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Feb/Mar 2011

Being a Baby


have, on occasion, been told that I‘m being a baby. Now, I know it‘s supposed to be an insult, but is being a baby really a bad thing? Some days I look at my little one and think, ―If only I could take your place Letter for a week, a day...heck, I‘d even take an hour!‖ And what would I do with that hour? from Well, first of all, I would wear pyjamas. Comfort is cute when you‘re a baby and a Kamloops tight pants and leg rolls simply do not mix. And I‘d sleep in the arms of a loved one Momma and they‘d sit completely still, no matter how badly they had to pee. Then I‘d wake up to a big grin and the words, ―I love you so much beautiful girl.‖ I‘d flash my toothless smile in return and I‘d feel beautiful even if my eyes were goopy, my nose runny, and my bum covered in poop...well, maybe not the poop. And I would laugh until my tummy hurt. In fact, it would seem like everyone‘s sole purpose was to make me giggle. They‘d marvel at my accomplishments (even if it was eating, burping, sleeping, and pooping simultaneously). So what wouldn‘t I do? Well, I wouldn‘t clean up after myself. No matter how big the mess, they would clean it up with a smile and a kiss. I wouldn‘t cook either. All I‘d have to do is make my ‗hungry face‘ and I‘d get my very favourite meal. It would be cooked to perfection and, better yet, just as nutritious as it is delicious. And my hour would end the same way it began: comfy, cozy, and sleeping like a baby. You see, being a baby sounds pretty good, doesn‘t it? The next time some one tells me I‘m behaving like a baby, I think I‘ll say, ―Great! I‘m going to go have a nap now while you clean up after me and cook me dinner.‖ And the next time I want to call someone a baby, I think I‘ll call them a toddler instead! — Courtney Charlton, editor To share your ideas and comments, contact us at or find us at

On the Cover: Robynn Arthur knew that raising her daughter, Grace, would be challenging, but she could not have imagined how rewarding it would be too. Read her story on p.6. Photo by Troi Crombie, a local photographer who is passionate about capturing ―the real thing.‖ A baby‘s smile from his momma‘s kisses, the muddy shoes, and the strawberry stained face makes her heart melt. Is that just what happens when you become a mother? Her goal is to capture these moments because that‘s what you‘ll remember instead of the one second that your daughter‘s white dress was actually clean. Look for us on Facebook! 3

A Look Inside Kamloops Momma... School of Choice Griffin, 16 months Photo: Serena Reeves


How do you decide?

Amazing Grace


A story of fear, strength, and love

The Secret Codes of Misbehaviour Why children misbehave and what you can do about it - Part 2

I’m going bald, crazy and...

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Following a first-time mom from final trimester to 1st birthday

Party Like a Rock Star

Lilly, 1

A rockin’ birthday idea

Put Your Heart Into It Kamloops!

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A family friendly fitness event for February

Jelly Beans That Do Your Laundry? Maya, 2 Photo: Sarah Steele


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A Natural Passion


Dreaming of a bio-natural salon for Kamloops

The Tale of the Dirty Kitchen


Introducing new perspectives through storytelling

Dear Aunty

Chase, 9


Answering questions about you and your child’s health

Strike a Pose for Charity

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The Loopy Family Special Report: Trash the Dress

Finding Gratitude in the Face of Adversity 22 Raising a child with juvenile diabetes Lincoln, 5 months

Letter to the Editor

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Children and Vancouver International Airport security

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School of Choice:

How do you decide?

By Janet Whitehead

Ashton Taylor, Montessori student

will be offering Montessori Kindergarten in addition to their longstanding programs for Grades 1 to 6. The Montessori system engages children in self-directed learning. Within a prepared environment, "the children have the ability to have more independence and choices throughout the day, allowing them to feel empowered and more in charge of their learning," explains Principal Anthoney Rempel. There are currently three Montessori classes at Aberdeen Elementary: two primary Grade 1-3 classes and one Grade 46. With the full day Montessori Kindergarten class being offered in the fall, this will bring the number of classes up to four. amloops parents are fortunate to Both the teachers and parent are enthuhave the opportunity to choose siastic about the option of children being the type of public education they in the same class for three years. would like for their child. With that op"This almost entirely eliminates anxieportunity comes the question: How do ties (at the beginning of the school year) you decide? Traditional? Montessori? and children have comfort and consistenFine Arts? Science and Technology? cy in knowing their teachers well," says French Immersion? parent Melanie Kopytko. As a resource in the decision making Teacher Teri Allen-Innis agrees and process, parents are invited to attend notes that the classroom structure "builds the School of Choice presentation held a strong sense of community within the on February 22, 6:30 pm, at the Henry classroom and our Montessori communiGrube Education Center. Information ty." will be available on the four publicly Other advantages to the classroom funded School of Choice options: structure include the opportunity for chil Beattie School of the Arts (K-11) dren to build leadership and mentorship  Bert Edwards Science and Technolo- skills. For example, Grade 3 children will gy School (K-7) rise to the occasion to help younger stu French Immersion (K-12) dents, thus building leadership skills in  Montessori at Aberdeen Elementary addition to reinforcing their own learning. (K-6) The classroom environment and the flexThe Montessori School located in Ab- ibility in the curriculum allow teachers "to erdeen Elementary invited Kamloops meet each child where they are at in terms Momma to learn more about their pro- of learning" comments teacher, Shawn gram. This fall, for the first time, they Carroll. A grade two child ready to move


Beattie School of the Arts: ―The art forms of dance, drama, music, and visual arts are integrated into instruction in the academic areas to allow students to learn through the arts. As well, the arts are taught separately to give students an opportunity to develop skills in dance, drama, music, singing and visual arts.‖

Bert Edwards Science and Technology School: ―To foster a supportive, adaptive learning environment that incorporates inquiry and technology. We strive to develop curious, flexible problem solvers with a positive global vision, capable of working both independently and collaboratively .”

on to more advanced work is able to do so. A child not yet ready to move to the next level is comfortably able to continue where they are at. The concepts of Montessori allow learning to go beyond the worksheet and address multiple intelligences such as manipulative skills and oral skills. The teachers, who have their degrees in Education and certification in Montessori, have the flexibility to follow the child's lead in learning experiences. For example, although it is not a traditional tool of Montessori, on one occasion playing crib evolved as a method for children to learn to add numbers in their head and build sportsmanship skills. The Montessori School welcomes parent's inquiries and are hosting an open house February 24th from 9:3011:00. To learn more, please contact Principal Anthoney Rempel at 250.372.5844. Registration for a School of Choice begins the end of February. How will you decide? Take the time to learn more about each school, talk to teachers and other parents and don't be afraid to ask questions. An informed decision will give you confidence in your choice for your child.

French Immersion: Lloyd George and South Sahali Elementaries ―French Immersion is a second language program which provides an environment where the language is spoken and valued... The Immersion Program is designed to produce students functionally literate and fluent in both languages.‖


Amazing Grace: A story of fear, strength, and love By Robynn Arthur

Photos: Troi Crombie Photography


hey say, ―Sunday‘s child is full of grace.‖ I believe this is watched the doctor‘s face change before the next words left her tense mouth: ―Your daughter has a very serious heart true. I feel it may be impossible for me to explain how the birth problem. The air ambulance from Children‘s Hospital will be here shortly to bring her to Vancouver.‖ of my daughter could possibly be the worst day of my life and I looked at my husband; he was pale and staring at the one of the best. My third child was born on a Sunday morning. floor. After having two boys, my husband and I were I felt as though reality was being sucked out pleasantly surprised with a little girl and we of me. I became lost in my mind. I knew there named her Grace. “I feel it may be were people around, but I couldn‘t connect with The moment my daughter was born, I quickly impossible for me to them. I felt I was in a large empty room with examined her to make sure all was perfect and glass walls surrounding me. I pressed my body put together as it should be. I saw right away that explain how the against the glass. she had a cleft lip and pallet. I smiled quickly to birth of my daughter I could see the sorrow and concern on everyhide my sadness and thought to myself, ―Oh, one‘s faces as they discussed the next plan of they can fix that.‖ could possibly be action for our new and quickly changing family. The doctor handed Grace to me. I looked at my little girl with the funny lips. She had one little the worst day of my My fears for the future were attacking my mind and consuming my body like some sort of virus. almond shaped eye open. I knew instantly she life and one of the I felt as though I was unable to comprehend had Down syndrome but I kept this realization to what was real and what was actually happening. myself in the hopes that I might be wrong. best.” The familiar voice of our family doctor I thought, ―Who is this baby? I didn‘t plan for brought me back to some sort of reality. I heard this. Get me out of here!‖ him say, ―You know, Robynn, I have to tell you that someThe hospital staff took Grace away to have her examined a little further. Hours passed with no word about how she was. My times these children don‘t survive.‖ I am still to this day husband and I quietly tried to reassure each other that her clefts struggling with the thoughts that came next to my mind: ―If were no big deal and I kept my little secret about Grace having she dies, maybe it‘s for the best.‖ To actually admit and type these last words is one of the Down syndrome to myself. I was too scared to say anything, hardest things I‘ve ever done. But I`ve come to understand maybe for fear that if I said the words out loud, it would come that as parents we have fears and thoughts that we can‘t true. Finally, a mob of doctors, nurses, and counselors gathered in control. our room. My daughter‘s pediatrician gently asked my husband I know now that those feelings I had were fear. Fear for my daughter. Fear of the pain and suffering she was inevitato take a seat next to me by the bed. I felt sick. I wanted to disappear. ―Please don‘t do this to me,‖ bly going to endure. Before the air ambulance paramedics brought Grace to I thought, ―Oh, God! Get me out of here!‖ us to say good bye, my husband and I spent a few minutes The doctor began by telling us that Grace had a cleft lip and talking and praying with our family doctor. I got up from my pallet and they were sure she had Down syndrome. Then I


bed and slowly walked out into the hallway. There in an incubator lay my sweet baby girl. I looked at her and knew right then and there that she was a fighter. I thought to myself and then said out loud to the medics, ―You know, my daughter is going to make it. She is an angel.‖ I learned something about myself that day. My baby had a long road ahead of her, and so did my family, but we could do this. I found an inner strength that morning, which I realized had always been there. It‘s up to my family and me to be strong for Grace and for each other. My heart told me there was no way this little girl was going to die. She will fight again and again. And Grace did fight! Now, at just three years old, she has had three open heart surgeries, survived a major infection around her heart, plastic surgery on her nose and mouth and multiple other surgical procedures. My world felt empty when Grace was born. I came to realize it was the exact opposite. With everything that my family and I have gone through, we have met the most wonderful people. Whether it has been doctors or other families dealing with similar problems, we found a ton of support and that empty glass room I felt I was in has filled up quickly with people I will cherish forever. My family is so grateful for our daughter. She makes us better people. She makes us understand love. She is our ‗Amazing Grace.‘ Grace will continually need to have her heart operated on through the years as she grows. So I hope this story will encourage you to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Lizzie’s Journey Continues By Troi Crombie "I wish we were potty training!" Ever heard a mommy say that? Yes, I did feel like a bit of an idiot after complaining about my frustrating days of potty training and hearing my friend Jenn's remark. Some of you may know some of what the Harbaruk's have been experiencing as their 2-year-old daughter battles cancer "with a smile." Well, this last week was a particularly tough one. Lizzie endured a very intense course of chemotherapy administered over five days. While it seems that the chemo is attacking the tumours on Lizzie's kidneys and shrinking them, they won't be certain until the next scan scheduled for next week. Each day the Harbaruk's are thankful for something—good road conditions, new research, knowledgeable doctors, the support of friends and family. They are faced with some tough days but they know that their chances of keeping their little Lizzie in their lives is high and so they take each day as it comes and are thankful for it. So when you are having a frustrating day of potty training, colic, teenage drama, or if it looks like a tornado just went through your home, count your blessings because even while the Harbaruk's are driving down to Children's on bad roads, they are counting theirs.


Breaking the Secret Codes of Misbehaviour Part Two—Counterwill By Marilyn Puff


n looking for more successful and less stressful parenting, feelings, an important skill that they focus on again in their it is reassuring to know that it is very natural to feel activat- teen years. Children who have developed their own will do ed when a child refuses to listen or cooperate. If you think not feel threatened by the will of others. STRATEGIES TO DEFUSE COUNTERWILL about it, it is also very natural for any of us to resist any form When children are attached in a deep and meaningful way, of coercion or force if a request is handled poorly. they want to follow their parent‘s lead and, for We respond much better when we decide to do something because it is our own idea. Chil“Young children the most part, are not overly resistant. Young children respond beautifully to strategies of disdren are full of their own ideas and trying to guide them and get them to work with us can be respond beautifully traction or choices where they get to feel like something is their idea. Controlled choices are a very challenging. Our reactions are often the to strategies of rich way for children to flex their muscles and most difficult part to control. Hopefully, underdistraction or feel like they are exerting their own will. standing this secret of misbehaviour will help us adjust and make sense of the needs that are bechoices where they Counterwill can also show up when a child is busy in their own little world and feeling more hind the misbehaviours. get to feel like attached at that moment to their favorite toy or WHAT IS COUNTERWILL show than to us. This does not mean they do Dr. Gordon Neufeld, a leading developmental something is their TV not love us or aren‘t attached to us for the most psychologist from Vancouver, has reacquainted part; it just means they are not feeling connected parents and professionals with the word idea.” right now. ‗counterwill.‘ Generally, when children are If a child is not attached to a teacher or a caregiver, it‘s likestrongly attached, in the moment and do not feel pressured, their impulse is to comply and they have a desire to please or ly they will not listen to them. The child is often seen as the problem when the relationship is what is not working. The defer to you. adult may not be aware of needing to build the attachment in When children are feeling pressured to have to do someorder to develop a child‘s desire to cooperate. thing, the obstinate or defiant behaviors can be anticipated. One of the quickest ways to reconnect and get a more posiThis is a hardwired natural instinct in them. We carry this instinct in us for our entire life, feeling much more able to com- tive response is to ―Collect them before you Direct them‖. COLLECT THEM BEFORE YOU DIRECT THEM ply in those moments when we feel connected or if we feel The short form of how to re-gather our children is to: like we have a part in making the decision. COUNTERWILL CAN KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE  Get a friendly connection with their EYES Counterwill can be labeled as strong willed, testing limits  Do something that will get a SMILE or challenging authority, but Dr. Neufeld sees it as a protec Continue until you notice a NOD tive device to make sure our children do not take direction Now there is a natural desire to take cues from you as they from someone they are not currently attached to, protecting will be feeling more attached. Of course this is not a magic them against outside influence and direction. ―You‘re not my wand all the time and the many factors of hunger, tiredness, daddy!‖ states that you are outside that child‘s village of atfrustration etc. are aspects that we need to take into account tachment. when a little person‘s world falls apart. But when you regularTheir inherent response to want to make their own decily use this or some form of collecting people and children sions also helps them practice having their own thoughts and around you, their counterwill is reduced and your life will feel much more harmonious. We can be reassured that taking the time to do something different is not a waste of time. Look at your routine when they resist. Pay attention to how much time it takes to deal with the fallout of reacting to their counterwill. There are frustrations, consequences, time-outs and the resulting meltdown. It will create a healthier relationship when you give them a little more time, give them choices, use routines to set limits, and make your agendas less explicit due to your understanding of their counterwill instinct. Marilyn Puff (BSW) and her husband have a blended family of 5 children and 5 grandchildren. She has a passion for understanding human relationships and has been a family counselor in Kamloops for 20 years.


~Following a first-time mom’s journey from the final trimester to baby's 1 st birthday~

I’m going bald, crazy and, oh yes...I am having an affair By Erin Brûlé At 5 months old, Rya isn't 00 strands of hair – each day – that‘s how much you can in danger of going bald, but lose after pregnancy. If you are pregnant, enjoy your she already seems to 'live thick mane of hair. If you just had your baby, prepare for the lounge pants' like yourself! her mother. I fully understand it‘s hair I would have lost during my pregnancy, but still, it's unnerving! Photo: Erin Brûlé After vigorously brushing my hair before getting in the I realize I'm only 5 months in to mommy-hood, but I was shower (and pretty much filling the brush), I STILL end up with clumps of hair in my hand while rinsing out the shampoo. watching a What Not to Wear ―Mom‖ episode the other day and half way through, I gasped in alarm; I wasn't just watching And, after cleaning my brush, it's like a small animal is lookthe episode, I WAS this episode! ing back at me from the garbage. Eww. Hair in ponytail or wear a hat every day? Check! But that's not what's driving me crazy (no...that's just making Wear clothes from 10 years ago and clothes that are too me bald). What's making me go crazy is the running big? Check! ‗commentary‘ I have for my daughter as we go through our No make-up? Check! day to day events to ensure I'm doing the very best I can for Buy multiples of the same shirt in different colours? Check! her language development. Does any of this sound familiar to you? ―Mommy is putting on her socks. Mommy is dropping the On one hand, you could argue it's all just superficial. Who paper in the recycling now. Mommy is taking the shirt off the cares what clothes you wear, what hairstyle you have or if you floor‖...and so on. And it's not that I don't enjoy giving her a running commentary, because I do. The problem is that I can't slap on some make-up in the morning. On the other hand, I had to admit I would love for someone to nominate me for the turn it off! show so they could come save me from my style slump! This, in itself, wouldn't be a big deal either...if I could at How about you? Would YOU nominate yourself to be on the least control whether my dialogue was internal or external, show? depending on whether or not my daughter was with me. If so, good news! Kamloops Momma is having a Momma Take, for example, when I run out quickly to do some groMakeover contest! While there won't be any cameras rolling, cery shopping on my own. the winning entry will enjoy a free makeover & style consult ―Mommy is putting the yogurt in the shopping basket‖ to update their look! (no $5,000 credit cards, don't ―Sorry m'am, did you say something?‖ asks the confusedget your hopes set on a shopping spree!) looking stock boy. Check out details at (or check out ―No,‖ I reply, unsure of why he is giving me a sideways the little box below!) glance, but then as I grab for the butter, I hear someone say, ―Mommy is going to get the one with the yellow label.‖ Erin is a first-time mom learning the ropes of being a mama. Hmm. That voice sounds familiar. Oh my! That voice To catch updates as she navigates the alien world of I toss my head back in full-blown laughter. If you have parenthood, check in at heard my laugh, you know this can be scary enough on it's own, but to give it even more impact, my violent head toss has sent up a cloud of loose hair, which now floats to the floor as my booming laughter reverberates off the dairy cooler. Poor little stock boy. He looks to be on the verge of tears. ―Whatever,‖ I think, ―Talk to the UPS guy. You just got off easy.‖ ―Pardon me?‖ Oops. Outside voice again. So, I'm losing hair and going a little nutty, which doesn't seem as though it would lead me into having an affair. And yet, I am. But it's not what you are thinking. I'm having the affair with my baby. I am in love with being a mommy. I totally understand now how you get lost in it. And how months can go by without going on a date with your husband. And how you can go an entire week without wearing anything other than sweatpants and t-shirt.



Party Like a Rock Star: A Rockin’ Birthday Idea By Candace Walker and Andrea Lougheed


o you have a child that dreams of being the next pop star or rocking the mic in a band? Is the thought of planning a birthday for an older child stressing you out? With Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Just Dance being all the rage, why not host a birthday where the kids can express their hidden talents? How about planning a party where the kids can battle it out with karaoke songs and dance choreography, and where they can use their imagination to dress up and entertain? They may even surprise you with their singing abilities and dance moves. This rockin‘ idea is perfect for the pre-teen crowd. It can easily accommodate co-ed party guests and is geared for children 7 through 12! This party can be designed to last only a few hours or, if you are more courageous, an overnight slumber party can allow them to rock until dawn. Invitations can start with a simple glittery gold star with your party information on the back or can be made to look like a concert ticket or VIP backstage pass that the groupie needs to present in order to be admitted to the party! Some decorating ideas to create a concert atmosphere can include a red carpet (or red plastic table cover) leading up to the front door where guests are met with a sign exclaiming ―VIP access only.‖ A strobe light or black lights can be purchased or rented to turn your party area into a concert hall. Silver stars and posters of your child‘s favorite bands or pop stars, as well as helium balloons in silver and black to fill the ceiling can provide inexpensive decorations. To serve those hungry VIP guests, pizza is always a favorite choice, but why not arrange the triangular pieces on a tray in the shape of a star? Or host a backstage snack table with all of their favorite goodies for them to munch on. For a special treat serve ―champagne‖ (see recipe below) in plastic champagne glasses and cupcakes decorated with coloured sugar sprinkles. The games and/or activities you set out are where this party can really start rockin‘ and rollin‘. Set up an area or dressing room where the guests can rummage through the dress-up box (or your closet, if you‘re brave) and accessorize with wigs, boas, sunglasses, hats and gloves… anything goes! Add a make-up station where they can add glitter, fake tattoos, jewelry and colourful make-up. A fun crafty idea is to let the guests decorate t-shirts with fabric paint, glitter and markers or, for older kids, you can let them use scissors and safety pins to create their own designs. Have the new band members then model their outfits and autograph each other‘s for fun party mementos. Game systems, such as the Wii, have tons of fun karaoke and dance style games where the kids can compete or perform their own air bands. At the end of the party, hand out trophies or frame your old CD‘s as prizes for the guest with the best outfit, best dance moves, loudest singer etc. Who knows—you may have discovered the next Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber! Candace Walker and Andrea Lougheed are two local moms who own Wild About Party Packs, an online party store with all your party needs.

Champagne Sparkling Punch 1 can frozen lemonade concentrate 1 litre club soda 2 bottles (750ml each) sparkling apple juice 1 tbsp. white sugar Ice cubes Combine all in a larger punch bowl adding sugar to taste. Garnish the

glasses with thin slices of lemon or limes. 10

Birthday Party Directory Should your business be here? Contact our sales momma at!

Put Your Heart into it Kamloops! By Sabrina Sinclair


find heart healthy recipes, fun activities to do with your kids, am so excited to be participating in the Heart & Stroke statistical information that may surprise you and so much Foundation‘s Heart Month in February. This has always been a very important initiative to me because it highlights more. As a mother of two beautiful girls, MacKenzie, 6, and Madithe importance of living a healthy life by including regular physical activity and enjoying a balanced diet in order to re- son, 2, I know the struggles of fitting in your workouts or planning healthy meals with crazy schedules. Finding time to get duce your risk of heart disease or stroke. to the gym, yoga class or outdoor runAs a fitness professional, I am ning can sometimes be impossible due blessed to work with individuals who to sick kids, shift work or lack of transwant to improve their health through portation; So what can you do to stay exercise and proper nutrition; but active and healthy? what people sometimes forget is that I I have learned over the past 6 years also work with clients who have sufthat the traditional workouts are somefered heart attacks and those who are times a thing of the past. Out of necesat higher risk for a heart attack due to sity, I began to workout at home with a life time of inactivity, poor nutrition nothing but me, myself and I, and those and genetics. of you who have been to my classes During this month it is important to know that is all you need. So for this highlight the work that the Heart & month's Heart Healthy Tip I would like Stroke Foundation does to educate Canadians and introduce people to a Sabrina Sinclair, owner of Fit By Design, with to share a simple twenty minute workout that you can do at home with wealth of information they provide. her daughters, MacKenzie and Madison. your kids and, trust me, your heart will Please take some time this month to Photo: Robyn Shiels, be pumping. navigate through their website, State of Grace Photography You will

Heart Healthy Tip If you have stairs in your home use them as your Stair Master. Warm up your body by walking, jogging up and down them for 3-5 minutes. It might get crowded with the kids but they will have fun with you. No stairs? Try 20 jumping jacks and running on the spot for 30 seconds. Now you are warm here is a series of exercises to go through, complete one cycle from top to bottom and then repeat. 1. 20 Alternating Lunges (10 per leg) 2. 10 Squats 3. 10 Bent Knee Push Ups 4. 10 Abdominal Crunches 5. 10 Front Kicks 6. 10 Chair Dips After you have completed your workout, be sure to cool down in order to slow your heart rate down. This workout will be posted on my Facebook page this month. Simply add Fit By Design as your friend, let us know that you read about us in Kamloops Momma, and you can watch the video clip! 12


A Natural Passion:

Dreaming of a Bio-Natural Salon for Kamloops


s you read this issue of Kamloops Momma, an experience awaits you. Pure Evolution, Kamloops‘ newest hair salon and boutique, offers a rare combination of old fashioned service and a bio -natural approach to your beauty. Pure Evolution is more than a salon; it is the realization of a dream. In everyone‘s lives we strive to find people who are great at what they do. When you meet Julie Smith, you will instantly feel her passion. Julie is a third generation stylist and entrepreneur from Nova Scotia. Her uncle, Wayne Drew, is the founder of Head Shoppe, a chain of 20 salons and the top training facility in Atlantic Canada: the Hair Design Centre. In 1991, Julie followed in her family‘s footsteps and studied cosmetology at the Hair Design Centre. After graduation, Julie went on to apprentice with Kevan Bish, a world renowned stylist and eco-guru. Today, Kevan is the owner of BishAlive, an ethically conscious salon and bionatural product line that uses alginate from sea kelp as a main ingredient. This renewable resource is considered the mighty oak of the ocean floor and has a wealth of health and beauty benefits. Kevan taught Julie 7 ‗truths‘: Artistry, Passion, Professionalism, Connection, Spirituality, Integrity, and Purity. He also inspired her to make a difference in the beauty industry and created a spark of passion in Julie that only burned brighter over time. As a stylist, Julie strives for excellence in her craft. She has techniques that give her the ability to personalize and polish her work. A mentor once told Julie, ―I can give you all the techniques in the world, but it‘s in the personalizing and this is something you either have or you don‘t.‖ Her ability to personalize is what makes Julie stand out as a stylist and a professional. With a desire to make a difference in the industry she loves so much, Julie relocated to Red Deer, Alberta in 2007. As an instructor at MC College, Julie went above and beyond the common duties to create passion and inspire her students. The change she dreamed for the future in the beauty industry was clear and Julie felt she must teach students how to

have a successful and healthy career in the beauty industry. In 2010, Julie and Kevan joined forces again to create The Connection: a three day course in Nova Scotia to get connected to the ocean, the kelp, and an enduring relationship with the client – a real connection. Fifteen of Julie‘s students took this journey with her to Nova Scotia to get connected. Following Kevan‘s 7 principals, these young ladies honed their skills to be ‗green hairstylists.‘ Kailey Baker was one of the students who joined Julie on The Connection. Motivated by an attitude to work hard and you will do well, Kailey graduated at the top of her class. It was clear that Kailey had a gift. She‘s a true professional and an artist at heart. Cecile Doris, director at MC College, believed that Julie could make a difference in the beauty industry and supported her decision to relocate to Kamloops and open a salon. Being fully trained in bio-natural beauty, Kailey joined Julie and Pure Evolution was born. Together, Julie and Kailey had a dream to dream together. And with the support of Kailey‘s mom, Gail Baker, this dream has become a reality. Julie and Kailey have planted their seed at 300 Columbia St, Suite 214, in a newly renovated salon overlooking our city. The salon and boutique opens early March and will be completely focussed on the client‘s health and well-being. They will use only naturally produced products including the Bish product line that is enhanced by alginate, Ocean Aqua Kelp. Pure Evolution will also offer ethically conscious retail, including Atlantic Healing Hemp and bamboo products. Pure Evolution will be your alternative connection to bionatural beauty. For more information, please contact Julie and Kailey at 778-471-5974 or

Pure Evolution is a bio-natural salon that uses naturally produced products, including the BishAlive product line.

“It’s about the journey, mine and yours, and the lives we can touch, the legacy we leave and the world we can change for the better.” ~ Julie Smith, Pure Evolution

“I pledge to move forward with integrity and dignity, to inspire all people to love, honour, and respect our Home - Planet Earth.” ~ Kailey Baker, Pure Evolution

The Tale of the Dirty Kitchen By Janet Whitehead


hope my grandchildren will always be able to see many perspectives of the same situation, that they learn not to be judgemental, and that they learn to consider many possibilities. Quite simply, I hope they remain the creative thinkers that they are born to be. And I hope that one day my grandchild tells the story of "The Dirty Kitchen" revealing how her Nana is incredibly amazing and creative. I hope that the idea that her Nana might be a slob doesn't even cross her mind. Storytelling is the key to this one and it goes a bit like this: Once upon a time there was a very dirty kitchen. "Oh my!" the kitchen cried out as it watched its homeowner slip out the door balancing a baby shower cake, "She left me! I am the messiest, dirtiest, stickiest kitchen ever!" "We need help," announced the pots and pans in a very tinny sort of voice. They opened the window and the faeries flew in exclaiming, "We'll help!" "Is our homeowner a slob?" asked the teeniest tiny of the sticky forks. "No, no," answered the faeries, "she's been very busy with making things and with people and workshops and, topping it off, with making a fancy dancy baby shower cake...well, she just hasn't had time to clean you up." "I'm happy to be part of her fun and imagination and creative play!" admits the icing coated counter top. The rest of the kitchen, including the dirty dusty dog print covered floor, cheers. And so with a wave of their wand, the faeries fill the sink with soapy warm water. The gluey gooey pot leaps in and does a little jig that sounds like this: kaswish kaswoosh. The faeries rinse him off and magically dry him and plop! He finds his place in the cupboard.

“Storytelling is a great way to introduce new perspectives, encourage imagination and, of course, feel better about a dirty kitchen.�

daughter to consider how the kitchen came to be so dirty and our storytelling adventure of "The Dirty Kitchen" evolved. In creating the story together, I'd asked my granddaughter, "why was the homeowner soooo busy that she didn't get to clean the kitchen?' It was a joy to watch her ponder this question and name all the things her Nana does. The story inspired both of us to clean the kitchen and it has since become one of her favourite bedtime stories at Nana's house. Storytelling is a great way to introduce new perspectives, encourage imagination and, of course, feel better about a dirty kitchen. All you have to say is, "Once upon a time there was (include topic)" and whisper to your child, "what happens next?" Janet L. Whitehead is Certified Life and Creativity Coach.

The story goes on and on as each character in the kitchen gets swept, washed, or wiped with the grand finale that the homeowner comes home, with her little granddaughter in tow, to find a lovely clean kitchen. Easy to guess how this story began. Even I was a bit shocked when I looked at my kitchen after my granddaughter said, "Oh, the kitchen is very dirty." Pretty bad when a 3 year old notices. I could have succumbed to feeling like an incompetent housekeeper, but the more valuable and truthful perspective was that I had in fact pulled off some wonderful things in just a couple of days. I admit I was partially inspired by not wanting her to tell everyone, "My Nana has a very dirty kitchen" in the same way she told EVERYONE, "My Nana smashed into Auntie's car." I thought it would be better for my


Community Business Directory Children’s Stores and Services

Health and Wellness Ashley Leighton, RMT

Baby Canuck Saving Our Planet, One Change at a Time Cloth diapers and so much more. Custom orders and complete diapering packages 250.376.8997

Optimal Health Therapeutic Massage Pain and Stress Management, Relaxation, Injury Prevention, and Sports Massage. 250-376-3070

Lizzie Bits Baby Co.

Musings and Mud Coaching Studio

Go Green! Use Cloth! Cloth diaper specialists. Unique children‘s items. High quality children‘s consignment.

Life Coaching with a creative twist! Janet L. Whitehead, certified professional coach 250.376.8402

205-450 Lansdowne 250.374.8706

Twin Valley Wellness Clinic Registered Massage Therapy Sports massage and rehabilitation Pre-natal and post-natal massage. Body cushion pregnancy system avail. 250.374.6396

Largest selection of NEW and USED items Nursing bras, Harley Davidson, Robeez & more! Over 10 000 quality consignment items! 3-700 Tranquille 250.376.1914 & Facebook

Mulberry Bush Kids Stuff Inc. Gently Loved Consignment & New Items Infant to Adult Clothing, Baby Furniture, the largest inventory of Robeez, Melissa & Doug 250.374.2501 Now on Facebook!

Indoor Fitness and Recreation Fit By Design Precision Fitness Training...for Body and Mind Family Friendly Boot Camp Sabrina, 250.851.2095 Look for us on Facebook!

The Loopy Family Coupon Book Because it’s fun to be frugal! Coming early March! 250.574.1258

Game-On Interactive Fitness Putting the Fun into Fitness. All Ages, All Abilities, All FUN! 444 St Paul St 250.374.4263

Tumbleweed Toys Sahali Mall Specializing in the highest quality dolls, costumes, music, art, crafts, gifts, books, educational games, puppets, science kits 250.372.3500

Let’s Move Studio Yoga - Dance - Wellness Classes, workshops, and events 250.372.9642

Children’s Programs Unitarian Fellowship Our children‘s program helps develop awareness of inner strength and resources and enlivens the presence of spirit in their lives.

Home-Based Sales Businesses




Discovery Toys, Alison Gregory Discovery Toys Educational Leader 250.851.2270 Teach. Play. Inspire.

Ladybugz Slings n’ Things Baby products you’ll get attached to! NEW soft and sustainable bamboo ring slings. Custom orders welcome! Shannon, 250.319.4437

Tiny Blessings Prenatal

Moms Helping Moms – work from home

Expecting? Let us teach you what to expect. Prenatal education focusing on late pregnancy, labor & delivery, breastfeeding, & newborn care. 250-819-0510

Perfect opportunity for moms and others

Marian Anderberg Your Local Stuck On You Agent

Photography and Art

Personalized Label‘s That Stay Stuck! Great for daycare, preschool, school or office! Vinyl Labels, Clothing Labels, Bag Tags and More!

The Art We Are Artisan Market Local art, comfy couches, unique, delicious and (mostly) healthy food! New Location! 246 Victoria St. 250.828.7998

Online Sales Booty Boutique cloth diaper store

Milk & Honey Photography

Eco-friendly diapering solutions for your growing family. We specialize in cloth diapers, biodegradable diapers and ecofriendly diapering accessories.

Lisa DiGeso

Shuswap Infusions Tea invites you to

Troi Crombie Capturing “The Real Thing” Engagement|Maternity|Newborn|Family 250.819.4746

try our premium full-leaf tea collection. Interested in hosting a tea party or shopping online? You can also check out your local stores! 250-572-5753

Twist of Fate Yarns A Momma Friendly shop for your knitting & spinning needs. Classes, drop-in knitting, & events! 778.471.5562 2020– F Falcon Rd *By Falcon Lanes Bowling.

Parties and Events Wild About Party Packs! All you need to get your party started! Party packs for Birthday, Baby, and Bridal

Real Estate and Investments

Prenatal and Postpartum Care Mighty Oak Midwifery Personal, professional, woman-centered maternity care. Now accepting new patients! 250.377.8611

Parenthood in the Making Childbirth Services Susanne Pytela, B.S.W. DONA trained birth and postpartum doula 250.572.6383

Thompson Rivers Midwifery Holistic Maternity Care. Fully funded under your BC Care Card. Choose Home or Hospital Birth. Now accepting new clients! (250)-572-0632

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Ron Armstrong Primerica Representative Helping families become financially independent with our complimentary services 250.314.1712

Nicole Crichton, Mortgage Consultant Finding a mortgage that works for your family Evening & weekend appts available 250-319-9542

Ken Featherstone, Realtor Bringing Families Home Royal LePage Westwin Realty Personal Real Estate Corp. 250.374.1461

Kim Livingston, Mortgage Specialist You take care of the kids, let me take care of your mortgage. The Mortgage Group 250.571.2480


Dear Aunty…

Answering questions about you and your child’s health Happy New Year, fellow Kamloops mommas (and poppas)! Your dear old Aunty hopes you had a safe and happy Christmas season and are excited about the beginning of another bright and beautiful year. As is becoming a Mitchell family tradition, our holiday was filled with no fewer than three Emergency Room visits (with a fourth only narrowly averted after 2 year old Sean decided to dive backwards, head first, from grandma's ottoman onto her concrete floor. Once again, Aunty is reminded to never underestimate the suicidal tendencies of the average two year old boy.) What have I learned from barely escaping Christmas 2010 intact? Several things, actually, including: a) throwing up for 16 consecutive hours is an excellent way to get to know all the tiny spots in, on, and around the toilet that could use a bit of a deep clean; b) two doses of dexamethasone, the drug used to treat croup in children, can cost upwards of $1000.00 by the time you pay all the American emergency room fees. "Do you want extra medical insurance for your trip to the US, Mrs. ____?" Repeat after me: "Yes, Yes, YES!". Our third trip to the Emergency Room involved a complaint from our four-year old that many of you have also emailed me about: it starts off as, "Mommy, my ear hurts," then, before you know it, it's 2 AM, your child is sobbing inconsolably and you're wondering if you have time to change out of your holey sweatpants before dashing over to the ER with your child. Otitis Media, or middle ear infections, are very common in children and can be caused by viruses or bacteria which travel from the back of the throat to the middle ear by way of the Eustachian tubes. This is why ear infections often accompany colds - the germs can work their way up into the middle ear. Doctors diagnose ear infections after a careful history of the child's symptoms along with a look at the child's ear drum, which will be bulging and inflamed when infected. Parents may notice complaints of ear ache in older children, while younger children may tug or pull at their ears, have trouble hearing quiet sounds, be fussy, have trouble sleeping, have an unexplained fever, or have fluid draining from the ear.


Up until very recently, most doctors around the world had adopted a "watch and wait" approach when it came to treating ear infections in older infants and children. Because antibiotics will only treat bacterial infections (not viral infections that usually clear without treatment within a few days), doctors often advised parents of children over the age of 6 months to wait for 2-3 days to see if the infection would get better on its own. If it did, it was likely a viral infection that antibiotics wouldn't have helped anyway. If the child did not feel better within 2-3 days, the doctor would then start the child on a course of antibiotics. Even without antibiotics, parents were often advised to treat the child's pain and fever with drugs like Tylenol or Advil, and sometimes over-the-counter numbing drops were also suggested to help with ear pain. In the last week, two new studies have been published that suggest that there may be some benefit to children up to the age of 3 years (rather than only young infants) receiving antibiotics immediately for confirmed ear infections. However, doctors still continue to espouse the "watch and wait" approach for older children who don't have too much discomfort or a high fever. To summarize, if your child is pre-school or school-aged, has just started complaining of an ear-ache but has no other problems or symptoms, you don't necessarily have to dash off to emerg. Treat the pain the way you would any other pain (pain reliever, fluids, rest, cuddles; you may also want to talk to your pharmacist about Auralyt numbing drops) and watch and wait for a couple of days. If your child is younger than 6 months, you should see a doctor right away. Based on the new studies, you should also consider visiting your physician if your child is between 6-36 months. Whatever age your child is, you should also take him or her to a doctor to rule out a more serious infection if the pain starts to get worse, if they generally start to feel more ill, if they begin to vomit repeatedly, if the fever has not gone away after two days, if the child becomes very sleepy or irritable, if the child develops a skin rash, if the child stops hearing well (or at all), or if they remain in severe pain after at least one dose of Advil or Tylenol (like our four year old). Of course, prevention is key and, although ear infections themselves are not contagious, the bacteria and viruses that cause them are. Help your child remember to wash their hands frequently and talk to your doctor about getting your child immunized with the annual flu vaccine. "Aunty" Erin Mitchell is a proud nurse, momma, and owner/operator of Aunty's House Registered Family Daycare in Kamloops. She is currently working on a degree in child and adolescent psychology through TRU.

Do you have a question for “Aunty” Erin? Please contact her at

in the face adversity By Sara Schreiner


n the past, I‘ve written about acceptance and learning gratitude in the face of adversity. Under the shadow of the recent passing of thirteen year old Eilish, who died of a juvenile diabetes complication known as dead in bed syndrome, I have taken a hard look at the effects of juvenile diabetes on my family and I have wondered if I can still muster a sense of gratitude and acceptance of my daughter‘s disease. Mikayla was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, a devastating autoimmune disease, when she was 18 months old. Mikayla was so sick at diagnosis that we were told she would likely not survive. She did survive and five and a half years later our family has survived, changed and adapted. We live with an all consuming disease that has potentially deadly consequences. It never rests or gives our family respite. Mikayla will never outgrow this. It was inevitable that disease shaped my family; our routine, our dynamic. My youngest children's most beloved stuffed animals have diabetes - only their favourites. Mikayla's favourites have all been cured. When my kids packed for an imaginary trip to China last week my three year old made sure to pack enough diabetes supplies for his elephant. Disease is normal in our house; it has become child's play. Our house is full of conversations other children don't have. Tlell, six years old, was recently watching the Amazing Race. Her favourite contestant, who has juvenile diabetes, had just eaten an animal's head. "Oh no!" she cried, "She forgot to Bolus!" Mikayla looked at her with scorn: "Duh!" she said, "There are no carbs in your head! It‘s all protein." Tlell began to understand the serious nature of Mikayla's disease when she was two years old. Mikayla was suffering a low blood sugar. She was slumped against the floor with a juice box and Tlell was rubbing her arm and nudging the box. Tlell knew her sister NEEDED that juice. A simple thing, a juice box. But at our house juice boxes are life saving tools: one small tool in an arsenal of supplies necessary in the prevention of comas, seizures, other complications and death. In the beginning we did not believe we would ever find a normal life in the chaos of the daily management of Mikayla's disease. But, incredibly, most families become accepting when living with chronic disease. Juvenile diabetes is no exception and neither are we. We still fundraise, we speak out, we have effected change in political policy, and we support other families in the diabetes community; but we learned that we couldn't fight all the time; define ourselves and, more significantly, Mikayla, by the disease that lives in our home. We became content to stay afloat and a step ahead; to take some small power back from diabetes. I had accepted the small amount of power we had taken back from diabetes until Eilish, whose Mother I had shared support and conversation with, died; a mother who had done


Photo: Life Unfolding Photography

Finding Gratitude

everything right. Many parents in the diabetes community panicked. Some started sleeping on their children's floors and staying up all hours to check blood sugars. In my panic, I sickly wondered what it would feel like. I held my daughter and waited for her to die when she was diagnosed and know that no wondering will ever reach the despair of that loss. But I wondered what it might feel like to lose diabetes. I wondered if I would eventually learn to turn off the diabetes dialogue. I wonder if I could one day sleep deeply; if my body remembers how. If dinner would ever be just food instead of a breakdown of components: fat, protein and carbohydrate. Could I one day watch my children play without calculating the energy burned versus the adrenaline building? I wonder if the nervous, fearful thrumming in my body would eventually subside. Would I miss the very thing that has brought us so much pain? Has it become so much a part of my child, our family, the basic core of our routines that I would mourn the loss of it? Mothers that have lost their children and bravely spoken out have said ‗yes.‘ Yes, I might mourn it because even while we try to live our best lives, its presence seeps in and becomes a part of who we are. This aspect is one many families living with chronic diseases can relate to. Mikayla‘s disease is certainly part of her. Its presence has been a key factor in almost every decision my husband, Ivan, and I have made in the past five and a half years and has moulded us as parents. And, without question, it's part of Tlell and Jack's thoughts even as they play their innocent children's games. While accepting this knowledge hurts, I must also acknowledge that we have learned our greatest lessons because we live with chronic disease. I hope everyday for a cure. I wish that someday I will no longer wonder how losing diabetes will feel because my family will be experiencing it. Mikayla will be living it. Until that day comes I will continue to be grateful for the perseverance, fortitude and empathy diabetes has taught my family. Gratitude for the resilience and courage that has shaped my daughter's personality and for the fierce mother and advocate it created of me. I will continue to accept that being shaped by the lessons taught by diabetes has, in some ways, made my family luckier than others. In the end, acceptance and gratitude make us more powerful than the disease and feeling powerful instead of powerless allows us to fight harder.

Attachment Parenting What: A playgroup for caregivers of children 0-5 with an interest in topics such as cloth diapering, baby-wearing, cosleeping, and extended breastfeeding (free + food for potluck) When: 2/month - days + locations vary Contact: 250-376-4723 or

YMCA Child Interactive Centre What: A drop-in playgroup for caregivers and children ages 0-6.Includes circle time, crafts, and a wide selection of toys and activities (Free w/ membership/ $3) When: Mon-Fri 9-12 Where: Southwest Y: Unit E, 1420 Hugh Allan drive Contact: 250-372-7791

Family Tree Drop-in

Healthy Beginnings

What: A drop-in playgroup for high priority families to expand their social network while increasing their awareness of the importance of early childhood development. Includes circle time, crafts, and healthy snacks (free) When: Mon and Wed 9-4 Where: 283 West Victoria St. Contact: 250.377.6890

What: A community-based drop-in group for parents/caregivers and their children ages 0-6 (free) Where: Interior Indian Friendship Society 2355 Parkcrest Ave When: Tues 9:45-11:45 Thurs 10:30-12:30 Contact: 250.554.3134

Kamloops Connexions

Parent-Child Mother Goose

What: A drop-in coffee group for moms looking for a little mommy time (childcare provided for a small fee) When: Fri 9:30-11:30 Where: Southwest Community Church 700 Hugh Allen Dr. Contact: 250.828.1114

What: A group for parents, babies, and/ or young children that focuses on the pleasure and power of rhymes, songs, and stories (free, registration required) Where: Various locations When: Various times, programs starting this spring Contact: 250.554.3134

StrongStart Programs What: Drop-in centres for families with children ages 0-5. It`s a place to play and learn with your child in a warm, supportive, caring environment (free) Bumblebees: Arthur Hatton Elem., 315 Chestnut Ave. 250.376.7217 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 8:30-11:30 Wed, 12-2:30 Dragon Flies: Marion Schilling Elem., 2200 Park Dr. 250.376.2027 Mon-Fri, 8:30-11:30 Eagles’ Nest: South Sahali Elem., 1585 Summit Dr. 250.374.2451 Mon-Fri, 8:45-11:15


KGTC 250.374.6424 WCT Stage One Theatre School 250.372.3216

XploreSportz 250.828.3344

Kamloops Wiggles and Giggles Adoption Playgroup What: A drop-in group for parents who have adopted or are considering adoption. All ages (free) When/where: Monthly, times and locations vary Contact: Deanna Jones,

Next Steps What: A drop-in group for parents of children up to 5 facilitated by a public health nurse (free) When: Fridays, 1-2:20 Where: Kamloops Public Health Unit, 519 Columbia St. Contact: 250-851-7300

Photo: Troi Crombie

A guide to local parent-child groups

Big Little Science Centre 250.554.2572 BC Wildlife Park 250.573.3242 City of Kamloops Pools 250.828.3655 Cliffside Climbing Gym 250.372.0645 Kamloops Art Gallery 250.377.2400 Kamloops Children’s Museum

Leta and Mackenzie, 2


Spring Break Ideas!



Letter to the Editor: Children and Vancouver International Airport Security


'm not sure exactly when my four year old daughter decid- same sex person patting down my children. Gee, I'm sorry, ed she was going to become a princess, but I'm guessing but that's not reassuring at all. While I have been unable to find any reports of preschoolers trying to carry explosive onto it was somewhere between her first glimpse of Sleeping a plane, estimates of pedophiles lurking in the general popuBeauty and the first time we strolled down the Pink Aisle at Walmart. For the last three years, a steady, diligent collection lation seem to run as high as 4%. Therefore it really doesn't make a difference to me that a male will be touching my boyof every Disney movie, doll, dress, music disc, book, and it is still overwhelmingly more statistically likely that my child thingamajig has grown in our home. Her old pink princess pyjamas, now sewn and re-sewn sev- will be fondled in a sexual way by the airport security agent eral times, are her most prized possession. She was wearing rather than be found to be carrying explosives. Both my wife and I left the area enraged and confused. This them when my wife and I finally caved and told her we were is not something that should happen to any child. Should disgoing to Disneyland. Immediately, a countdown calendar was created and her little pink rolling carry-on suitcase was cussions of appropriate and inappropriate touching to our preschool children now contain the caveat: "...unless it's a man packed with all of her princess paraphernalia. Finally, our two day journey from Kamloops, overnight in Vancouver, and in a uniform at the airport..."? And these scanners have never actually been shown to inon to California began. It was those favourite little pink pyjamas that my daughter crease safety of the average traveller. There are multiple ways to defeat this technology, most obviously because anything was wearing when things took a horrible, unexpected turn. Little did we know that for my four year old daughter and two concealed inside a body wouldn't show up - this scan is exclusively down to skin level. We are told that the images cannot year old son, a trip to the ‗Happiest Place on Earth‘ would begin with a choice between an ‗enhanced‘ pat-down and a be stored, yet recent news stories refute this. The issue of consent arises too. As a physician, I am very full body scan at the Vancouver International Airport. I have aware of the issues around free and informed consent. When to tell you, I wasn't happy with either option. My wife and I had discussed the increased airport security you've spent two days travelling, several thousand dollars in measures long before we booked our trip, but we were reas- expenses, and riled the kids for the Best! Vacation! Ever!, I'd have to say that with the choice we were given to "participate sured that our children, being minors under the age of 18, would not be forced to undergo these ‗naked scanners‘ or pat in the enhanced screening or go home," the large negative consequence of not participating in their screening pretty -downs being described as ‗groping.‘ In advance of our much equals a coerced consent. flight, my mother-in-law even called the Vancouver airport I'm a physician. My wife runs a daycare. Our kids are preand the Canadian Embassy and was again reassured that schoolers. We are law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. Whatever children under the age of 12 would not be subjected to the "special screening" criteria we met (although we were told it full body scanner. was random) is very bizarre. Is this the best we can do? I cerAlas, such was not the case. After going through a metal detector, removing our shoes and having our bags wiped for tainly hope not. CATSA undertakes these searches in the US departure area explosives, the ‗all clear‘ was universally given, yet we were at YVR and in domestic terminals elsewhere in Canada. While told that we had been selected for ‗special screening.‘ My the American TSA allows videotaping of your search (as long wife and I assumed that only the two of us were to be screened and asked the children to step to the side to wait. It as it doesn't slow down the procedure or film the monitors), CATSA does not allow pictures or videotaping done. Ironicalwas at that point that we were informed that our children were included and that they too would have to have to ly, had we been able to document how violated our children were, we actually could have become criminals. choose between the enhanced pat-down (which really was CATSA's own website shows that their complaints have more akin to groping by a stranger) or to go through the full body than doubled since last year. If you experience something scanner (which really does produce pictures that would be considered child pornography if it was done by anybody but inappropriate during your screening, speak up. Remember, just because it's a well beaten path, doesn't mean you're on the the government, apparently). So appalled were my wife and I that we offered to undress right road. - Dr. Ian Mitchell, Emergency Physician at Royal Inland Hospithe children to their underwear rather than have a stranger tal in Kamloops, British Columbia. touch their genitals. We began to do so and were stopped and told that "that isn't our ‗SOP‘‖. So, in full view of everyone passing through security, an agent patted down my daughter. We want to know what you think. Are airport secuShe stood there confused and scared with her arms out in her rity measures going too far? pink Disney pyjamas. My son was more of a challenge - he assumed the agent was trying to tickle him and began to try Join the discussion at to crawl away on the floor, giggling. Trying to reassure me about the pat-down, the CATSA agent in charge told me not to worry because it would be a


ent? coming ev p u n a e v Ha in our We’ll put it r lendar fo Events Ca 20 8.472.00 Free! 77 a m .com Family Events Valentine‘s loopsmom info@kam crafting, various times, opsmomm lo m a .k w Michaels Craft Store, ww 250.571.1066 (free)

Community Events Calendar

Feb 1/8/15: Sun Peaks FamiFeb 5 (Cont): Chapters Craft ly Fun Nights 5-6:30, Sun and Storytime Saturdays 11Peaks Ice Skating Rink, 12pm 250.377.8468 (free) 250.578.5542 Feb 5 (Cont): Put Your Heart Feb 1-10: In Memory of Into It! Family friendly fitness Ella’s Heart Valentine‘s Day event. Every Sat in Feb, 11mini photography, $40, profits 12pm, Kamloops United to Heart and Stroke FoundaChurch, donate to Heart and tion, photograStroke FDTN, 250.851.2095 Feb 2/ 16, Mar 2, 16, 30: Feb 6 (Cont): Family Drop In Family Day at Senior Froggy Sundays Kamloops Gymnasfeat. Uncle Chris the Clown, tics and Trampoline Club, Sun 4:30-6:30, 724 Sydney Ave. 4-5:30pm, 250. 374-6424 Feb 2 (Cont to Mar 7): Rhyme Feb 7-11: TRU International Time for Babies and TodDays 250-828-5365 dlers North Kamloops Library: Mon 10:15 - 10:45, Kamloops (free) Library: Mon 10:15 Wed 10:15 Feb 9/Mar 9: Moms Morning Feb 3 (Cont to Mar 10): AfterOut 9:30-11:30, Mighty Oak school Club Drop-In, 8-12 yrs. Midwifery, 202-322 Victoria Thurs 3-4 North Kamloops LiStreet, 250.377.8611 (free) brary 250.554.1124 Feb 10: Bullying: What parFeb 3 (Cont): BIG Little Scients need to know...7-9pm, ence Centre Thurs/Fri 3-5 pm, HGEC, 250.376.2266 (free) Sat 10-4. 250.554.2572 Feb 3 (Cont): Shambhala Meditation Mon/Thurs 7 pm, Sat 12pm, 433b Lansdowne St., 250.376.4224 (free) Feb 4 (Cont): Family Drop-In Storytime North Kamloops Library: Fri 10:15 -10:45, Kamloops Library: Sun 1:00 -1:30 Feb 4-5: The Knack Free

26 Feb 14: The Ambassador of Love –Valentine‘s visits from Uncle Chris the Clown. Supports Variety the Children‘s Charity. (250) 318.3976

Brothers and Big Sisters, 250.374.6134 Feb 26-27: BC Indoor eFly TCC, Indoor Electric R/C Aircraft Event, Sat 9-8pm, Sun 9-4 250.573.4989

Feb 21/Mar 21: Held in the Wings of Angels, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group. 7-8:30pm, Pregnancy Care Centre, 250-376-4646.

Feb 27: Bump It! The Ultimate Baby Shower 10-3, Sahali Centre Mall, (by donation)

Feb 17-19: The Vagina Monologues benefit production, 7pm, KCC. 250.852.1575

Mar 6: Young Naturalist Club - Sledding and Snow 13, Harper Mtn, 250.573.3127

Mar 3-10: Kamloops Cdn Feb 18-21: Young Naturalists and Int’l Film Festival ParaClub - Great Backyard Bird mount Theatre, 250.320.1838 Count 6:30-8:30, ages 5-12, 250-573-3127 Mar 5-6: WCDS Absolute Feb 19-Mar 19: Kamloops Fes- Amazing Race tival of the Performing Arts $2/session, 250.372.9339 Mar 10-13: The Kamloops Feb 20-25: Sun Peaks Family Cowboy Festival Games Celebrate family and snow sports 250.578.5542 (free) Mar 12: 2nd Annual Father Feb 21: Friends for Life work- Daughter Ball Dinner, Dance shop, 6-8:30pm, HGEC, kam- and more, 5 pm, South (free) Thompson Inn, proceeds to Cdn Cancer Society, Feb 22: School of Choice Info 250.682.7473 Feb 12/Mar 12: Home Depot Night, 6:30, HGEC, Mar 26: Earth Hour 8:30Kids Workshop 10am, ages 4- 250.376.2266 9:30pm, Turn off all energy 12 250.371.4300(free) Feb 23/27/Mar 23/27: Cloth for one hour; start using less Feb 12: Young Naturalists Diapering 101 Weds 7-8, Sun 1 all the time! Club - Skating, Stargazing, -2 Lizzie Bits Baby Co., Mar 27: Health and WellS’mores at Inks Lake 6:30250.374.8706 (free) 8:30, ages 5-12, 250-573-3127 Feb 23: Pink Shirt Day Wear ness Trade Show Feat. Tommy Europe, TRU CAC, 10-4, Feb 13: Whacky Ice Bowl pink to fight bullying Admission $2 goes directly to Disc Golf Support Food Bank Feb 24-Mar 13: Strikes for Kamloops YMCA/YWCA and Kids Sport, reg. 10:30 am, Tykes Bowling for a cause: Big Strong Kids Campaign.


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