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Adaptación de “Urdaburutarrak”, de Anthony Browne, Editorial KALANDRAKA EDITORA, 2006 Ilustradores y adaptadores: Marta Olivencia, Unai Ruiz, Uxue Azcona, Amber Gerty e Irune Bayaro Coordinadora: Piluka Labayen I.E.S. Zizur B.H.I. Curso escolar 2012-2013

Adaptado al inglés por el grupo de 4º E.S.O., modelo G, Coordinado por Rosa Fontal Reglero Curso 2013-2014

The Urdaburua Family


The Urdaburua family is made up of two sons, Jon and Josu, the father, Iker and the mother. Her name is Ane, she is about 38 years old and isn´t very happy with her life, she feels very lonely.


Twenty years ago, they had to get married so their parents would be wealthier. After marrying , they had children and 12 years later............


They live in a big house in the city of Zizur with their two sons Jon and Josu, who go to the local school every morning. Their father works in a company.


The mother, Ane, has been working for 10 years now, as an office worker in the same job as her husband, but the difference is that she earns less although she works much, much more. Ane: - Iker! You should have been here an hour ago! Iker: - Yes but ‌. I needed more sleep‌.


Ane, apart from working in an office, does all the housework. She wakes up every day at six 贸 clock in the morning, cleans the house until ten 贸 clock, when she goes to work.


She felt very sad, because every day she did the same things all over again. Son:

Mum is dinner ready?


No, 10 minutes to go!


Still? Do hurry up!




It was 6 a.m. , time to get up. Breakfast was ready and laid out on the table, time to tidy the house. After tidying the rooms, doing the laundry and preparing lunch, she went to work.


That night at 11 ó clock, the Urdaburu family was waiting for the mother to cook dinner but she didn´t arrive. Jon:

Daaad! When is mum coming?


I don´t know. Soon, I guess….


But it´s already 11 ó clock!


I know, son. Tonight we´ll have to go to bed without dinner.


The days passed, but the mother didn´t come back home. The father had to cook for the first time in his life. Jon, Iker and Josu tried to tidy the house, but soon the house looked like a pigsty; - Dirty dishes - Unswept floor - Unmade beds Jon:

When will mum come back home?


And how do you want me to know?


A week later things began to go well, but the mother didn´t come back. Jon: -

Where is Mum?

Iker: -

Don´t ask me about that son, you know that I don´t know.


After two weeks, Ane came back home. Sons:


The father: Ane! Darling, I´m so sorry! I promise we´ll help you with everything and you´ll never be sad again! Ane:

How can I believe you?

Iker: Because these last weeks we have learnt to do everything and we have realized how hard you have been working. Ane:

If this is so what will you do?




Fine. Alright. We´ll do it all together.


Ane: - But......I´d like something else. I´d like a fair salary. Iker: - Well..... yes, of course, we´ll both talk to our boss about this.


So, the whole family agreed to talk out their problems, they learnt that men and women have the same rights and that the house chores should be shared among all the members of the family.


The Urdaburua family  
The Urdaburua family  

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