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BC College of Teachers

Ceasefire in the drug war?

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IKE THOSE GENERALS who used to discover nuclear weapons were not a good thing about 20 minutes after they took off their uniforms and started collecting their pensions, we have had a parade of former presidents who knew the war on drugs was a bad thing — but only mentioned it after they were already ex-presidents. Now, at last, we have one who is saying it out loud while he is still in office. President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, the country that has suffered even more than Mexico from the drug wars, is an honest and serious man. He is also brave because any political leader who advocates the legalization of narcotic drugs will become a prime target of the prohibition industry. He has chosen to do it anyway. “We are basically still thinking within the same framework as we have done for the past 40 years,” he told The Observer in a recent interview in Bogota. “A new approach should try and take away the violent profit that comes with drug trafficking . . . If that means legalizing [drugs]. . . then I will welcome it.” Santos has no intention of becoming a kamikaze politician: “What I won’t do is become the vanguard of that movement [to legalise drugs] because then I will be crucified. “But, I would gladly participate in those discussions, because we are the country that’s still suffering most . . . from the high consumption in the U.S., the UK

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GWYNNE DYER World WATCH and Europe in general.” There are no such discussions, of course. Santos is being disingenuous about this; he is really trying to start a serious international debate on drug legalization, not to join one. But, the time may be ripe for such a debate, because it is now almost universally acknowledged (outside of political circles) that the “war on drugs” has been an extremely bloody failure. Twenty years ago Milton Friedman, a Nobel Prize winner, the most influential economist of the 20th century, and an icon of the right, said: “If you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel.” It is only because the government makes the drugs illegal that the criminal cartel has a highly profitable monopoly on meeting the demand. Friedman also said: “Government never has any right to interfere with an individual for that individual’s own good. The case for prohibiting drugs is exactly as strong and as weak as the case for prohibiting people from overeating. We all know that over-eating causes more deaths than drugs do.” But, there are a quarter-million Americans in jail for possessing or

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