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Role of Relief India Trust in Democratic Governance and Development Democratic governance is the ultimate goal for any country in the world. However, development of the institutions and processes that are more responsive to the needs of all citizens, including the poor is the main challenge. Relief India Trust in connection with other NGOs has over time helped strengthen the electoral and legislative systems and improved access to justice and public administration by developing a greater capacity to deliver the necessary services to the needy in society. The work of Relief India Trust in line with democratic governance and development is therefore to bring people together in the community, participation in various development undertakings, promoting partnerships and sharing ways to promote and building effective institutions that are transparent and accountable in all they handle. The principle of inclusion and responsiveness in elections, including participation of women and the poor is also fostered and pushed forward to ensure representation of the entire community in governance. Relief India Trust in partnership with other NGOs provide programs that train polling clerks who will manage elections and ensure credibility of the entire process. This is a way that has greatly boosted the public’s confidence in electoral institutions. In turn, this has resulted to more voter turnout that determines the election results and guaranteeing the voters to institute the change they want by electing the right leaders. During the election process, Relief India Trust also ensures proper vote management by monitoring the results to the end hence ensuring transparency. Voter education is also part of the process that ensures the youth and women are empowered and challenged to take on the men in seeking leadership posts. The respect of human rights forms part of the objectives of the Relief India Trust whose main objective is to increase the quality of life for all. The trust therefore takes upon itself to determine how engagement with informal justice could help build greater respect for the rights of all regardless of age, gender or social class. Access to legal information is the right of every single individual and for that reason, Relief India Trust works tirelessly to ensure the rule of law is observed and human rights achieved. It is true that the government can do a lot to change in people’s lives, increase the essential services, prosperity and growth for all. This is however only achievable through connection of people with each other and with vital information. People should be allowed to freely voice their opinions to the government without limitations. The work of Relief India Trust is therefore to ensure that there are clear and proper channels of communication for everybody to air their views and opinions to the government and access feedback at the same time. This can only be achieved through capacity strengthening, networking and elevation of media standards at the grassroots. Relief India Trust is actually working in line with the millennium development goals to ensure proper democratic governance and development. This involves; •

Eradication of poverty and hunger

Ensuring access to national primary education

Promotion of gender equality and women empowerment

Reduction of child mortality rate

Improved mental health

Prevention of HIV, malaria and other diseases

Ensuring environmental sustainability and

Development of a national partnership

Achieving the goals, Relief India Trust could have taken the society to new and greater development levels.

Role of relief trust india in democratic governance and development Relief India Trust has been an eminent welfare organization prevailing in India since years. By working on multiple...

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