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ursday, January 26, 1961



WANIED: ONE lUO ,A reward if he can catch theNairobi Dam crocodile By NATION



- 'one Luo to catch the crocodile in Nairobi Dam. The reason is that the Game Department feels that if a warden went to the dam he might spend weeks sitting at the edge with his rifle in his lap waiting for the crocodile to show its nose.


Air France

So they have advised the City Council that the best way of dealing with the problem is to find a Luo.


officials in conference


AIROBI is to have anothe!' jet service before the end of the N , year. Air France executives who flew in from Paris yester-

day are conferring now on ways and l1?eans., They plan to switch theii' Flying time between Nairobi' Madagscar - Nairobi - Paris and Tokyo will be even further service over from Constellareduced in May when thE' tions to Boeing-707s in Boeing jet service between October. ,Nairobi and Bombay comes into operation. Under discussion is which This will carry pa$sengers airport in Madagascar should from Kenya to the capital city be lengthened none has a of Japan. via Bombay, in 17& long enough, runway at the hours' flying time. ", .. moment -- and frequency and cost. Because the Nairobi runway is also too sho~t for maximum payloads, there will probably be a stop between here and Paris, perhaps at Athens. i

Direct Boeing flying time is about eight hOl;lrs. Already flying jets to Europe are BOAC and EAA (Comets), South African Airways ,(Boeing~707s) and AIitali a (Doug]as DC-8s). From TODA Y the land of geisha girls and lotus blossom will be only 22 hrs. 25 mins. flying time away from Nairobi. with the inauguration of•... AirIndia,'s first Boeing jetliner service between Bombay and Tokyo.


SpeCial flight covers, of interest to philatelists, will be issued today by Air-India to commemorate their new Boeing service between Bombay and Tokyo. These will be defaced with a special cachet by the Pust. Office in Bombay and will be available for East African col!eotors in Nairobi. When the Nairobi-Bombay Boeings come into service AirIndia will have a fleet of four jet airliners. By' 1962 the airline wilL have a total of six Boeings operating on all international rou,tes.


HAIRMAN of N a k u r u Kanu, Mark Mwithaga, was yesterday sentenced to th'ree months' jail by a resident magistrate, Mr. J. Abraham, after he had been found guilty of brawling in a manner likely to cause a. breach of the peace. The magistrate said the Crown had contended that while a Kadu van was on a recruiting drive around the Nakuru African locations, it had stopped outside a bar. A large crowd of Kanu supporters had then ..gathered with the accused in it. After several abusive phrases shouted by the a££used, including " Kadu, is selling the Africans, to the Europeans and Asians," stones were' thrown and Mwithaga attacked the van with a large stick. Two members of the Kadu party were injured by stones


The Luo. who,· live all the shores of Lake Victoria. are a tribe which traditionally is skilled at catching crocodiles. Said a City Council spokesman: "We have asked an African member of our staff o--lOciK"-OUr-ror--a slittabiY qualified Luo. "He will get a reward for ciltching the crocodi]e." , The Nairobi Dam crocodile is from 5ft. to 6ft. long and it has b'een sighted over the last few days by,nearby residents. 'The Luo technique is to spy out the crocodile's habits then lay a hook baited with meat. Sometimes it is attached to a rope leading to a stake all the bank. ' . On occasions if ther e is a suitable tree nearby it is bent over and the' baited hook is tied to the end . When the crocodile bites through, it breaks a cord which jerks the hooked crocodile UlJ into the air.

---fVE-R¥--USm--~-~CAROY,ER £300 ,

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Appeal ,to Indians •





~UARANTEED no new car depreciation. GUARANTEED 3 months or 3,000 miles ~otoring with a guarantee certificate.






The President of India, Dr, Rajendra Prasad. has sent a message to Indian nationals in East Africa On the occasion of the eleventh anniversary of the Repub]ic of I!'ldia. which falls today.




h.p. terms


Don't GAMBLE on buying a "used car". Buy a GUARANTEED

The world situation being what it is. he says, "some of you may have to make new adjustmen.ts." But he has no doubt "that you will always give a good account of your. self in such circumstances." He advises them that in ..' terests of the country of their adoption shou~d ever be their guiding light, and adds: "Do !lot forget ·that every Indian abroad is an unofficial ambassador of His country and the world judges India hy how he crmduct9 himself."





~~0?f~:;~St~~iO~dbY 'f':O~;:·


attempt of the accused to convince the court with his denials , By NATION R~porter had been "a deliberate deceit." Passing sentence', Mr.' Abraand the driver was dragged ham said the accused could riot from his seat and beaten-up. ,say he had not been wanled While giving his evidence about his behaviour':-' "yet the magistrate said" Mwithaga .."here you, are again' - con-, had continually denied being victed." armed with anything' and that ". By virtue of, his' imprison-' stones had been thrown. He ment and' of being unable, 'to also accused the prosecution," attend the Languages Board' to ' witnesses of telling lies in obtain a certificate sho\v~ng court. competency in' English, MwiMr. A. R.Kapila, for the tl}.aga. ,did not, present his: accused, pointed out certain p1:\pers .for" ,nomination ,at discrepancies in the evidence, Nakuru yesterc!ay aqd will not But Mr., Abraham said 'he was be' allowed to take part as' a quite satisfied the differences candidate in the, generalelec-' had been in detail only. tions.-.,. r.: ." , '. He was further satisfied that Mwithaga' has al,so had' to pay the accused had been armed as £75', part being a, bond whiCh, alleged and said his action had he did not recognise and part been "arrogant and aggressive." ,being another ,recognisance: Kadu had not been looking for made bY,a c04rt, which he ,oid trouble at the time and the nnt fulfil..







i vw S~~oon 1960 9,500 miles £485 i

VW Saloon 1-95910,000 miles £430 VW Saloon 195934,900 miles £330


VW Saloon 1958 28,500 miles £350

·r VW Saloon I· j VW:Saloo'n ,I ..

i VW

195824,000 miles £360 '



195725,500 miles ~300 .'

Saloon 1957 30,100 miles £280

, VW Saloon 1956 42,000. miles £260




Dn story  

How they did it in the '60s

Dn story  

How they did it in the '60s