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Youth Empowerment via Environmental context: Waste Management and Sanitation at Mai Root, Trat, Thailand YOUTH EMPOWERMENT VIA ENVIRONMENTAL CONTEXT: WASTE MANAGEMENT AND SANITATION AT MAI ROOT, TRAT, THAILAND Rungtip Junlah This project is sponsored by 180th Anniversary iversary of Thai-U.S. Thai Relations 2013 Alumni Small Grants Competition Youth Empowerment through Environmental Context on: Waste Management and Sanitation at Mai Root sub-district, Trat Province is designed to help and raise the awareness of environment for the youth in Mai Root area. Young participants will be fostered with essential knowledge and encouraged to come up with ideas through activities and workshops. The project will cooperate with the secondary schools in Mai Root are and Mai Root Municipality to achieve the highest result. The workshop has been held on 8-9 February, 2014 at Mai Root Sub-District with 50 secondary students in mentioned area by cooperative members from U.S. State Alumni in Thailand, ASEAN Youth Volunteer Program (AYVP), South-East Asia Youth Environmental Network (SEAYEN) and Thailand Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF). The two-day workshop has been designed to educate youths in the village on waste management and sanitation. For waste management, they have learnt on: what is waste, where is waste from and does it go, advantage of waste and disadvantage of waste. And for sanitation, diseases and health issues caused by improper waste management is narrated.

To activate youths to have better understanding on waste and aware of improper waste management, youths were separated into four groups with different assignments. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Community Map Demographic info. Waste type and its amounts Existing waste management

After their surveys, the results are shared with participants in other groups and community leader such as Sub-district Authority Officers. In addition, youths are allowed to think of the future plan of waste management and village they would like to see. The slogans from kids are also painted on the vinyl for publication and making their voice louder in community. 50 youths in the Mai Root subdistrict have learnt on advantages of waste and health issues caused by improper waste management. They also had chance to survey their village and see different things they’ve never thought of along the streets they walk pass every day. This is a platform for youth to speak out and share their ideas.

Small Group Discussion Participants were separated in small group in order to have effective idea sharing during discussion on how to manage waste in their communities. c

Survey the villages Youths were assigned to survey their villages in different perspectives including map, waste types and amounts, demographic and existing waste management.

Youth presents their surveys Community map youths have got from their survey is presented in graphic and explained overall rall land land-use in the village as well as waste dumpsite.

Youth Empowerment through Environmental Context in Mai Root Province, Thailand  
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