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After school program strikes chord with kids Michelle Nash

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welcoming 30 children to learn how to play string and wind instruments. Now the centre has more than 300 students. “Many of the students have stuck with the program,” Fedeski said. “The retention rate is remarkable. This program is about playing together and learning together.” She said the school offers many children who would not be able to afford music lessons the opportunity to learn and excel in music. “When you put an instrument into the hands of a child, they have to learn discipline because

they have to go home and practice,” Fedeski said. “Here they learn in a group, so they also have to learn patience and compassion and teamwork. They learn the discipline of counting. Many research claims that playing instruments helps with academics and I think the joy of playing music keeps them going, you see they want to keep getting better.” Funding for the program is through donations, partnerships and grants from the city and province. Over the past seven years, the school has received $140,000 worth of instruments donated from the Ottawa community and

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the concert is one way the school helps fundraise for its programs. Aside from it’s after school program, the foundation started a two-year, in-school pilot project which expands the music programming from the centre to Cambridge Street Public School and Centennial Public School for grades 1 to 3. “It is going really well,” Fedeski said. “We will see how it goes and if it all goes well we would look at expanding. Really we are trying to build a community through music ... The most important thing is to engage the kids with the music.”

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Students practice at the Leading Note Foundation. A group of senior students will perform in the Cultures in Concert event on March 21.




Arts - A group of young music students will help launch a new culture-conscious music series in Centretown. The Leading Note Foundation’s senior OrKidstra’s Chamber Players will perform at the school’s Cultures in Concert performance on March 21. The students chosen to play are currently completing their final year at the foundation’s free after school music program available for low-income Centretown and Lowertown residents aged five to 18. The evening will be the first in what executive director Tina Fedeski hopes to turn into a series of concerts this season. “The purpose of the concert is to celebrate the diversity of music,” she said. The concert will also welcome National Arts Centre orchestra violinists’ quartet, the Silflay Quartet, Patti Chan, concert master of the Chinese Orchestra, and NAC orchestra member Marjolaine Fournier, who will all perform Chinese-inspired music at the concert at Trillium Hall, located at the Ottawa Chinese-Canadian Heritage Centre. The organization first struck a chord in Centretown in 2007,

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