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Top Easter Day Games for Kids By:

This year Easter is arriving on 20th April that is on Sunday. It is believed that, reappeared on this day.



Because of this most of the people move for a long fasting of 40 days before the arrival of Easter.

Well leave about the history and concentrate on the theme of the games for kids. There are many games that kids can enjoy on this special occasion of Easter.

In fact there are more than thousands of games such as ring of fire rules in the world played on different occasions and also depending upon places.

Al over the world there are many countries and states where kids play different games accordingly. So it becomes harder to include all the games.

But when you check out our list of games they are absolutely unique and special to play. When kids play these games it becomes easier for them to think about unique games by themselves.

Now let us see few games that are especially made for kids to play them on Easter Day.

Hide and Seek

You may think this is the most common game played all around the world. But you can add some extra spice by making it unique.

Make a plan to refer this guide with your group such that everyone wears black t-shirt and switch off all the lights in the house.

Now you can start playing the game. Really it is too hard to find out the kids those are hiding in dark that too with dark shirts.

In this way by thinking something special you can make a simple game much harder.

Egg and Spoon Race

This game originates from the game that we all used to play in schools. It is none other than lemon and spoon.

Similar kind of idea but lemon is replaced by Egg in this case. Next step is to race with spoon in your mouth and egg on it.

The kid those who reach fastest and safely with the egg will be the winner. This game might not be played all around but it really works especially on Easter Day.

Arrange Quiz for Smaller Kids

Arrange a quiz for the kids those are younger than 5 years. Make sure that you have enough kids to play with.

Make some crafts by your own such as Easter egg, bunny, cartoons, and so on. Now display all your crafts in front of the kids and secretly ask each kid about the crafts.

Winner will be selected on the basis of more right answers. Gift something for the winner and handover all the crafts for the participants. This will help in creating awareness among the kids about Easter at very early age.

These games might be common when you read them. But when you try it they are so funny. So pick the game form the list and enjoy all the Easter season.


Top easter day games for kids  
Top easter day games for kids  

This year Easter is arriving on 20th April that is on Sunday. It is believed that, Jesus has reappeared on this day.