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BANKING SERVICES IN INDIA India is a developing country and today India has a unique acquaintance in the world. From the ancient time India is land of incarnations and religions and due it Indian culture is the most ancient and today Indian culture is being followed by people of many countries. India has progressed in many fields like weapons, army, since and technology, agriculture, medical, movies and entertainment, space programs etc. India is also progressing in commercial field and as a result number of commercial industries and company are getting establishment here. Banking services in India are also appreciable and has a great importance in Indian economy.

INTERNET BANKING SERVICE Banking service are also progressing day by day, new technologies and algorithm mainly responsible for the advancement of banking services. Today internet banking, ATM card, Credit card, VISA etc. are the example of advancement of technology. Internet banking is one of the essential and useful services. For using service of internet banking users just have to open an account in an authorized bank and then account holder can apply to active service of internet banking and as it get activated then bank provide login Id and password to account holder to logining in his account and also provide a transactional password to perform transaction. Now by using service of internet banking an account holder can check the balance of his account and can perform operation on his account like transfer the fund in another account, Online bill payment with full security and because of it internet banking serviceis popular in commercial field.


There are some essential factor which are used during internet banking and theseare: 1. Account Number 2. Login Id 3. Password 4. Transaction password 5. IFSC code


An account number is that special and unique number which is provided to each account by the help of that number all the information of account number can beaccessed from the database of bank.

Login ID:

First of all users need to login to their account and this account may be person or corporate, for login a login Id is provided form the bank to users it may be any numericvalueor alpha numeric value.


For logining in to users account a password also provided to the users and when a user enter the correct password then hegetslogin into the account.

BANK IFSC CODE ďƒ˜Transactional

Password: There is a transactional password is also provide by the bank to an account holder. It is used when users want to perform transaction on the fund. It is changeable that means users can change it according to need.


Code: Bank IFSC Code is one of the essential factors of internet banking it is also known as Indian Financial System Code. It is especially used for the identification of bank and it branch. It is used when users perform transfer of amount from one to another. In this way variousfactorsare used in the net banking.


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IFSC code  
IFSC code  

Bank IFSC Code is states that Indian Financial System code which is used while transferring the fund by the means of electronic transfers wh...