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City group sniffs around a new odour plan Board has tossed them out. Preston is not surprised to see communities like Kamloops trying to tackle the issue of odour, calling it the next frontier in air-quality management. She noted over the

By Jeremy Deutsch STAFF REPORTER

It’s all around us and can hardly be avoided — odour. A bad smell, be it from car exhaust, someone burning wood or a pulp mill, can certainly be a nuisance. Though experts suggest there is no direct scientific link between odour and health impacts on people, it hasn’t stopped the city’s airshed advisory committee from exploring ways of cutting down the stink in the Tournament Capital. Jen Fretz, the city’s sustainability and environmental services manager, explained the committee, which is establishing an airshedmanagement plan, may develop a research project to measure odour in Kamloops. Although the idea is still in the early stages and nothing has been confirmed, the project could see residents log and submit information to the city after a specific odour incident, like where, when and how it smelled. “It’s [odour] an annoyance for a lot of people,” said Fretz. “We are wrestling with how do we define

sance,” Preston said. “If it’s strong enough, it does start to effect people’s quality of life.” The city’s airshed management plan is part of a larger Kamloops Sustainability Plan.

REMOTE CAR STARTERS S it, what do we set as a target and how do we make it real for people, but at the same time deal with it from a scientific perspective?” Fretz cautioned there is no perfect target for odour because some people are more sensitive than others. She said no one is hiding the fact people are impacted by odour on various occasions and more specifically, during certain days or times. Fretz said she’s not sure what can be attributed to the smells, but noted the committee still needs explore the origins of many of the odours. “I don’t think it’s a surprise to anybody that people are concerned about odour,” she said. “We’re aware of it, the question for us is what are we going to do

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years regulations in general have managed to get air particulates to a level where they are not seriously affecting people’s health, so it makes sense odour would be next. “Odour is usually known more as a nui-

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about it and how can we make it amenable to the people of Kamloops?” But, an expert who has studied odour for the province doesn’t think regulations are coming anytime soon. Kathy Preston is a project director with the engineering firm RWDI, based in Vancouver, and she wrote a report for the provincial government related to odour management in B.C. She explained odour is particularly hard to measure, control and

enforce and regulations would hardly be considered. Instead, airshed plans and permits would probably contain objectives around issues of odour. “It tough to enforce, that’s why it’s not likely to get legislated,” Preston told KTW. She noted Metro Vancouver has tried unsuccessfully to get odour regulations into permits for facilities on the Coast, but B.C.’s Environmental Appeal

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