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Take Control of Agent desktop - Your Customer Service Powerhouse Whether your contact center handles sales, customer service, collections or technical support, when it comes to your customers, building a better service experience around them gives you the ultimate advantage. In today’s consumer-driven world, your customers are not just calling you; they are interacting with you via other medium also, such as email, IM, text, and more. You need to proactively reach out to them to build a long term relationship and keep them loyal. Your customer service experience need to be intensely focused while trying to balance the competing goals of controlling costs and managing risk or compliance. Customer service is first and foremost that a customer comes in contact with. Thus without proper control of the agent desktop, you're not in control of the experience your customers are receiving. Time is lost and so are your customers while agents alt-tab their way through disconnected applications, copy and paste across systems, and search siloed information. When you evaluate your call center activity, you need to check whether your agent: 1. Is entering the same data over and over in different systems? 2. Is spending valuable time at the end of every customer call entering notes to document the tasks they just performed? 3. Is asking callers the same information again and again? 4. Is making excuses while searching for the information they need?

These issues need to be improved via customer service solution that helps with desktop consolidation, knowledge-infused processes and an adaptive desktop that not only improves customer satisfaction, but also make your call centers more efficient. It is easy to deploy, configure, and manage. Powerful tools help increase agent and supervisor productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. The agent desktop should offer service manager’s full control over the service experience and the agent should have a clear view of the customer – including their history, contact information, resources, and relevant applications. Each of these factors should dynamically adjust and change that is displayed to the agent, whether it is transactional information about purchases, customer profile data, product details, company policies, scripts, or the agent’s to-do list Click here to learn more on - Web Self Service , Customer Experience Management,eMail Response

Take Control of Agent desktop – Your Customer Service Powerhouse