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Enhancing Agent Knowledge Management in the Call Center According to the Service and Support Professionals Association (SSPA), the most frequent customer complaint about service and support is the length of time it takes most organizations to settle incidents. This challenge occurs as call agents often have incompetent techniques of sharing information within the organization. Due to this agents cannot respond to queries as quickly and accurately as customers demand and customers receive inconsistent levels of service. With a good knowledge management system, customers can benefit from interactions with more knowledgeable agents, who are empowered to resolve issues with greater speed, accuracy and consistency. The implementation of knowledge management in the contact center can have an intense impact on the quality and efficiency of your service operations.

The following tips can help enhance agent knowledge management

Sharing of knowledge management

The most important prerogative is to understand how information is shared and updated within the organization. By investing in the latest technology, management can ensure that agents can find the required information when they are trying to solve a live –in call situation. With an efficient solution, it is possible to find information gaps and capture the agent’s knowledge in real time. It is also necessary for companies to continually capture new knowledge on a customer, from wherever this information is available. By tracking customer behavior and history in real time, the customer knowledge can be leveraged across all support interactions such as the phone and the web.

Personalizing and optimizing customer interaction

Only when agents find the required information and resolve queries on time, will the customers be e satisfied. Agents will benefit most from knowledge architecture that structures access to content through interactive guidance methodologies that are attuned to the agent’s level of skill, domain expertise or corporate requirements. Managers must learn how best to use the information the call centre has on each customer.

Incessant knowledge improvement

Improving and optimizing content is not a one-time activity. Once executed, it is necessary for the knowledgebase to be monitored and updated. The redundant knowledge must be removed and the new information must be added in a timely manner.

Organizations need to get a complete view of their customers to enhance the customer service experience in today’s competitive marketplace. To ensure that call centers are ahead of the game, it is necessary to manage and integrate knowledge across multiple channels. With the right solution and good tips organizations can achieve a level of service that drives higher rates of customer satisfaction and loyalty, agent productivity and operational efficiency.

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Enhancing Agent Knowledge Management in the Call Center