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It’s Like Being a Rock Star

A Dad’s Perspective By Cody Charlton

Cody’s daughters affectionately cheer for their ‘Super Dad.’ Photo: Milk & Honey Photography

Dada, what’s it like being a dad?” “Well, honey, it’s kind of like being a rock star.” Sure, the groupies may be on the small side and contained to my household but they hang on to every word I say and even form an arrival line at the window to get the first glimpse of ‘SUPER DAD!’ coming home. When I open the door, it’s a full on sprint into my arms. If by chance my littlest groupie gets to me first, it’s on! The puppy dog eyes start fluttering, the bottom lip puckers up: “But, Dad, I wanted to give you the first hug.” My oldest daughter, Evalee, is 5 and has been working on an acting career for some time now. Just today she was looking in the mirror practising her faces and trying to pick one for the play she’s writing, directing and acting in. “Honey, if you’re putting on a play, you’ll need all of your faces; that’s what makes the show awesome,” I encourage her. She plays everything up, whether it’s genuine or for her gain there’s always a performance. Her dramatic nature is the root of what has become my alterego: “SUPER DAD!” It was just an ordinary day lazing around the house when I asked Evalee if she wanted to go to the park. Her eyes lit up like a thousand strands of Christmas lights on a dark and snowy night, her smile as wide as Niagara Falls, her fists pumping furiously like she was in the front row of a rock concert, dancing around and yelling, “SUPER... DAD!” With a reaction like this, you might think we keep her locked up in the closet and only let her out for eating, sleeping and the occasional bathroom break. But, no, we had been to the park last week. Really, we only live a stone’s throw away. But that’s Evalee: little miss theatrical. From this park day forward, she started introducing me to everyone as Super Dad. Well, I might have hinted that I’d like it if she introduced me that way! Yes, I’m milking every last moment of these young years because it seems like every man out there, whether they have daughters or not, has to remind me that they don’t stay young and sweet forever. It’s that look you get when you tell a guy that you have two daughters - that subtle yet unmistakable smirk, that lifting of the eyebrows: “Wow, good luck with that, buddy.” And, trust me, I have an older sister and I know what she was like behind the scenes. She did not make life easy on my dad and there was only one of her! Only time will tell if my daughters go easy on me or not and, right now, time is on my side. With Evalee only 5 and Lainey

just shy of 2, I figure I must have 10 more years with at least one of my girls thinking that I’m their rock star. And I’m going to do everything in my power to be their rock star for as long as possible. Like the other day when I demonstrated ‘fire safety’ in the back yard. “Dad, you’re a rock star!” exclaimed Evalee. (And by ‘fire safety,’ I mean Poi. Sure, I probably won’t win the most responsible parent award with that stunt but I can’t be a rock star dad by being responsible all of the time!) Cody Charlton is the father of 2 beautiful little girls and, you might have guessed, Mr. Kamloops Momma! When he heard we wanted a dad’s perspective in honour of Father’s Day, he offered and we’re so happy - and surprised - that he did! Happy Father’s Day to Cody and to all of the dads out there!


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Kamloops Momma Issue 13  

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