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Business association wants light-rail line to Kanata tech park feasible,” the councillor said. “LRT is not meant to go to every place. It’s to be a spine, then you need to have good connections to the other places.” But nothing is off the table at the moment. “I don’t have a closed mind to it at all,” said Wilkinson. “Part of the whole thing is how do you serve the most people in this area.” The councillor said she’d like to see a station in the Greenbelt to serve Wesley Clover Parks in Nepean. “It could be a stop that’s only used when there’s an event on,” she said. “They’ll look at things like that.”

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First, the park employs thousands of people, which has increased the amount of vehicle traffic in the area. “Studies have shown that the interchange at (Highway) 417 and March Road is the busiest intersection in the city,” she said. “There are 21,000 well paying jobs in the park currently, with an estimated growth of an additional 4,000 jobs in the immediate future and I want to ensure people can access these high paying jobs.” Secondly, development increases along transit corridors. “There is room to grow in the Kanata north tech park,” said Sudds. “(It) has potential for even more value to Kanata north and beyond if the infrastructure was in place to support it’s continued growth.” Wilkinson met with employees in the Kanata North Business Park ahead of the June 5 open house and


Transportation Master Plan 2013/City of Ottawa

A map in the city’s 2013 Transportation Master Plan shows LRT stops in red and bus rapid transit in blue. An open house on the proposed Kanata LRT line from Moodie Station is set for June 5. looked at about a dozen potential routes that were put forward. To get LRT to

the business park however would almost triple the distance and be “extremely ex-

pensive,” she said. And a station in the business park would still mean a

long walk for many employees, said Wilkinson. “It doesn’t look like it’s

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The LRT open house will take place on Monday, June 5, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. with a presentation at 6:30 p.m., at the Kanata Recreation Complex, 100 Charlie Rogers Place. - With files from Erin McCracken

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14 Kanata Kourier-Standard - Thursday, June 1, 2017

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Kanata Kourier-Standard June 1, 2107


Kanata Kourier-Standard June 1, 2107