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Enhancing Customer Experience with Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management plays a key role in improving the customer experience. With the right knowledge management technologies, customer service representatives have access to the required information at the right time, thereby enabling more knowledgeable, efficient, and effective customer service interactions. It provides the answers to their questions and provides guidance on resolving issues at their fingertips. This facilitates the customer service representatives to be empowered with the necessary information to resolve issues with better speed, accuracy and consistency. It is only with careful planning that knowledge management can be implemented. Its success depends on an implementation with targeted goals and the development of knowledge.

The Best Knowledge Base A knowledge base needs to have suitable content that helps in addressing customer questions and needs to be easily traversed to find the best possible answer in the shortest amount of time. The knowledge content needs to be logically organized and generally presented in a tree structure. There are numerous benefits of companies that are able to capture and leverage the knowledge of their employees. Some of the benefits include enhanced employee productivity, improved business process in the organization, better customer satisfaction and retention resulting in greater profitability. With the right processes and technologies in place, companies can capture and share a multitude of key knowledge like the knowledge of customer related processes, knowledge of customer behavior, knowledge of customer products, business partner knowledge, employee knowledge, and knowledge about the skill, competencies, of employees, etc.

Enhancing the Customer Experience With efficient knowledge management customers do not have to wait for a service representative to obtain the information that they need from paper documents or external data systems. In a single customer contact, service agents can address customer issues quickly and accurately without having to call a customer back due to the lack of information. With the reduction of repeat callers, there is a direct increase in the customer satisfaction. Service agents can maintain a single focus on the customer as there is an immediate access essential information. This kind of knowledge management also enables new and inexperienced agents to deliver the best quality service with accurate information without extensive training time or extensive training costs.

A successful knowledge management technology needs to have the ability to support multiple interaction channels so that it can improve the service efficiency. Irrespective of how a customer contacts a company for information, email response, chat, web self service, or others, they must be able have confidence in the information that they receive. When customers are confident of the information that they receive, it can result in a positive impact on the overall customer service experience.

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Enhancing Customer Experience with Knowledge Management  
Enhancing Customer Experience with Knowledge Management  

"Knowledge Management plays a key role in improving the customer experience. With the right knowledge management technologies, customer serv...