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Relief India Trust India’s Place in the Society as a Community Based Organization There are quite many community based organizations within India and the world at large, mainly nonprofit operating within the grass root level in the society. Most of such organizations are subsets of larger and international organizations such as Relief India Trust. The organizations are community based to ensure the effective address of the needs of the poor and less privileged in the society. This is essentially what Relief India Trust has done as a charitable organization to set up grass root branches that help effectively reach the members of the society in need of help. Relief India Trust on its part, takes part in playing a very crucial role in the society by delivering quality services to the needy, including but not limited to; social welfare; educational improvement; health; community service and personal health improvement. The organization understands the need to improve the quality of life for all and for that reason is ready to partner with like-minded organizations to bring about the necessary change needed in life. So far, this trust is among the top most trusted and respected organizations that help air the grievances of the community to the government and above all, directly help the affected and needy members of the society in different ways. It is actually through Relief India Trust’s community based organizations that the truth is informed on what the real situation is on the ground. The trust then uses this information to initiate the best strategy to carry out its operations in the best way possible so as to achieve the main objective of improving the quality of life. Relief India Trust plays a greater role in ensuring effectiveness in the operations of the community based organizations arranged by them. They help do this in two ways; Providing monetary support In order for the community based organizations to remain relevant in their operations, funding is actually needed. Relief India Trust has been organizing awareness campaigns where willing volunteers come forward to donate the much needed funds in the running of various operations at the grass roots. A people-focused approach is used in organizing the fundraising and building good relationships with the volunteers even after the exercise. By enlightening community members on the role played by the organization, many people are willing to become volunteers and donors. Non monetary support Running of various community based organizations demand more than just monetary support. Relief India Trust on its part takes into consideration various ways to enable the organizations carry out their operations. The trust helps the other organizations by ensuring proper and effective management. This involves formation of the board of directors and committees that will help in running the organizations. The committees and board of directors are monitored closely to ensure they are doing the right job tailored towards attaining the set objective.

In order for more people to be reached by the community based organizations, more of such organizations are created by Relief India Trust in line with the special needs of people in particular communities. The unique challenges faced by the people are then dealt with in a professional way thus promoting better quality life for all.

Relief trust india's place in the society as a community based organization  
Relief trust india's place in the society as a community based organization #ReliefIndiaTrust is one such organization which works towards providing accommodation, food, clothes and vocationa...