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Living room’s wall surface removed

Living room’s wall surface removed

Dinning room’s wall surface removed

Children room’s wall surface

Ceiling surface removed

Master bedroom’s wall surface removed and re-base

Master bedroom

Electricity supply and TV socket set need to move up for Wall mounted TV. Otherwise the wire will not be hidden. 2 socket position changed: -TV -electricity

Master Bedroom New added electricity supply: The wall lamp for the painting or pictures.(optional) Please advise

The original sockets (electricity and TV) are located below the children’s room windowsill. Suggest to change to the pointed position(new build wall) for TV and TV power supply. We need to lead the electricity to the desired position before build the wall. ( 2 sockets changed )

Kitchen cabinet’s door Could not find the same specification. As it was big log order. Advises: Change 3 doors in same styles colors matched to others the original kitchen doors. We will use “german tops”, which is very good in quality and easy to find even you need to change next time. OR Change 1 first, style not match, color match.

A radius 11 round edge B radius 7 round edge


C framed( same shape as original but w/ frame) D aluminum round edge E aluminum straight framed Please consider our advise and awaiting for your reply. Thanks!

In the children’s room. We would like to ask your confirmation. You have a fan window and do you wanted to keep? Or you hope to blocked by the book shelf?? Please advise.

ici color card

We are now have some problems: 1. We cannot work on Saturday afternoon, unless we could have your (your company) permission. As we will very in-efficient to work only half day. Could you please write a permission after you come back on 29/7, otherwise, we need to postpone someday to finish. 2. As there are still 1 week time to meet you, we suppose to order the paint very soon and finish painting before you come back. By the way, we could not buy without your choice. So we might have to stop the work and somedays will be postponed due to this reason. 3. The door frame of children room need to order and install at the same time when we build the new wall. I suggest to use the styles similar(80% or above) to that of the other door frames and in same color- white. Ok? 4. The ceiling paint color we could paint first? As my design are using white for all area. Do you agree to paint in white so that we could do more things before you come back. White with any colors would be very comfortable for eyes, a very safe choice. Could you let us to go for white for the ceiling? Please advise, thanks!! 5. Please give me some more time for the new quotation of item 14, and also your comments in the last phone call, thanks.

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