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Relief Trust India- Promoting Education for All Children “The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow�. This is a common phrase many people are using to encourage children as they grow up. But, how is this possible if children from the slums and the streets are left miserable with several problems following them? Or is it only children of the rich families that are referred here as leaders of tomorrow? Relief Trust India, a trusted social welfare organization in India, believes that every child has a potential to become somebody useful in future if only the right traits are instilled in them at early stages. That is why the organization stands up to help in the fight for children's rights

most especially the right to decent education which is the foundation for a better future generation.

Relief Trust India, thus looks into the basic rights of all children, regardless of their family background so as to give them an equal opportunity for them to exploit their talents and skills. Education being the backbone of most of the developments we see is the first priority Relief Trust India considers. The trust helps street children and those from the slums by distributing them with relevant educational materials such as books and setting up of free schools in various parts of the country for the children to learn without any problem. These have in many ways boosted the level

of education across the country as the less privileged children are now able to afford going to school to mold their skills and talents.

Money collected from volunteer donors is basically used in a transparent manner so that every contribution counts in helping a needy child somewhere out there. The free education program is actually facilitated by volunteers and teachers who work determinedly to ensure the children are molded in the best way to prepare them to take on their future. Education is facilitated to secondary level before the children are ready to pursue various careers in life. This however does not mean funding and supporting the children stops there.

Relief Trust India through its activities and campaigns ensures that the future is safeguarded and that there is hope for a better tomorrow despite the various challenges faced by the young generations. The needy children should not be left alone and that is why Relief Trust India is here to ensure the goals are achieved and the children gain access to education which will help them transform their future and that of their families.

A better future is only guaranteed if the children are cared for and trained perfectly to take on the roles of the present leaders. We can help build that future for our children by contributing in any way we can by donating cash, basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter among others. We all know that this is possible if we all came together to give and share what we have in excess. Be your neighbor’s keeper; that is the way!

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“The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. This is a common phrase many people are using to encourage children as they grow up.