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meet three tech companies from kamloops innovation AMPLYTICA INC. CEO: LEE BERGSTRAND

WHAT: The tracking and monitoring of microbial communities is becoming a hot area in research as well as in industries such as waste water treatment, mining, agriculture and personalized medicine. People want to know how microbes influence the treatment of wastes, crop growth and even the human body. Various genomics techniques have been developed to monitor these communities; however, the datasets produced by these techniques are large and therefore hard to analyze and process. With the cost of these techniques dropping rapidly, scientists and engineers are becoming inundated

with data. At our startup, Amplytica Inc., we are building a cloud platform to facilitate the storage, organization, processing and exploration of these datasets in order to help our clients analyze microbial communities at scale. WHO: Our team has three members: Lee Bergstrand, CEO and bioinformatics engineer. Lee is a sixth-year undergraduate student (graduating April 2017) with research experience as a bioinformatics analyst in a microbial ecology laboratory at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Jonathan Van Hamme, scientific advisor and associate professor of microbiology at Thompson Rivers University. Jon is a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Discovery Grant holder with an active research program at TRU. Matt McInnes, lead developer and security analyst. Matt is a 6th year undergraduate student (Graduating April 2017), an excellent developer

and self-honed security expert. We’re developing clients and partners in mining, environmental consulting and personalized medicine industries. WHEN: I came up with the idea while attending various microbiology conferences during the summer and fall of 2015. We started operating spring 2016. WHY: In our opinion, current off-the-shelf academic microbial community analysis software tools are not ready for industry thus we are creating our own cloud platform that is easy to use, robust and scalable. HOW: Our website is www.amplytica.io Inquirers can contact me directly via lbergstrand@amplytica.io FAVOURITE PROJECT YOU’VE WORKED ON? For the past few months we have been building an upload server and web user interface which, has been quite exciting.

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