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Global Internship Programme Product sheet for recruitment Welcome to recruitment for the GIP programme! In this document, you will find three key things to remember when you recruit for GIP.   

The value proposition of the GIP programme. The program conditions and policies. Whom to target for recruitment.

Based on these, you can also see “Dos” and “Don’ts” of GIP recruitment.

Value Proposition Why it matters: The value proposition of a programme should be the central message you communicate when you recruit students to the programme. For students, the GIP value proposition is: Cross-cultural and professional experience.

Programme conditions and policies Why it matters: The programme conditions and policies tell you what defines a GIP experience. You should not promise a GIP experience that is different than this! GIP conditions: A GIP exchange is an internship hosted by a non-AIESEC organisation in another country or territory. The primary purpose of the intern's job description must be the intern's professional development. A GIP internship is between 6 weeks and 18 months. GIP Policies: The policies for the GIP programme are the Exchange Programme Policies legislated in the Global Compendium and available here.

Whom to target Why it matters: It’s important to focus your efforts to get participants who can successfully match to GIP internships! Whom to target: Students and recent graduates (see XPP to clarify age and how long it can be since they graduated) who…  Desire the value proposition you offer (a cross-cultural professional experience).  Fit needed profiles in the global exchange pool (see more below).  Will be competitive in the global pool. What are “needed profiles”?  Relevant information includes: Course of study, years of academic and work experience, skills, AIESEC background.  You can identify needs by analysing what types of TNs are normally available (through DAAL or or through a partnership.  Technical profiles with leadership experience are in high demand. For information from AIESEC Colombia on recruiting technical profiles, please look here.


Booklet of recruitment of global internship program of AIESEC