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Managed Services for your Customers Keeping our applications and systems running efficiently and cost effectively requires the right experience and expertise. With Our Managed Services, you can maximize the value of your Customer Service Solution using business-focused services to manage, administer, and optimize your applications and environment. Managed Services supplements your in-house Information Technology (IT) organization without needing to add IT staff. Our team offers expertise for system support, education, and ongoing improvement — along with best-in-class project and program management techniques. A dedicated Managed Services Consultant is assigned to your organization, providing a single point of contact who will work closely with you to ensure that our applications run at peak performance, while maintaining focus on your business goals. With Our Managed Services, you can choose to deploy your customer service solution in one of oursecure hosted co-location facilities or within your own IT infrastructure. Our Managed Services are provided by our experts at eVergance, our subsidiary.  Hosted Managed Services — End-to-end hosted services provide application management, application administration, and a fully secure IT infrastructure in combination with our Continuous Improvement Program to optimize the use and benefits of your customer service experience  On-Premise Managed Services — This option affords many of the same benefits as Hosted Managed Services with the flexibility to manage and operate within your own IT infrastructure while our professionals administer guides you to manage our applications on a day-to-day basis

With Managed Services, you can:  Shorten customer service implementation time with hosted services. State-of-the-art co-location facilities and comprehensive services significantly reduce deployment time.  Realize measurable improvements in service quality. Our application and technical services experts leverage best practices for administration, management, and provide support for applications for you to meet there Service Level Objectives.

Our consulting services can help you transform your customer service operations. Our team brings extensive product knowledge and many years of best-practice expertise to each engagement. Leveraging expert planning, project management, deployment, and integration skills, Our consultants provide a sound business strategy and effective implementations that produce rapid time-to-value.

 Reduce total cost of ownership with system performance, scalability, upgrades, and maintenance managed by our experts.  Gain a flexible growth path to seamless multi-channel service. Phase in our applications over time to meet growth projections, budget, and resource availability.

Managed Services Top 5 Features:  Dedicated experts in multichannel customer service to administer and manage our applications for your better services experience  End-to-end services available as hosted or onpremise managed services.

 Business-focused services for administration, management, and support to optimize our product environment.  All upgrades and maintenance managed by our experts.  Business professionals assigned to continuous service improvement. Read more about - customer service chat

Managed Services for your Organization  

Among our industry leading consulting services, Our Managed Services helps you maximize the value of your Knowledge Management and eService...