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Upcoming Webinar Is 'Exception' the Norm in Your Business? — Adaptive Case Management to the Rescue

Are your customer service applications rigid and designed to serve limited types of "straight through" processes? How well can you handle the exceptions in the process? What if each case and each call was different? The business environment is becoming increasingly complex. This complexity is created due to multiple products, different SLAs and entitlements, fast changing business conditions and multiple interaction channels. We cannot design applications for all possible combinations, but we can design to manage the unstructured nature of business by creating applications that understand the context and serve contextual UI, knowledge, and processes. To meet the needs of today's customer service standards you need Adaptive Case Management where the Process, UI and Knowledge adapt to the context of the interaction. This supports flexibility, providing a customer experience that's expected, vs. being artificially pushed through the lowest common denominator process, creating inevitable frustration. In this webinar we'll discuss: 1.

Unpredictability in customer service


How Adaptive Case management addresses this unpredictability


How Adaptive UI, Knowledge and Processes are managed in Service Experience Management (SEM)

You will also have an opportunity to see a demo of KANA SEM and Adaptive Case Management during this one-hour webinar. Date & TimeEMEA - 4:00PM GMT / 11:00AM ET / 8:00AM PT North America - 11:00AM PT / 2:00 PM ET / 7:00PM GMT PresentersAjay Khanna, Senior Director, Product Marketing, KANA , Kelly O'Connor, Senior Solutions Engineer, KANA Webinar URL About KANA KANA makes every customer experience a good experience. As the leader in Service Experience Management (SEM), KANA gives managers total control over the customer service process, so they can take care of their brand while taking care of customers. By unifying and adapting customer journeys across the contact center, web site and social community, KANA's solutions have reduced handling time, increased resolution rates and improved NPS at more than 600 enterprises, including half of the Global 100 and more than 200 government agencies. KANA is based in Silicon Valley and has offices worldwide.

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Upcoming Webinar Is 'Exception' the Norm in Your Business - Adaptive Case Management to the Rescue  

Join the one hour complimentary webinar "Is 'Exception' the Norm in Your Business? — Adaptive Case Management to the Rescue" with expects A...

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