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Uganda is quite a different destination to any other in Africa. Still relatively new to tourism it provides authenticity, less crowds and an enormous variety of exciting wildlife and cultural experiences. National Parks abound from north to south; home to Africa’s big 7; bordered by snow-capped mountains; the source of the mighty Nile and dotted with beautiful savannah grasslands and tangled dense forests. Delve deeper into Uganda and discover a whole new world in Africa.

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Editorial concepts Hang out with Chimpanzees

A Royal Birding Paradise

One great example is accompanying Kibale Forest’s researchers as they undergo the actual habituation process of chimpanzees. This full day ‘nest to nest’ experience starts with watching the families come down from their resting place and then going about their daily activities.

The Royal Mile in Budongo, historically known as a traditional leisure stop for Ugandan royalty, is considered one of the best bird watching places in the whole of Africa. More than 360 bird species have been seen along the mile long pathway through the forest. Of great ornithological significance are the Yellow–Footed Flycatcher and the Puvel’s Illadopsis. Previously managed by the Jane Goodall Institute-Uganda, Budongo Forest covers 42,800 hectares and is also home to various monkeys, giant forest squirrels and the bizarre chequered elephant shrew.

Uganda’s biggest draw is inevitably its precious mountain gorillas but they aren’t the country’s only great apes. Hanging out with Chimps is also one of life’s great experiences especially in Uganda, where you can have the best and most varied chimp experiences in the world.

Get involved in Animal Translocations

Translocation of animals helps to reintroduce species into former habitats with the aim of reinforcing or diversifying species in a locality to enhance survival rates. After successful movements of Giraffe across the mighty Nile in Murchison Falls NP and into Lake Mburo NP, Uganda Wildlife Authority plans to translocate buffaloes and topis to the little known Pian Upe wildlife reserve; Uganda kobs to Kidepo Valley National Park; Zebras to Katonga wildlife reserve and Hartebeests to Semliki wildlife reserve. In a country the size of Uganda, this is a major operation.

Along with its famed big 7 status, birding is one of Uganda’s top highlights and is a paradise for bird enthusiasts.

New Gorilla Habituation Experience

Be part of Gorilla conservation in action and experience a day with our distant cousins. Gorilla trekking is normally limited to one hour but this special activity allows you to be part of a gorilla habituation project. Ironically, tourism is key to their future as Uganda Wildlife Authority is habituating 2 new gorilla families, Bukingyi and Bushaho in the south of the dense Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Habituation is an extremely delicate process, which takes up to five years to complete. These groups are only into their second year of habituation, so this is an amazing exclusive opportunity.

East Africa’s Premier Adventure Centre

The world’s longest river, The Nile, encompasses a 50km stretch of legendary white water said to be as exhilarating as the Zambezi gorge below Victoria Falls. As adventure tourism is on the rise with young and older travellers, this area offers adrenaline fuelled activities on the Bujagali falls or a gentler option such as kayaking and sunset cruises on the newly created lake Bujagali. The waterfalls here are held by the local community as sacred - a powerful river spirit can reincarnate itself in humans who are able to cross the rapids sitting upon a magical piece of bark cloth... Or alternatively you could defy local myth and just bungee jump, paddleboard, dive or snorkel your way across!

Mountains of the Moon

The Rwenzori Mountains stretch 120km across the DRC border and contain the third, fourth and fifth highest points in Africa and are believed by locals to be the abode of the gods. The Rwenzori’s, meaning ‘rainmaker’, experience 4 metres of rain annually and are reminiscent of England’s Lake District. Largely undiscovered and unexplored their fame reached new heights when J.K. Rowling announced Uagadou, a rival school of magic to the famous Hogwarts, (the only one in Africa) based here in the Mountains of the Moon. Trains leave Kampala from platform 9 ¾!

Uganda’s tree climbing lions

Uganda is one of the rare places where lions climb trees on a daily basis. These exceptional lions do this as a way of protecting themselves against the numerous biting tsetse flies at ground level and to escape from the heat of the day. It’s also argued that they use this height advantage to spot prey. With over 40 lions, in three lion prides, they can be found lazing within the branches at Ishasha, in the southern part of the well-known Queen Elizabeth National Park. The park is Uganda’s most alluring game viewing area- as much for its undiscovered wilderness as its great and varied wildlife.

the lost apes of Kyambura Gorge

Experience for yourself the real-life drama of a family of chimps trapped in a deep and ancient forest gorge in Uganda’s Rift Valley. Cut off by deforestation, this dwindling number of chimps, (now only 16) have been isolated in what seems like a jungle heaven, for 20 years. The chimps are learning to adapt to the alien savannah above, but fate keeps turning against them. Close family connections are reducing their gene pool, the chimps are fighting for power and strangely only male children are being born. Can they make a future here or is time running out for the Kyambura chimps?

Top 10 activities (that we know so far!) Trekking mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest Game drives in Murchison Falls National Park Boat safari on Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park Birding the Royal mile in Budongo Forest Trekking Africa’s highest mountain range in the snow capped Rwenzori Mountains Discovering the unexplored wilderness of the little visited Kidepo National Park Visiting the Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary Relaxing on the golden sand beaches of the Sesse Islands Seeing the prehistoric shoebill in Murchison Falls National Park

Fast Facts Population – 26.8 million Average temperature 15-27 Degrees C Tourism Revenue - $0.82 Billion = 4.3% GDP 10 major national parks and reserves Home to the big 7 - Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino plus Gorilla and Chimpanzee. Flights from the UK with Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines, KLM & Brussels Airlines Entry visa available in advance or on arrival $50, valid for 30 days.

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