Kameron Westcott

Dallas, Texas, United States


Kameron Westcott is a fabulous public figure most known for her time on The Real Housewives of Dallas. Although fans may tune in for the scripted banter and produced events, they have come to adore Kameron for her vibrant personality and ability to speak out on issues that are near and dear to her heart. As a mother and fellow female, Kameron enjoys embracing what it means to live pink, and she hopes to celebrate women and their contributions to society for years to come. Fans love visiting Kameron’s social media pages for her tips on all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but they also enjoy seeing her involvement in the causes that she believes in.

Kameron Westcott went to Southern Methodist University and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Following graduation, she began her work in the fashion industry, and went on to create Sparkle Dog Food, which is a pet food company geared towards women. Sparkle Dog Food is a grain-free dog food made in Texas with the freshest meat and ingredients available. In addition to providing balanced dog food, a portion of its proceeds benefit the Susan G. Lomen Foundation. Kameron is also an 8 year active member of Cattle Barons Ball and 9 year active member of Junior League of Dallas, serves on the council for Texas Ballet Theatre, and is a member at large for New Friends New Life Board.

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