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Curriculum Vitae Aneta Bendáková Date of birth: 18.11.1987 Address: Slovanská 101, Děčín 6, 405 02, Czech Republic Telephone: +420 774 408 695 E-mail: Portfolio: Education

Faculty of Art and Design (FUD UJEP), Ústí nad Labem CZ, 2010 – 2013 Master of Fine Arts expected June 2013 Concentration – Graphic Design 1 Institute of Art and Design (UUD ZČU), Plzeň CZ, 2007 – 2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts 2010 Concentration – Illustration and graphic, Specialization – Medial and didactic illustration High school of Art and Graphic (SUŠG), Jihlava CZ, 2003 – 2007 Concentration – Propagation, Graphic design

Projects, workshops

Comixiade 2011, 2012. Continuation of Strip It! and Migrating Comics. Set of workshops in Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia. Member of organizational team Week of Graphic design on FUD, 24. - 28. 1. 2011, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. Workshop. Cooperation of FUD Ústí n/L, UUD Pilsen, VŠVU Bratislava. Member of organizational team 90/10 Poster workshop with d’Alain Le Quernec, Month of Graphic, 16. - 19. 11. 2010, Échirolles, France Lofty Dawdling vol 1. 2008, 2. 2009, 3. 2011. Art week on the castle Červená Řečice, Czech Republic Young scene - exhibition, concerts, theatres, workshops. Head of organizational team Migrating Comics - Perspectives of the European traveller. 31.5. - 7.6. 2010, Haarlem, Haag, Netherlands The project “Migrating comics”, funded by the European Youth in Action programme. International comic workshop, participants from Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Netherlands (5 per country). Drawing and writing together, intercultural learning, presentation and exhibicion. Member of organizational team, leader of Czech group – communication, organization. Strip It! 16. - 27.9. 2009, Beograd, Serbia International comic workshop, participants from Spain, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands and Serbia (5 per country). Drawing and writing together, intercultural learning, presentation and exhibicion. Leader of Czech group – communication, organization. Music and sound – seminar 1. - 9.7. 2006, Puppets festival Chrudim, CZ

Language skills

English language – Intermediate

Artistic skills

Serigraphy, Litography, Gravure printing, Book binding, Classical photography – work in darkroom, Digital photography.

Technical skills

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, Avid Media Composer, OS Windows, Internet, Microsoft Office Programs


Traveler, comic book, Netherlands 2010 Illustrations for book Pilsen in eyes of students, project Pilsen city of culture 2015, 2010 Strip It!, comic book, Serbia, 2010 Comic Such a day, Fanzin Bubble Gun n.4., 2010 Comic about new Little Red Riding Hood, Fanzin Bubble Gun n.3., 2009 Piper among dead men – project Pilsen city of culture 2015, 2009 Illustrations for book of Terezie Radoměřská – Christmas for Cat, 2008


Wintontrain, student contest Prag 2009, art cathegory – comic about live of Nicholas Winton. Mastership CZ in Body Art, Fair Beauty Expo Prag 2006, student category, model Ikarus – honey and feathers.

Common exhibitions

Illustration and Graphic UUD, itinerant exhibition, gallery in Jablonec n/N., CZ 2010, gallery in Regensburg, Germany 2011 Lofty Dawdling vol.3., may 2011, vol.2. 1. - 3.5. 2009, vol.1. 9. - 11.5.2008 castle Červená Řečice, CZ Bachelor works UUD, may and september 2010, Avalon, Pilsen, CZ Human and Animal, 3.11. - 24.11. 2009, foyer Faculty of Law UK, Prag, CZ Strip It!, 25.9. 2009, gallery Elektrika, Pancevo, Serbia Wintontrain, 31.8. - 4.9. 2009, itinerant exhibition, main stations – Prag (CZ), Nuremberk (DE), Cologne (DE), Den Haag, (NL), London (GB) Czechriculum Vitae, May 2009, Centre de Bande Desinée, Brussels, Belgium Graphic of year 2008, 2.3. - 2.4. 2009, Clam-Gallas palace, Prag, CZ Pilsen tales and big names in illustration, 2. - 27.2. 2009, Mázhaus town hall, Pilsen, CZ Comic by Illustrators UUD, January 2009, University gallery, Pilsen, CZ Young Art from Bavaria and Bohemia, November 2008, Centrum Bavaria Bohemia, Schönsee, Germany Piper festival by eyes of students UUD, 20.11. - 14.12. 2008, DK Strakonice, CZ (no)without restraint – exposition for the support of Belorussia, Cultural café Jabloň, 5. - 31.5. 2008, Pilsen, CZ Exhibicion of students SUŠG, Šmok gallery, June – September 2007, Jihlava, CZ We are not to key, Galerry 88, June 2007, Jihlava, CZ Comic, Café Etage, May 2007, Jihlava, CZ Graduate exhibition, June 2006, concert-hall ZUŠ, Děčín, CZ Illustration in Telč – students of SUŠG, summer 2005 and 2007, Telč, CZ Photography, July 2005, Cultural club Zarabanda, Děčín, CZ Small show, 6.6. - 31.6. 2004, Synagogue Děčín, CZ I managed some of these exhibicions – Human and Animal, (no)without restraint, Lofty Dawdling vol 1.,2.,3., We are not to key, Small show


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