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Relief India Trust- More Than Just An NGO

Relief India Trust is a home to many children without hope

India is a rapidly developing country and Non Governmental Organizations are playing an important role in the process.

Many children are left orphaned, some disabled individuals left without any help and many other people suffering from a variety of social problems. Child, disabled and elderly welfare are held intact in this organization so that a balance is achieved in the society

At the Relief India Trust, some terms are never applicable, such as orphans, poverty and needy among others. With the help of willing and determined individuals, corporations and government organizations, contributions have been collected to ensure the left children live a decent life like they would have if their parents were still alive.

Being the future of the country, the Relief India Trust ensures the children are given the best care possible so that they can grow up as responsible citizens

The Relief India Trust runs a number of projects and schemes to ensure millions of people have a better life, including women, elderly and sick people among others. Providing the best possible life to the abandoned children, however remains the number one objective of the organization.

Contributing towards humanity is a service like no other; getting into your pockets and giving what you have is a great way to be grateful for a good life you are leading Call Us @ (Toll free)-18001031777,+(91)9810102897


Relief india trust more than just an ngo  

Relief India Trust provides best serves to orphan child and other person who need food, cloth, home. Relief India Trust also provides good m...

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