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The role of Relief India Trust in empowering woman

The Term empowermenT of woman refers To The social and economic beTTermenT of woman.

The sTaTus of woman varies from region To region. in The rural india, gender discriminaTion, poverTy, violence, oppression are some of The main wide-spread problems women have been facing for decades.

in The modern world The role of woman in economic acTiviTies is widely acknowledged. ironically, in developing counTries like india, a large porTion of The ToTal woman populaTion has been TreaTed as merely a commodiTy.

The relief india TrusT has been working hard for years To empower women in india.

women can play an equally effecTive role in The developmenT of The counTry. in facT, wiThouT The parTicipaTion of women in economic acTiviTies, iT is impossible for any economy To grow aT a rapid pace

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The role of relief india trust in empowering woman  
The role of relief india trust in empowering woman  

The term empowerment of woman refers to the social and economic betterment of woman. The status of woman varies from region to region. The R...