. Too often people become discouraged and give up, reverting back to old unhealthy habits. Start every day with the intention of living healthy, which may mean getting in 20-30 minutes of exercise and eating the right foods. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Remember to take time out for some pure relaxation too! Whether you choose to go to a spa or create a relaxing environment at home, it is very important that you take time for yourself. Healthy living can be the best choice you make! Dawn Olsen is the Spa Director at Spa Grand Traverse. She can be reached at 231.534.6754 or visit

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Imagine local opportunity Imagine more. Imagine convenience, flexibility, and affordability. Cheryl applied to Ferris State University’s local program at the urging of her manager and co-workers. The Ferris office in NMC’s University Center offers a convenient way for northern residents to obtain information about Ferris programs and sign up for classes. Cheryl likes the flexibility of online classes because no matter how hectic her life is, she can make going back to school work. She has a new grandbaby in Washington and has managed to travel there every three months to visit while keeping up with online assignments and emails while on the go. Her friend, Lynda, likes the affordability and the convenience of location. She can finish her degree in Traverse City, taking classes part-time and working full-time. Imagine more for you. Apply now for fall.


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January/February '11 19

reinvent Grand Traverse WOMAN


.VIHJR[VTV]LMVY^HYK Advance your career right here in Traverse City. Convenient class schedules, including evenings and weekends, are tailored toward working adults.


Graduate Programs â&#x20AC;˘ Counselor Education â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA) â&#x20AC;˘ Counselor Education â&#x20AC;&#x201C; School Counseling (MA) Graduate Certificates â&#x20AC;˘ Alcohol and Drug Abuse â&#x20AC;˘ Holistic Health Care Online Programs â&#x20AC;˘ Visit our website for more information about online and hybrid programs. WMU-Traverse City NMC University Center 2200 Dendrinos Drive, Suite 200-H Traverse City, MI 49684 (231) 995-1846







Traverse City

?D J

;H  E F



Debra Townsend

a New Life Path 7M_dj[h8h[Wa\ehOekWdZOekh;o[i Friday, February 4, 2011 9:00am to 4:00pm!

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(&E\\:[i_]d[h;o[m[Wh Insurance plans excluded.

See for yourself.


929 Business Park Drive (off 3 Mile Road) Traverse City

20 January/February â&#x20AC;&#x2122;11

By Bridgit Frank When I was living in New York City, I always kept my fingers crossed on Monday evenings that the phone would not ring so I could shut down my computer, race to the subway, and travel from Manhattan to Brooklyn for my weekly Pilates session. I was working as a corporate sales executive for a clothing manufacturer. A normal day was filled with chaos. Emails arrived around the clock from our suppliers in Asia, and Murphyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Law prevailed. I spent countless hours sitting hunched over a computer or running around the city, schlepping samples in uncomfortable (but, of course, fashionable) shoes, and I welcomed the counterbalance that Pilates provided: 55 minutes where I could breathe, relax and focus on my body.

Grand Traverse WOMAN reinvent My love affair with Pilates began in a very roundabout way. I grew up in Baltimore and attended a school north of the city. We were required to participate in a sport each day, and my chosen sport was horseback riding. From seventh grade into my senior year of high school, I was fortunate to be able to ride each and every day after classes. In January of my senior year, I became ill with mono that developed into Guillain-Barré, a neurological disorder that results in either temporary or permanent paralysis. I spent weeks in the hospital and was discharged in a wheelchair. I missed over 10 weeks of school, but, after much physical therapy, I was able to walk again and return to school to finish my senior year. My muscles were weak and had no tone. I tired quickly and had poor stamina. Equally disturbing was the odd disconnection I felt from my body. Once I started college, I was horseless and “tried on” a variety of new forms of exercise and physical activity. I played racquetball, joined gyms, signed up for aerobics classes, but I never found a good fit until I discovered Pilates. My journey with Pilates began with Peggy, an instructor who taught out of her tiny Brooklyn apartment. She explained how Pilates was an all-over body workout that focused on breathing, development of core muscles and alignment. We started with mat work and the reformer. As her practice grew, she opened a studio where the Cadillac, chair, and barrels were added to my regime. I discovered abdominal muscles I never knew existed. I was able to increase the flexibility in my calf muscles and lengthen my hamstrings. Because Pilates focuses on core alignment and proper positioning, it made me much more aware of how I was performing everyday tasks such as carrying groceries or my purse, and how I sat at the computer. For the first time in my life, I was able to understand which muscles I should be using and learned how

Because Pilates focuses on core alignment and proper positioning, it made me much more aware of how I was performing everyday tasks such as carrying groceries or my purse, and how I sat at the computer. to access deep core support muscles. Rather than sucking in my stomach to improve my posture, Pilates taught me to focus on my spinal alignment and correct positioning of my pelvis, shoulders and neck. I no longer experienced lower back discomfort. It took quite a while, but my shoulders finally started to relax, and I was able to tone my glutes. After working in the fashion business for almost 18 years, I was burned out. In the winter of 2008, my husband and I decided to move to northern Michigan, an area we had grown to love during many summer vacations. While I looked forward to the move, I was saddened to leave my Pilates teacher, with whom I had worked weekly for over 10 years. At my last Pilates session, Peggy gave me a going-away present that changed my life: a gift certificate for 10 private Pilates sessions with Niki Conraths. Niki teaches dance at Interlochen Arts Academy as well as Pilates. She has taught Pilates for years, authored two books for Pilates teachers, and is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and back injuries. We had an immediate connection, and Niki helped me to take my Pilates experience to a new level by encouraging me to go to school to learn to teach something that had made such an impact on my life. After all of my years in the business world, I never thought that, in the woods of Interlochen, I’d discover a true mentor and new life path. The transition from Pilates student to Pilates teacher has been rewarding. It is a great feeling when clients leave a session feeling limber, healthy and strong. They too are discovering abdominal muscles they did not know they had. They often comment how they now pay attention to their posture and feel it has improved after Pilates. Their lower backs feel better, they feel less tension in their necks and shoulders, they feel stronger and they have more energy. I could not ask for a better occupation than sharing my passion for Pilates with others. Bridgit Frank lives with her husband in Interlochen and opened Village Pilates in Traverse City with Niki Conraths in 2010. You can reach her at 231.929.2066 or

January/February '11 21

loss & support Grand Traverse WOMAN Photography by Scarlett

Miscarriage Misconceptions One mom shares her story of loss and why talking about it helped her heal By Allison Beers I live an extremely blessed life and I remind myself this every day. I grew up in a wonderful, supportive family. I own my own business and I love what I do. I have the most perfect husband and best friend. When we decided to start a family, Anna was quickly conceived. My husband will attest that I am the WORST at keeping secrets so it will come as no surprise that, the second the little plus sign showed up on the test, I had already dialed my parents, family and friends. I was elated and wanted everyone to know. After Anna was born, we were eager to continue building our family. I found out I was pregnant again one month before Annaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first birthday. A couple of days before our first appointment, my husband let me know that he had a meeting out of town. I assured him I was fine going alone; after all, we had just gone through the whole thing and felt like pros. I went in for my appointment. When it came time for the ultrasound, I heard a sigh from my doctor and words that shook me to the core. He said, "I'm sorry, but there isn't a heartbeat." As a woman, you are never prepared for this moment unless someone you know has been through it and has talked to you about it. No one had ever talked to me about it.

Celebrating Life... 231.357.1123

Stop Treating Symptoms, Get to the Root Cause ;MXL*YRGXMSREP(MEKRSWXMG2YXVMXMSRÂ?


(V6SWIQEV]%&IRNEQMR&7('*(2'18% *MVWX7XVIIX7YMXI&1ERMWXII1-Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2C6; [[[&IRNEQMR'LMVSTVEGXMGGSQ 22 January/February â&#x20AC;&#x2122;11

Grand Traverse WOMAN loss & support

Our friends and neighbors were so nice to bring dinner over. I never knew what a wonderful gesture that could be. It was so nice not to worry about it and to know that someone was

thinking about us.

Advertising ENEWS & WEBSITE

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In total shock, I got dressed. The doctor came back in and I can’t recall a word that he said. I saw him talking, but it was as if sound wasn’t coming out. I had the misconception that people were “prone” to miscarriages or that if you already had one healthy pregnancy you didn’t need to worry about miscarriage. This was clearly not the case. I went to a nurse to talk about my “options.” What options? There were options? I was faced with two horrible choices: wait for the fetus to abort naturally or schedule surgery for removal. The idea of waiting and wondering killed me: given my choices, I couldn’t decide which was worse. I just remember crying and asking the nurse what the Catholic Church thought about the surgery and if it was OK. My husband and I got over the initial shock and we talked about how blessed we were. We had one beautiful, healthy daughter. I had some friends who have tried for years and haven’t been able to get pregnant. It felt selfish to be sad when we were so blessed. I went to the hospital the next day for surgery. I was a zombie the whole day. My parents took care of Anna, cleaned the house and made sure they were there to help. Our good friends and neighbors were so nice to bring dinner over. I never knew what a wonderful gesture something like that could be. It was so nice not to worry about it and to know that someone was thinking about us. Life moved forward; I jumped right back into my routine the next day fully knowing that God had a plan for me, whatever it involved. A few weeks later I received a call from the doctor with, what turned out to be, even more shocking news. They had run tests on the fetus and concluded that I had a “partial molar pregnancy.” I had never heard of this before. I Googled it for more information. I learned that partial molar pregnancy is very rare, occurring in only one of every 2,000 pregnancies. In

my case, cancer cells were involved and this is likely what caused the pregnancy to terminate. The next few months I endured weekly tests checking to see if my hCG levels were rising which could mean that the cancerous cells had attached to my uterus. They tracked my results each week to make sure the level kept going down. I was advised not to get pregnant. I patiently waited the six months. During this time I talked with people about my miscarriage and soon learned that I was not alone. Many of my friends with kids had suffered one or more miscarriages. It was calming to know that my friends understood. I was glad I had told people I was pregnant as I found it healthy to talk about my miscarriage. Not everyone wants to share her story, but, for me, it was nice to hear from others and not go through this alone. When I was given the green light to get pregnant again, we conceived quickly. I again told people right away. The judgment and disapproval I received from some people really put me off. Some of our family and friends wanted to wait until I went to the doctor to celebrate or get excited. I’m sorry, but while I am waiting 8-10 weeks to see a doctor, I still know I’m pregnant and I’m excited. We ended up having another miscarriage. Again, I shared this news and heard more stories from friends who had been through what I was going through. I felt relief from talking about it, being able to share in their stories. Female support is amazing. Good news, I’m pregnant again! Yes, it’s early but I’m happy to share the news and I know what will be, will be. Allison Beers is the owner of Events North in Traverse City. She is a founding member of the Traverse City Young Professionals. She can be reached at or visit

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A Mot her's Love

eating disorders Grand Traverse WOMAN

Fairytale Photo, Elk Rapids

through thick & thin

By Susanne Edson A Traverse City mom helps her daughter through anorexia, bulimia â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mom, I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do this anymore. Will you help me?â&#x20AC;? These were the words I had been waiting for and my daughter Nicole finally said them to me.

Susanne Edson with her daughters Nicole (bottom) and Melissa (top).

Nicole is 25 years old and she has been struggling with anorexia and bulimia for the last six years. During the months prior to this phone call, I had been trying to prepare myself for something no mother can prepare for. I knew that if Nicole did not get help, she was going to die. Three years ago, I tried to take charge of her illness and held an intervention. Nicole went through treatment, but, like any type of treatment, it only works when the person is ready to get well; the motivation has to come from inside. Nicole wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ready three years ago and so her health continued to deteriorate as a result of the severity of her eating disorder. During that time I begged Nicole to seek counseling, to work with a nutritionist, basically to get any kind of help. I made frequent visits to Memphis, where she lives, because I knew she would eat and keep the food down when I was there. I so desperately wanted to help Nicole, and yet I felt totally helpless as I watched her struggle. A week before I received Nicoleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s call for help, I found a prayer on a friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website. The prayer of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bondage Breakingâ&#x20AC;? spoke to my heart and I prayed it feverishly, and then the call from Nicole came. Do I believe in the power of prayer? Now more than ever! Nicole entered an inpatient treatment center for eating disorders in September. She has

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Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x17D;Ă&#x160;°Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x20AC;LiĂ&#x20AC;]Ă&#x160; " Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160; Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;}Â?>Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; °Ă&#x160;"½>Ă&#x20AC;>]Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160;­*i`Â&#x2C6;>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;VĂ&#x192;ÂŽ Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;,Â&#x153;LiĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;>Ă&#x160;°Ă&#x160;iĂ&#x20AC;LĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;]Ă&#x160;*Â&#x2021;

Same-day appointments available. Accepting new patients. 45*3-*/(%3*7&t*/5&3-0$)&/t231.275.7965

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6 Months Later

Ryan Paulson DDS Â&#x2122;Ă&#x201C;nĂ&#x160;-°Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x20AC;wiÂ?`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x203A;i°Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x17D;£°Â&#x2122;Ă&#x17D;x°{nĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x201C; see us on facebook: grand traverse smile center or follow us on twitter: gtsmilecenter

Grand Traverse WOMAN eating disorders worked hard and has struggled but her progress has been impressive. At 90 percent of her ideal weight, she still has a ways to go; however, she has recently moved from inpatient treatment to a very intense outpatient program. She sees her cheeks fill out and feels fat. She is working hard on getting over that perception. Eating disorders don’t just affect the person with the disorder; they impact the entire family. I will never forget the incredible bond I saw, and felt, when Nicole was born and her father looked into her eyes. He has been hurt, too, by this disease. Nicole’s sister Melissa has also been impacted. Melissa has participated in family counseling while Nicole has been in treatment and it makes my heart smile to see the bond between them being repaired. Melissa graduated from Michigan State University in December and Nicole attended the graduation. This was important to both of them. As a mom who has watched her daughter slowly starve herself to death, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster. I have felt everything from anger, helplessness and total despair, to hope and gratitude once again for Nicole’s desire to recover from this life-threatening illness. Nicole’s treatment has been an enormous answer to many prayers but at the same time has created a huge financial drain. I willingly liquidated my retirement accounts to pay the $20,250 per month for treatment. Unfortunately, there still was not enough money to pay for Nicole’s care. I was worried and didn’t know how we could manage the expense for the four months Nicole needed. Enter another blessing in our lives. My nieces from South Carolina and Wisconsin asked how

they could help. My niece, Suzanne Brzoznowski, created a website for Nicole with an option for PayPal donations and information on how people can donate to Nicole’s fund. Other nieces have organized fundraisers in their hometowns to help. Donations of $10 and $20 have added up as people from all over the country have reached out. It has been humbling to need financial help and people’s generosity and concern has touched my heart beyond words. Nicole is much more than a person with an eating disorder. She is an energetic, motivated young woman with big dreams. Nicole has a typical Type A personality, always striving to achieve and do her best. She was a top cheerleader in middle school and high school and on the competitive high school squad. As a sophomore she took up golf and tried out for the high school golf team. She made it and eventually earned 2nd in Regionals for Georgia that year. More recently Nicole has been working on a degree in early childhood teaching. She wants to continue college but is learning to listen to her inner knowledge to determine if she is ready now or if she needs to stop pushing so hard and take more time to focus on her recovery and health. Most importantly, Nicole is a loving, generous and beautiful person, inside and out. She has been a blessing in my life and in the lives of many others. We have watched her struggle with this terrible illness and our hearts have ached for her. She is recovering now but she still has a lot of hard work ahead of her. I again have hope that Nicole will beat this disease and live a long, happy and healthy life.

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Susanne Edson has been a nurse for 30 years and also educates people on whole food nutrition working with Juice Plus If you would like to learn more about the fundraising efforts underway to help with the cost of Nicole’s treatment, please visit


EATING DISORDERS By Dr. Rebecca Hagerty Priceless Photography

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The American culture is obsessed with weight loss. Women’s magazines are plastered with ultra-thin women, tips on weight loss, dieting secrets, and how to tone specific muscle groups. Many celebrities have unattainable levels of thinness. This all conveys a confusing message to adolescent girls and women and even some males.

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eating disorders Grand Traverse WOMAN According to a recent statistic, 35 percent of adolescent girls believe they are overweight and 60 percent are attempting to lose weight. Eight percent report that they have tried to make themselves vomit as a weight-loss technique. There are two main types of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa Refusal to maintain weight within a normal range for height and age (less than 85 percent of expected body weight). • Fear of weight gain despite being underweight.

•Restrictive types primarily use restriction of intake to reduce their weight. • Binge/purge types may overeat or use purge techniques such as selfinduced vomiting, laxatives or diuretics to control their weight. Either type may use compulsive exercising as a means to reduce weight. Bulimia nervosa Bulimia is characterized by episodes of binge eating, in a discrete period of time, an amount of food definitively larger than appropriate and with a sense of loss of control.

• Severe body-image disturbance in which body image is the predominant measure of self-worth with denial of the seriousness of the illness.

• Binge eating is followed by compensatory behavior of the purging type (selfinduced vomiting, laxatives or diuretics) or non-purging type (excessive exercise, fasting or strict dieting).

• Absence of the menstrual cycle, or amenorrhea (greater than three cycles).

• Binges and the resulting compensatory behavior occur a minimum of two times per week for three months.

• The peak ages of onset for anorexia are 14 and 18 but it can occur from childhood to adulthood.

• Dissatisfaction with body shape and weight.

• Two subtypes of anorexia: restricting and binge/purge.

• In contrast to anorexia, most bulimics do not lose weight and in fact may be slightly overweight.


Overall, an estimated 1 to 2 million women in the United States meet criteria for bulimia while 500,000 meet it for anorexia. Why? There is no consensus as to what causes eating disorders. It is thought to include psychological, biological, family, genetic, environmental and social factors. Family stress of any type can be a major trigger in developing an eating disorder. Most females with an eating disorder have decreased self-esteem and may have suffered some type of traumatic event in their lives. Weight loss can provide a sense of stability or control for these individuals. Some studies show a relationship between sexual abuse and the development of an eating disorder. Females with eating disorders have higher rates of anxiety disorders such as OCD, personality disorders, and tobacco or other substance abuse. Alcoholism is more common in bulimics than anorexics. Physical features of an eating disorder can include: • a decreased heart rate • dry skin and hair

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Dr. Hagerty is board certified in family medicine and works for Grand Traverse Women’s Clinic, specializing in primary care for girls and women over the age of 10. She can be reached 231.392.0650.



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Patients should have blood work done if an eating disorder is suspected to help confirm the diagnosis and to help assess the seriousness of the situation. Other things can mimic symptoms of an eating disorder (such as a thyroid problem) so a careful history and physical is crucial. In Traverse City, several physicians and mental health professionals deal closely with this frightening topic. Help is available. Please contact your doctor for help or more information.

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If present, an eating disorder can have serious complications such as” bone loss resulting in fractures and, • heart problems • growth delay • electrolyte imbalances • infertility • cognitive changes • gastrointestinal difficulties • and, sadly, even death

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Wednesday, march 2 - 5-7 p.m. A gathering of funny &

• hair loss or unusual hair growth on the body • teeth enamel erosion


As a past Athena Award recipient, Denise will talk about how big ideas start small!

Tickets $22 each or 2/$40 at 26 January/February ’11

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your health, your hands

health Grand Traverse WOMAN

Stevie Cole, RN, CMT, HTP, 53, Centre of Wholeness, LLC, Traverse City

The job: I am the owner and originator of Centre of Wholeness, LLC, a membership-based wellness collaborative. I am also the co-creator of the model it is based on. Our purpose is to offer a caring, compassionate community of professional wellness practitioners accessible to all those who are ready to learn to help themselves and take responsibility for self-care because medical care was never intended to replace self-care. The start: I have always been a healer and teacher. I was a nurse for 30 years, a Certified Massage Therapist for 16 years, and have practiced Healing Touch Energy work (balancing, clearing and repair) for 20 years. This model came to me during my half sleepless nights of menopause as I posed the question to my higher self, “What shall I do for the second half of my life?” The model came in pieces over the next two days. I jotted down the details while the vision of how it all works from a larger perspective took shape. I called my colleagues together, and we came up with the Universal Prevention and Wellness Centers Model.

Just call Debbi! Debbi Waisanen

Mortgage Loan Officer (231) 941-3849

Blooming Lotus Yoga and Wellness of Interlochen

Apply online at

Now offering more classes than ever!


Matters of the Heart 28 January/February ’11

Grand Traverse WOMAN health The staff: Currently 16 practitioners who are all self-employed independent contractors who have agreed to offer 37 different services at reduced rates. Wellness fairs: We hold a monthly afternoon wellness fair at my home. There are typically at least five stations set up with various services to choose from. (The wellness fair is open to nonmembers as well for $25.) We are also looking into offering wellness fairs at local businesses that wish to host an event for their employees. The services: Some of the offerings include: Reiki, therapeutic massage, reflexology, shiatsu, raindrop massage, foot soap detox, oracle card reading or maybe a consultation addressing diet, detox and PH balancing. And those are just a few of the many services available at the fairs and through the collaborative. The best part: My favorite part is when I see the big picture taking shape: practitioners coming together all over the planet to serve their communities affordably. The mindshift: I hope to see the health care industry change from a place of dependency (for the slightest injury or pain), to one where people step up and take responsibility for their well-being; making lifestyle changes and reaching out for support and education to rebalance their lives.

The hardest part: The hardest part is having so much to offer to our community and so few utilizing our services thus far. Getting the word out to people who are interested in just what we are offering has taken so much longer than I had imagined it would. I feel that if folks understood what is being offered for so little money, most would want to partake.

determined to create a new way to successfully run a collaborative using my heart as the bottom line.

Perks that money can’t buy: Seeing the wide-open hearts of the professional practitioners that have joined the Centre of Wholeness, LLC, offering their services for just $25 per session, some even willing to barter so that no one who wants our services is turned away.

Years on the job: Centre of Wholeness, LLC became an entity in June 2010.

A day in the life: My days consist of touching base with the practitioners of Centre of Wholeness, LLC. I spend a little time on Facebook connecting with others. I feature at least two special events per month for our members and the public, and a typical day will involve creating flyers for the events, posting them at the Higher Self Bookstore and Oryana and on Facebook, and emailing to get the word out. Updating the website is a regular activity too, thanks to my son and web designer who has taught me everything I know about computers. Education/experience: My life has been my experience: my nursing, healing touch and massage careers and all the years of using my healing hands to help others. On the business end, I am

The office: I work from home right now but I foresee the Centre of Wholeness operating from its own space someday soon. Right now we are “virtual,” meaning the practitioners operate from their places of business.

The membership: There are two levels of memberships and both are paid monthly. The full membership is $50 per month and includes one individual session of your choosing from the list of sessions offered by participating practitioners, and attendance at the monthly wellness fair. If you join at $25 per month you may choose either one individual session or the wellness fair. The workweek: I spend about 25 hours per week on the Collaborative while working three days a week at the Higher Self Bookstore, where I feel right at home. Stevie Cole lives in Traverse City with her husband Michael Cole. Stevie can be contacted at 231.631.4032 or visit

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charity Grand Traverse WOMAN By the time the magazine hits stands we will already know who the winners (charity and dancer) are for the 2010 SwingShift and the Stars dance-off for charity event. The finale was held

Another number

Dec. 31, after GTWoman went to press. Look for a complete wrap-up in our

By Kristin Marinoff

March/April issue. On Friday Dec. 3rd, I participated in my fourth SwingShift and the Stars event at the City Opera House. As usual, the energy was amazing as a soldout crowd came to watch us dance and to dig deep into their pockets for charity. And dig deep they did, bringing the season total to date over $100,000! I was first in the lineup to dance. It’s not a good position to be in although I had secretly hoped for it so I could wear the amazing dress that Juliette Goodwin of Posh in Traverse City designed for me (have I mentioned how incredibly talented she is) all night long without having to hide behind closed doors awaiting my turn.

Grand Traverse


2011 Luncheons

Sweet Spot

Shann Vander Leek coach, author & yogini Thursday, Feb. 3rd

Join the Lunch Bunch. Our speaker is Shann Vander Leek, author of Life on Your Terms and owner of True Balance Life Coaching, in Suttons Bay. Shann will talk about discovering your “Sweet Spot” and how you can savor the sweetness in every day. Unconventional and spirited, Shann is a transition coach who inspires powerful women in career transition to get focused, follow their passion and create more balance in their lives.

Lunch tickets: $22 or 2 for $40 Vendor booths: $165 (includes 2 lunch tix)

30 January/February ’11

Grand Traverse WOMAN charity My hair was curled and delicately pinned back into a gorgeous up-do by the lovely Morgan McNalley of Pavlova Day Spa and Salon. I watched as she expertly crafted a “finger wave” along one side of my head, pretty much using an entire bottle of hairspray on that part alone! In the end it was a lovely 1940s-style masterpiece. I listened as the emcees introduced me and I assumed position on the steps to the stage; I would be making a grand entrance tonight! The music started and my partner, Jody, and I proceeded to dance, what was in my opinion, the best foxtrot we possibly could. I felt a little nervous and my lips quivered a bit when I tried to hold my smile, both during the dance and as I curtsied to loud applause from the audience. It was time to face the judges. I felt confident and listened as they handed out their opinions of my dance. I received everything from “There really isn’t anything I can say about that, it was great!” to “Jody who?” They wrote their numbers on their little paddles and one by one raised them to reveal my scores: 7, 8, 9 and 10. I was thrilled with the 10 (the first to be awarded this season), but, at the risk of sounding dramatic, I was mildly devastated by that 7. My smile held, lips still quivering a little, as I listened to boos from the audience (for the judge, not for me).

Google Gal

I’m not going to lie, that 7 was completely unexpected and highly undesirable this late in the game. I went into that night in second place hoping to close the already narrow gap between where I stood and the coveted firstplace position. That 7 put an end to any chance I had to take the lead. I quietly stewed for a while…okay, until Saturday morning when I awoke with a new perspective. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve never lost sight of why I’m doing this. Pretty dresses and fancy hairdos aside, I’m doing this for Habitat for Humanity. I’m helping this very worthwhile organization raise the funds it needs to continue building affordable housing with deserving families. The big picture here is that I put myself out there in a way I never dreamed I would and I embraced an unbelievable opportunity to do good for others. I am forever grateful to Judy Harrison and the entire SwingShift gang for reigniting the spirit to give that lies within me and every single person who participated in one way or another during this amazing season. Did I go into this wanting to win? Heck yes! Do I already feel like I have? You bet! Kristin Marinoff is the assistant editor for GTWoman. She has helped raise more than $10,000 for Habitat for Humanity in this season’s SwingShift and the Stars. For more information please visit

“I listened as the emcees introduced me and

Original, one of a kind designs. Skirts, scarves, bags and other accessories refashioned from discarded clothing and fabrics. Make your keepsakes into fashion! Visit our website to see more!

Deb Hepner Designer/Owner Hannah Halleck

I assumed position on the steps to the stage; I would be making a grand entrance tonight!

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career Grand Traverse WOMAN

Kids &


Lianne Somerville, 61, District Manager, Junior Achievement Great Lakes/Northwestern Service Office, Traverse City and 9 surrounding counties

The program: Junior Achievement’s mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Participation in Junior Achievement helps young people answer the age-old question, “Why do I need to know this?” Our activities make the learning and the materials relevant to real-life situations. I love the positive outcomes of our work. The job: I work with the Advisory Board and the community to make sure we have the resources we need to provide our successful programming to K-12 students. I share my enthusiasm for our mission with others and gain their support of our work. The start: Working for Junior Achievement is a great transition from my previous position as the executive director of a mid-size ($1.2 million) not-for-profit in Indianapolis. I can combine the things I love doing, building relationships and supporting a great mission, with my passion for youth development. The volunteers: We are completely dependent on our wonderful volunteers! They facilitate the programs in the classrooms. It’s a wonderful opportunity for corporations to provide their employees with meaningful community involvement.


The funding: Our program is funded through donations and grants. Donations make up the bulk of our revenue budget, and the more money we raise, the more students we can reach. Donors can be confident that their money is spent well. We are a no-frills organization, and it’s all about the students.

Dre Photography

Pure Essence Salon and Spa is the only Salon in the Grand Traverse area to offer

Aveda’s Pure Privilege program.

In the Aveda’s Pure Privilege Program you earn points for all Aveda products purchased. You can then redeem the points for exclusive Aveda products or salon/spa services.

Call us for details at 231-935-1808




A8: B Û F ¿ D 8 C C < P

pureessencesalon complete hair & body services for man • woman • child

exclusively AVEDA

32 January/February ’11

430 east front street traverse city, MI 49686 231.935.1808

‚ ‘€‡Û¤Û† ‘‡‡ÛYe N<<B;8PJ

o o o o l [ e a  [ g e

Grand Traverse WOMAN career We also have one large annual fundraiser, the Snowshoe Stomp, which will be held later this month. The best part: I never tire of hearing the great stories and the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Aha!â&#x20AC;? moments that come to kids of all ages. Also, I have the opportunity to facilitate some of the classes, which gives me joy. The hardest part: I left a city where I knew â&#x20AC;&#x153;everybody.â&#x20AC;? I moved Up North because I absolutely love it up here and wanted a lifestyle change. I am learning my new community, but I want to do it overnight! The perks: Again, the kids! Also, everyone has been extremely friendly and welcoming. And my commute along the bay is stress-free. A typical day: I am not sure I have had a typical day yet. My plans are to be out and about, meeting and thanking current sponsors and building relationships with schools. I enjoy meeting people and look forward to sharing JAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s message with new friends. The staff: We are a very lean organization. Resources are for programming. Amy Thompson, our part-time (15 hours per week during the school year) volunteer coordinator works with the schools and matches volunteer facilitators with the classrooms. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just the two of us. We are fortunate to have the support of a worldwide organization. Experience: My career path led me to Junior

Women are more profitable customers than men because they are loyal to products. Every marketing dollar invested in acquiring women customers results in a higher overall retention rate. (TrendSight Group)

Achievement. I owned a retail business in Indianapolis and employed up to 40 people, most of them teens. After selling my business, I transferred my skills and love of working with teens to the Indiana Youth Institute. IYI was a new statewide agency that supported adults who worked with youth. We had the backing of Lilly Endowment, which wanted us to elevate the field of youth development. I was the fortunate staff who worked directly with a group of teens from around the state. From there, I was recruited to be the executive director of a large, long-term residential program for domestic violence survivors and their children.

2nd ANNUAL SNOWSHOE STOMP Join the folks from Junior Achievement under Januaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s full moon for a fun time with family and friends. The second annual Snowshoe Stomp is a self-guided, moonlit hike through the beautiful, ice candle-lit, winding trails of Grand Traverse Commons. Maps will be available showing trails of varying lengths and difficulty. The cost of the stomp is $5 per person (suggested donation) and every cent raised goes toward providing age-appropriate, economic-based programming to our area children through Junior Achievement. Help us reach and teach more young people about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and workforce readiness. If you would like to sponsor the Snowshoe Stomp, please contact Lianne Somerville at 231.922.6330. For more information about the event, visit the Junior Achievement website, and click on â&#x20AC;&#x153;eventsâ&#x20AC;? on the left side.

Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Market

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Women expect more. Women want all the same things as men â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and then some. Accordingly, when you meet the higher expectations of women, you are more than fulfilling the demands of men. (TrendSight Group)

=JMecWde\\[hi j^[effehjkd_joje][j jmeiWj_i\_[ZYkijec[hi \ehj^[fh_Y[e\ed[

=JMecWdD[jmeha D_j[i=JMecWd_d8ki_d[ii BkdY^[edie\\[hWfbWY[jefkjW

Women make decisions based on relationships. Women emphasize relationship building as well as fact-gathering and consult with experts and business owners they know. (Center for Women's Business Research)

\WY[jej^[dWc[e\WZifbWY[Z _dj^[fkXb_YWj_ed

Lianne can be reached at 231.922.6330 or Or visit the Junior Achievement website for program information:

The workweek: I work 40-plus hours per week.



Office space: I work in an office at the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District Career-Tech Center. The Career-Tech Center provides the generous donation of office space and support. The Culinary Arts class meets down the hall and tempts us with its classwork. eI look forward to making a new family of friends Up North. Buddy and Holly, my furry 4-legged companions, and I are ready for our first Michigan winter.

Word-of-mouth is more prevalent among women. Women recommend to others those brands or salespeople that impress them â&#x20AC;&#x201D; in essence free marketing of the most powerful kind. (TrendSight Group)

January 12 â&#x20AC;˘ 5-10 pm Grand Traverse Commons (enter on 11th Street off of Division) Bring your own snowshoes (or use those provided by Junior Achievement) Food provided by Grandview Catering

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health Grand Traverse WOMAN

We are

FAMILY Barbara M. Goodearl, 71, In-Home Caregiver, Just Like Family LLC, Traverse City The job: I provide home care (medical and/or activities of daily living) to people of all ages and conditions. I work with a team of amazing caregivers with many gifts and abilities.

Barbara Goodearl with her daughter and partner, Kae Beth Rosenberg.

The start: I started this business because I took care of my husband, mother and father when they were dying (all within six months of each other). I was able to keep them all home, thanks to hospice care and guidance. Because of the wonderful support I received, I felt it was “give-back time” and I trained as a hospice volunteer. Hospice nurses went on to recommend me to many, private-duty cases because they saw the care their patients received. That developed into caring for non-terminal clients and those recovering from surgery or an injury. Many satisfied clients recommended me to others and the “non-business” grew and grew.


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Grand Traverse WOMAN Join us for a 3-day girls-only weekend this fall full of friends, hijinx and laughter. Trip includes transportation by motorcoach, 2 nights lodging in downtown Chicago, tickets to a show with the entire group, wine, t-shirts, chocolate and prizes! Visit to hear when and where the shenanigans will start. Limited to 50 women. 36 January/February ’11

Grand Traverse WOMAN health The staff: I needed help and I procured the very best caregivers I could find, ones who share my philosophy and are well trained to care for any eventuality. My daughter, Kae Beth Rosenberg, became my partner and we work the business together. We have about 30 independent contractors — RN’s, LPN’s, home-health aides, hospice volunteers who do private duty, and caregivers I have trained. A day in the life: There are always the household chores to do, but then there may be a doctor’s appointment to take a client to, a family crisis to be handled or a change in condition. I am busy not only working the jobs but scheduling caregivers, doing med sheets, and visiting all our clients to be sure they are happy and satisfied with their care. The best part: The best part of my calling is caring for someone with love, excellence and compassion. Enabling others to stay home in a safe and secure way is a great gift. Getting to know the families of clients is a great blessing also. The hardest part: The hardest part of the business aspect of things is matching abilities and personalities so that the caregiver and the family “click” and are indeed like a family. It is also very difficult when a client dies. However, providing the love and care we would want to have, makes it all bearable. We also stay in touch with families and help them begin the healing process of grief.

Education/Experience: Caregivers need to be capable of doing all levels of care and they either have been trained to do this as their career (i.e. nursing) or they have been trained by me or the other caregivers we work with. I am a retired teacher with two years of nurses training, plus I’m a Level III Munson Hospice Volunteer, which means I handle medicines and total patient care. I have been caring for people in the home for 23 years. Just Like Family has been in existence for a year. The workweek: I work about 40-50 hours per week. I work with our clients and with caregivers — training them, and scheduling. I do the scheduling part and office work from home and am fortunate to spend the rest of the time working in people’s homes. Family life: I have three wonderful grown children, with whom I spend time whenever we can get together. My two sons live down south so we have to plan that time carefully. My daughter is an excellent caregiver, trainer and child-care giver also. My husband, Dan, is an incredible companion and friend. Together we volunteer at the Old Town Playhouse and at Munson Hospice. Barbara M. Goodearl can be contacted at 231.935.4087 or 231.590.1630. You can also email her at or visit the Just Like Family website at

The hardest part of the business aspect of things is matching abilities and personalities so that the caregiver and the family “click” and are indeed

like a family.

village_pilates_spa_fitness_2011.pdf 1 12/10/2010 4:23:57 PM

village C



Pilates Gyrotonic® Massage







* New Client Special *

Three 55 minute private sessions, a $195 value, for only $75 819 S Elmwood

next to Old Munson Hall 231-929-2066

January/February '11 37

career Grand Traverse WOMAN

Grand Traverse


in business

Certified Public Accountants Individual and Business Tax Preparation Quickbooks Set-up and Support Audit and Review Services Small Business Accounting and Payroll


Lynn M. Crewes U 400 East Eighth St., Traverse City, MI 49686 ÓΣ°™{Ç°ä£x£ÊUÊÓΣ°™{Ç°£ÎÈÓÊv>Ý


Now accepting patients of all ages! Offering common prescriptions, lab and x-ray services on-site! We participate with most major insurance companies including; BCBS, Priority Health, Tricare and many others!

Please Call 231.935.0535 to schedule an appointment

Located within The Walk-In Clinic 3074 N US Highway 31 S Traverse City, MI 49684 38 January/February ’11

NEW Jessica and Susan Rastelli, owners of Take Action Photos, LLC, celebrated the grand opening of their new Photographic Home/Studio in November. They were also celebrating their 10th anniversary in business. The studio is located at 2191 Frankfort Hwy., Frankfort. Take Action Photos is an event, wedding and portrait photographic studio serving Grand Traverse and Benzie Counties. 231.352.4503, The historic City Opera House announces a year of growth. In conjunction with the world-renowned Wharton Center for Performing Arts at Michigan State University, the City Opera House has been able to expand its internal staff to include General Manager Diana Barrie, Box Office and Business Manager Jenny Noteware, Event Services Manager Katie Granger Development Director, Kathleen Kenny, Special Events Manager Debbie Douglas, Volunteer Coordinator and House Manager Barbara Disborough and House Manager Kat Philips. Corinne Galusky has joined the law firm of Bethany C. Warner & Associates in Traverse City. She assists clients with business, real estate and estate planning matters. Galusky earned her law degree from Wayne State University and also has a master’s degree in Business Administration. 231.922.8028,   Century 21 Northland has moved to a new location in downtown Traverse City across from the Park Place Hotel. 241 E. State St., www. Floor Covering Brokers welcomes Wendy Pillen to their sales team. She comes with 15 years of experience with custom window treatments. Pillen and her late husband owned and operated Wallpaper, Blinds, Etcetera for many years.

Dylan’s Candy Bar opened in November at the Gallery of Shops at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. Dylan’s Candy Bar turns CEO Dylan Lauren’s love of candy and passion for art into a candy emporium filled with color, music, candy and gifts of all kinds for children and adults. Choose from over 7,000 candies from around the world. Kathryn Halbert has joined the Jay Zelenock Law Firm, PLC as a law clerk. Halbert is a graduate of Michigan State University and The George Washington University Law School, where she was awarded the Presidential Merit Scholarship. She is a member of the GTLA Bar Association, Zonta and Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals. 231.929.9529, Ruth M. Schaub, PP, PLS, AIC has joined Dingeman, Dancer & Christopherson, PLC as a project paralegal. Schaub has over 23 years experience in personal injury and employment litigation. She attended the Northwestern Michigan College paralegal program and received an Associate in Claims designation from the Insurance Institute of America, as well as professional paralegal and professional legal secretary certifications from the National Association of Legal Professionals (NALS), where she was president of the Michigan chapter. 231.929.0500, Monarch Home Health Services, owned by Amy Northway, has moved to a new location at 697 Hannah Ave. in Traverse City. Monarch Home Health Services offers senior services and health care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Monarch also offers nursing services, diabetic care, medication management, companions and homemakers, respite and

Grand Traverse WOMAN career

Gretchen Uhlinger, founder of Pinpoint, is a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), the national professional organization for certification of academic placement advisors working in private practice. Based in Traverse City, Uhlinger offers educational consulting to parents and their teens (as early as their freshman year), including extensive research to determine the best fit for each student, standardized test prep, financial aid planning, résumé building, application completion, and campus tour coordination. 231.620.5710, Style North Salon & Spa welcomes Whittney Perreault to their staff. Perreault spent three years at Epiphany Salons in Traverse City. Style North Salon & Spa is located on South Airport Road across from the Grand Traverse Mall. 231.360.8111 Attorney Lindsay Weber has joined Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge’s Traverse City office. She practices in the areas of trusts and estates, probate litigation, family law, adoption law, real estate law and business law. Lori A. Rueffer, RDA has joined the staff of Dr. Jessica A. Rickert, DDS. Rueffer finished her Dental Assistant Certificate of Achievement from NMC and Registered Dental Assistant with the State of Michigan. 231.276.6301 Kim Lancewicz, a licensed R.N. and owner of Skin Treats mobile spa services offers services by appointment, ranging from kinetic dermabrasion, Swedish massage, hair, skin and nail care. 231.944.9298

KUDOS At Dennis, Gartland and Niergarth: Krin Clary has passed all examinations required for designation as a Certified Public Accountant by the State of Michigan. She currently provides professional services as a member of the DGN audit department and government/ nonprofit industry niche team. Cindy Blaum, CPA and Kelly LaLonde, CPA have passed the highest level QuickBooks training examinations to earn designation as 2010 QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors Advanced by Intuit, Inc. 231.946.1722,

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Qivana IBO

Designed by world renowned expert Dr. Donald Layman. Call Brenda Bruner at 231-633-5923 for details!

Jennifer Klabunde has been elected president for the Northern Michigan Veterinary Medical Association (NMVMA). The four-year position allows Klabunde to plan and encourage continued education for all of the Northern Michigan Veterinary community, including veterinarians, veterinary technicians and support staff. Klabunde’s practice, Northwood Animal Hospital, has recently become an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Accredited animal hospital, an accreditation given to fewer than 11 percent of all animal hospitals in the nation. 231.276.6361 Tammi Saywell and Stacy Simko are celebrating their 10-year anniversary at Digestive Health Associates of Northern Michigan (DHA). Besides troubleshooting insurance claims for patients, Saywell also handles patient accounts, collections and all aspects of the medical billing process. Simko is the chart abstractor, entering information from paper charts into the new electronic health record system. 231.935.5710, For the second straight year, the readers of Spa Magazine have honored Crystal Spa with a Silver Sage Award ranking it as the Top Hotel/Resort Spa in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.


a1 auto RepaiR

HannaH ave.

1026 Hannah ave., suite B traverse City, Michigan

S. Garfield rd.

dementia care, foot care services, transportation and errands. 231.932-0708,

(Westside of shepherd of Hope Clinic)

231.929.2510 Business 231.360.9713 Cell auto ZoNe

Mon-saturday: 10am-6pm sun: 12pm-6pm Walk-Ins are Welcome! January/February '11 39

career Grand Traverse WOMAN In addition, Crystal Spa has also received two awards for environmental practices including international recognition from SpaFinder. Crystal Spa has the distinction of being the Midwest’s only LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) spa facility. Child Care Connections, the Great Start Regional Child Care Resource Center for Northwest Michigan, has been recognized for achievements in improving the quality of childcare in the region. The agency’s efforts were featured in a story appearing on the website for the Early Childhood Investment Corporation. 231.941.7767, Barb Wilson, CPA, CFP, a member of the accounting team at FIM Group in Traverse City, has been authorized by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) to use the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and related logos in accordance with CFP Board certification and renewal requirements. Wilson has worked at FIM Group since 1998, and her primary role is managing internal accounting and financial reporting. Renee Stout has been selected as 2010 Legal Professional of the Year by the Grand Traverse Area Legal Professionals. Stout is employed at the Jay Zelenock Law Firm in downtown Traverse City where she serves as receptionist, legal assistant, paralegal and bookkeeper. With 26 years of legal experience, she is a past president of GTALP and currently serves as the editor of the monthly newsletter, and executive advisor. 231.929.9529, EVENTS The 4th Annual Preschool & Enrichment Fair will be held Jan. 22 from 10 a.m. -1 p.m. at Pathfinder School. This is the region’s only one-stop-shop event for families

of preschoolers to find providers of preschool, daycare, enrichment opportunities for their children, and businesses that serve their family’s needs. Included this year will be a mom-to-mom sale organized by Mom 2 Mom North of used clothing, toys and accessories for children. Parents and prospective babysitters will convene for the 3rd Annual Great Babysitter Swap where sitters and families meet. www. The next GTWoman in Business Luncheon is THURSDAY (note that it is not on a Wednesday!), Feb. 3, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Hagerty Center. Our speaker is Shann Vander Leek, author of Life on Your Terms and owner of True Balance Life Coaching in Suttons Bay. Shann will talk about discovering your “Sweet Spot” and how you can savor the sweetness in every day. Unconventional and spirited, Shann is a transition coach who inspires powerful women in career transition to get focused, follow their passion and create more balance in their lives. Tickets are $22/person or 2 for $40. Booths are also available at the luncheon for $165 and include 2 lunch tickets. Attendance is 140 women and includes networking, socializing and lots of laughs. Thank you to our 2011 sponsors who have all renewed for another fabulous year: FAST Physical Therapy, First Financial, TV 7&4 and Lite 96FM! Register at The next Grand Traverse Woman Network Nite is Wednesday, Mar. 2 at Spa Grand Traverse from 5-7 p.m. Network Nites are all-women events and include the debut of the newest issue of GTWoman. Huntington Bank is the series sponsor and will bring their client Denise Busley of the Grand Traverse Pie Company to speak. As a past Athena Award recipient, Denise will talk about how big ideas start small! Attendees enjoy a night of appetizers, wine and laughter. Media sponsors are WTCM, The Breeze and TV 7&4. Cost is $22/person or 2 for $40. Attendees must pre-register at

The Women’s Winter Tour Weekend will be held Feb 4-6. Outdoor activities, spa services, food, wine, decadent chocolate and friends make this the ultimate women’s weekend getaway. Saturday features cross-country and downhill ski clinics and demos, snowshoe tour and Lunafest Film Festival. The main event begins Sunday morning when the ladies of the Women’s Winter Tour snowshoe and crosscountry ski along Crystal’s wooded trails. 800.882.5801, Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency’s Gift of Warmth Gala will be held Jan. 22. Attendees can expect an array of hors d’oeuvres, drinks and specialty chocolates paired with feet-tapping tunes and an expansive silent auction, all under the Park Place Dome. Proceeds from the event are used for client services, particularly heating assistance. Last year, the agency raised more than $22,000 through the Gala, which benefited 118 local low-income families. Contact Kate Jackson at 231.947.3780. Huntington Bank is the new presenting sponsor for the 2011 ATHENA Grand Traverse Award. Representing Huntington Bank on the ATHENA Committee will be Kathy Dixon, VP Senior Portfolio Manager. The 2011 Athena Award presentation will be announced during a dinner event May 4 at the Hagerty Center. MISC BOOTS-FOR-KIDS, a local non-profit, needs hats and scarves for girls and boys ages 4 to 13. Any knitter, crotchetier or fleece seamstress willing to donate handmade hats or scarves can do so at the office of Dr. Jessica A. Rickert, DDS, 2506 M-137, Interlochen. 231.276.6301 Local realtor Christine Stalsonburg has joined with Operation American Soldier, a volunteer organization based in Massachusetts, to collect comfort items for soldiers who do not have support from home and who would otherwise go empty-handed at mail call. Donations can be dropped off in Traverse City at Exit Realty, 803 W. Front St.; Remerica, 831 S. Garfield Ave.; Fast Signs, 841 S. Garfield Ave.; the Traverse Bay Inn, 2300 N. US 31 North or the Traverse Area Association of Realtors, 852 S. Garfield Ave. 231.409.4140,

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In Touch

Healing & CHiropraCtiC D r . S u z e t t e C o r b i t, D . C .

Gentle Chiropractic CranioSacral Therapy Massage Therapy January & February Special $10 off CranioSacral Therapy Session with this ad 3 3 1 0 Ve t e r a n s D r i v e , S u i t e 2 1 5 tr a v e r s e C i t y, M i 4 9 6 8 4


40 January/February ’11

Got the winter blahs? Come on in for some creativity!

Grand Traverse WOMAN motherhood

Motherhood806 I poured the children identical, I mean identical, glasses of milk this morning. I did this without thinking, upending a jug of milk, emptying it, easily and swiftly in two glasses, half and half. I looked down to see how precisely I had done this and a little pride ran through me. I knew, given that it was milk, I would take a dressing down for giving one more than the other, a dollop of calcium extra was a fate too heavy for any child to bear. If I'd been pouring pop, a scuffle upending the table might come to the child walking about with Sprite teetering a 1/16th of an inch higher in his glass. How had this happened? This miracle of being able to decipher a glass' precise volume, its joy, its punishment, while simultaneously buttering toast (again, the precision like that of a surgeon's blade)? As the children awaited their meal, I stood for a moment marveling over my handiwork. I'd singlehandedly waylaid their every complaint. Yes, the milk was white but disguised inside the jolliness of snowmen cups. Their toast burned just a mite, but cut, buttered, peanutbuttered and jellied as if by machine. I chose to overlook, with the same precision, the waterspots falling gayly among the snowmen and the

Milk poured to perfection.

By Kandace Chapple

brown bits of food dried on the plates brought on by our failing dishwasher. First, I felt proud. Then I felt old. Then I felt that I should perhaps start handwashing the dishes. So it was that I've come to be That Mom who is all about Fair and Square-ish-ness. This is easy to fall under, given we have two boys in the house, a nice even number. And that they like the same things, want to do everything together and have a mother who is a twin and lived by the "That's Not Fair!" war cry as a child herself. This has resulted in a household of pairs. Two of everything, right down to toothbrushes. Extravagant but necessary. But we all know that two of everything ruins one of anything. What's more valuable than a lone Lego pizza cutter? Why nothing. This is more valuable than your mother's respect, your father's disrespect and your brother's life. This is worth tearing the house apart for if it is lost or, worse, hidden by a brotherly foe. However, get two pizza cutters made of plastic Lego finery, forced to buy in a $50 Lego set, the pizza cutter

itself accounting for a nickel of it, and you'll end up finding it in their sock at the end of the day, stepping on it at the exact moment all your weight is placed on a single point in time, or listening to it go up your vacuum as you inhale sharply with realization. It's hard for me, as a Twin with the Two of Everything Mindset, to resist buying that Second. I know it will send the market crashing, all the power of the First dashed, dumped, discarded. But I also know, given my years of vast experience and choked vacuums, that it will save me a lot of grief in the end. There will be no breakdown of who hit whom, when and where. There will be no reenactment to determine whether the blow was dealt with a real or Lego pizza cutter. There will be no shutting down of the pizza shop due to a bad call by one of the founding brothers. But I'm not sure which is worse: Wanting something enough to hurt for it... or hurting for nothing? Right now, I suppose, I will settle for the motherly doubles that keeps them from landing roundabouts on one other and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Toddlerhood 905 Trouble

The tooth fairy has had a very busy time at our house these past few months.

By Kerry Winkler

When my firstborn Max lost his first tooth, it was cause for great celebration. Never had the tooth fairy visited our home and so the magic began. When his second tooth started to come loose, the race was on for another celebration. But this time it didn’t wiggle lose as fast. This tooth needed patience and time neither I nor the 4-year-old had at hand. I somehow got it in my head to decide to help the tooth along. I needn’t be squeamish I thought — I could pull it out and rush along his childhood. It only had a little resistance. Max was a bit unsure, but the thought of 50 cents under his pillow helped him tough it out. I thought this was a mom’s job, to be tough, to not be squeamish, to get the job done. So I took a 24-hour break (i.e. got my nerve up) and the next day I yanked it out. All was good, 50 cents and a penny delivered. (The penny for good luck getting me to ever pull out a tooth again.) Some time has passed since then and I’ve realized I don’t need to FIND reasons to be tough. There are ample opportunities along the way when raising children. So this time around with Brook, I decided there would be no teeth pulling whatsoever. When the tooth was ready to fall out, it would. This, however, can turn celebration into trauma for both mother and child. Brook’s first tooth fell out no problemo. Second tooth, again no problemo.

But the third, I held out for a little too long. Brook’s third tooth was in there by only a whisper. But oh no, I was not going to touch it. There it was one quiet night watching TV, eating a snack when suddenly Brook sat up and said not that her tooth had fallen out — but that it was MISSING. There is a big difference in those words. One implies a simple tooth in hand. The other implies an approximate one-day waiting period before tooth appears…with a flush. I know, squeamish either way. But the tooth fairy hadn’t been around for years without some tricks up her sleeve. With a wave of her wand and a quick hustle to the keepsakes drawer to hunt up the original first lost tooth….magic ensued. There, I see it, Brook! There on the floor, Ta da! Brook’s first (I mean third) lost tooth was found! Crisis averted. And no one told me that children have loose teeth for YEARS. Even today Max is still losing teeth. Being a grown up 9-year-old, he is not going to have mom pulling out his teeth and again I’m surely not offering. Just this morning, he was sitting on the couch eating a banana. And his tooth came out. That’s right. I again waited so long that a banana – and I confess an overly ripe banana at that — was all it took to pop it out. So I’m not sure if I’m totally too lax on this pulling teeth thing or right on the (tooth fairy) money!

January/February '11 41

Grand Traverse WOMAN

42 January/February '11

Grand Traverse WOMAN

January/February '11 43

Did you know... We’ve got the inside track on great prices from the finest brands! 7i½ÀiÊLÀˆ˜}ˆ˜}ÊޜÕÊwÀÃ̇µÕ>ˆÌÞ]ʘœ‡Vœ“«Àœ“ˆÃiÊyœœÀÊVœÛiÀˆ˜}Ê«Àœ`ÕVÌÃÊLÞÊ«Ài“ˆiÀʓ>˜Õv>VÌÕÀiÀÃp>Ê`iÈ}˜i`Ê̜ʫÀœÛˆ`iʏœ˜}‡ÌiÀ“Ê …œ˜iÃÌÊÛ>ÕiÊ̜ÊޜÕÀʅœ“i°

Karastan Knightsen Collection 5’6” x 8’3” just $399

Armstrong 3/4” Solid Hardwood just $4.99/ft

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Crossville Americana 12” x 12” or 18” x 18” just $3.50/ft

Mohawk Signature Starting at just $19.95 yd ($2.21/ft)

Now is the time… Fall in love with your home all over again!


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