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Adaptación del libro “Princesas”, de Philippe Lechermeyer y Rebecca Dautremer Ilustradores y adaptadores: Mikel Lizaso y Unai Arrizibita Coordinadora: Piluka Labayen I.E.S. Zizur B.H.I. Curso escolar 2011-2012 Traducción al inglés: Alumnado de 3º E.S.O. – Curso escolar 2012-2013

PAIPAR: Hello, I’m Paipar and I live in a very far away country. It’s very boring there because nothing extraordinary ever happens. It’s the same as every fairytale. Women spend all day cooking and cleaning for their husbands and the men working for the king. One day my father said to me: FATHER: You have to find and rescue the princess who is in the top of a tower guarded by a dragon, and then you can marry her. PAIPAR: What a boring destiny!

PAIPAR: I started my journey to find Princess Karmesi. A few days later, I saw a castle on the horizon. When I got closer, I heard muffled sounds coming from it. (A conversation in the distance) - Blah blah blah‌. PAIPAR: I walked to the door and knocked. - Knock knock

NARRATOR: A strange man in a purple suit opened the door. PAIPAR: Why are you wearing earplugs? THE MAN: Because I live here and it’s very noisy. PAIPAR: Oh, now I understand everything.

NARRATOR: Then a fat woman came to the door. She was wearing a green suit and she was saying things that were impossible to understand. PAIPAR: Are you Princess Karmesi? FARRAGOSA: No, I’m Princess Farragosa, I speak a lot, I don’t rest, I talk about everything, my speaking makes no sense… PAIPAR: When I saw Farragosa’s head problem, I ran away very fast.

PAIPAR: I ran for a long time and when I felt safe again I relaxed and then continued on my way. Suddenly, I see a strange house. It’s very far away, but I think it’s Chinese. I get close to the door and knock on it. DOOR: Knock knock

NARRATOR: Suddenly the door opens and a Chinese man appears. PAIPAR: I was right! He is Chinese. Is this Princess Karmesi’s castle? CHINESE MAN: No, this is Ding and Dong “plincesses” castle. Come in, come in.

NARRATOR: Inside in the living room Ding and Dong were drinking tea. PAIPAR: Oh! You’re two people in one body. DING AND DONG: Yes, we “al” Siamese twins. PAIPAR: Hi, I’m Paipar. I’m looking for Princess Karmesi. Do you know if she’s in this territory? DING AND DONG: No, sorry, we don’t know that “plincess”, but you look tired. If you want you can stay and have a cup of tea.

PAIPAR: Yes, I´ll have some tea, thanks. Oh Ding and Dong, you’re so different from the princesses of my country. You’re more beautiful and wonderful than them. DING AND DONG: You’re embarrassing us, Paipar! You’re also very nice. NARRATOR: They spend a lot of time talking and laughing. PAIPAR: Well, I have to continue on my way. It was nice to meet you. DING AND DONG: Bye, Paipar! Will we see you again? PAIPAR: Of course, I’ll come to see you. While I’m walking I think about my princess. Will she be as nice as Ding and Dong?

PAIPAR: At last, I’ve arrived! I’ve been walking for two hours and I’m finally here. I’m going to knock on the door. G: Good morning! PAIPAR: Is this Princess Karmesi’s castle? G: I’m sorry, this is Dorremi’s house. Come inside and ask her, maybe she knows Princess Karmesi.

NARRATOR: So Paipar entered the castle. There, he found a woman singing with an

angelical voice, and when she saw Paipar, she stopped and she asked: DORREMI: Hi, I’m Dorremi, can I help you? PAIPAR: Yes, I’m looking for Princess Karmesi, do you know where her castle is? DORREMI: Princess Karmesi? I’ve heard she lives in the next castle; it’s a 3-hour journey from here. PAIPAR: Thanks, I’ll go there. (unenthusiastically) DORREMI: You seem a bit sad, do you want to listen to me singing to make you happy again?

NARRATOR: Paipar spent all evening listening to the music. PAIPAR: Oh Dorremi, you are very different from the princesses of my country. They are all very boring, so I prefer you. DORREMI: Oh, thank you! PAIPAR: I have to go now.

NARRATOR: Paipar arrived at Princess Karmesi’s castle. PAIPAR: I’m here now, but I can’t forget the other princesses… KARMESI: Help, help! PAIPAR: Don’t worry, princess, I will save you! I’m going to kill that dragon! NARRATOR: After killing the dragon, Paipar finally met Princess Karmesi. PAIPAR: Oh, you are very beautiful! You are slim and blonde and you are wearing a really nice pink dress. KARMESI: Thank you! You are very handsome too!

NARRATOR: In a dreamy tone, Karmesi then said: KARMESI: Thanks, Paipar, you´ve saved me! Now we can get married in your castle. I´ll always cook and clean for you and we´ll live happily ever after. NARRATOR: Paipar then realised that Karmesi was just another boring fairytale princess.

KARMESI: What? Why not? I don´t understand!

PAIPAR: You know what? I´m not going to marry you! KARMESI: What? Why not? I don´t understand! PAIPAR: I don´t want a boring and monotonous life! I´m going to go back and see the other princesses I met because they are the real ones! KARMESI: I can´t believe it, you´ve broken my heart! PAIPAR: I´m sorry, but I´m going to find the other princesses!


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