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Relief India Trust- Taking An Important Place In Social Service In The Society Relief India Trust- Social Welfare Organization

The main objecTive of The Relief india TRusT is To help impRove The qualiTy of life foR all people.

This oRganizaTion has a well planned and focused mission sTaTemenT, i.e. impRoving The sTandaRds of living foR The pooR indians wheReveR They aRe acRoss The counTRy.

ThRough an esTablished web pResence, The Relief india TRusT has managed To pResenT iTs objecTives To many people who have in TuRn volunTeeRed To help wiTh specific pRojecTs and schemes

To sTaRT wiTh, The Relief india TRusT has diRecTed a gReaTeR peRcenTage of iTs Revenues and donaTions inTo impRoving The liTeRacy level in The counTRy.

The fighT foR The child and women's RighTs has also dominaTed The oRganizaTion’s Top objecTives.

mainTaining beTTeR healTh sTandaRds foR The pooR has been a gReaT challenge foR any counTRy in The woRld.

india is no excepTion, buT wiTh The help of vaRious ngos, disTRibuTion of medical faciliTies, seTTing up of healTh checkup camps and oTheR seRvices has made iT possible To mainTain a healThy woRking naTion.

donaTing TowaRds These pRojecTs, you aRe assuRed of saving many lives and Thus helping Relief india TRusT achieve iTs goals and objecTives. iT is noT easy, buT TogeTheR we can.

Contact Us Relief India Trust D-22, Sector 3, Near Shiv Mandir, Noida (U.P.)- 201301 Speak to Doctor:- +(91)-(120)-4258313 Speak to a Volunteer:- (Toll free)-18001031777,+(91)9810102897

Thank you & please suppoRT us To making a poveRTy fRee india

Relief india trust taking an important place in social service in the society  
Relief india trust taking an important place in social service in the society  

Relief India Trust, an organization that works towards alleviation of human suffering, it was an event that attracted a multitude of familie...