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BANK IFSC CODE What is Bank IFSC CODE? “Bank IFSC Code is used to identify bank and i ts branch in a unique manner and i t is mainly used when fund is t ransferred from one account to another account. It checks availabili ty of account and branch�.

In India Banking services place a great role in the economy of India and according to records of Reserve Bank information there are 171 different banks exist in India having their various branches. Most of people like to use net banking for the transfer of fund because it secure and time saving. There is a special code which is required when a fund is transferred from on account to another and this code is known as Bank IFSCcode. IFSCCode states Indian Financial Service Code and it is also known as Indian Financial System Code which is used to transfer fund. Many people do not have proper information about the IFSCcode and do not know the significance of this code. Net banking provides a service of electronic transfer of fund form one bank account to another account and electronic transfer is popularly used by the people. Generally there are two types of transfers take place one is NEFT transfer which stands for National Electric Fund Transfer and another one is RTGS transfer which stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. In both transfers Bank IFSCCode are used in this way IFSCcode is essential for the E- transfer of funds.

About Bank IFSC Code Bank IFSCCode is a 11 digit code which contain alpha numeric value used for transfer of funds and with that IFSCcode is use to identify a bank and it branch. It also shows that an account is exist or not and it provides security and accuracy of transfer of funds. Each and its branch has a unique IFSCcode so that can be uniquely identified. If you are using service of electric transfer and you do not know about the Bank IFSCCode of your bank then you can search and get it in a few efforts by putting name of bank, branch name and city in which branch is situated. In this way Bank IFSC Code is an essential code and plays a major role in internet banking. If you ever need to find Bank IFSCcode, Try easy way of searching at Now you may be visit website IFSCCode. IFSCCode necessary for electronic fund transfer and you can know IFSCcode of any of Bank in a few efforts by filling some information of bank and its branch.