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Relief India Trust- An NGO That Cures All Social Evils

India has come a long way in terms of economic, political and social development, thanks to the efforts made by NGOs in realizing a better India. The Relief India Trust is one of such NGOs that has in various ways contributed to boosting the living standards of the needy and underprivileged so as to realize a better society with equal opportunities for all.

The trust is known for its role in fighting many social evils that have been crippling the country such as child abuse through sexual harassment, forced early marriages and child labor, corruption, illiteracy, discrimination and exploitation among many others.

The reality on the ground is that more than half of India’s population is still fighting these social evils. This is where the Relief India Trust comes in to help these millions of people get out of these challenges.

By providing better quality educational facilities and living conditions, the needy in the society are elevated to the same lifestyle as that of other blessed people.

The organization works with the mission of serving mankind in every way possible and helping boost the living standards. The organization is simply an all way round organization caring for the needy children, disabled and elderly among other dejected groups in the society. Women empowerment also comes in as a way to ensure a stable and vibrant society

India has a huge orphan problem. There are many orphanages in India that are ardently trying to solve this problem. Relief India Trust is also one of them trying harder to give homes to the street children. Call Us @ (Toll free)-18001031777,+(91)9810102897


Relief india trust an ngo that cures all social evils  
Relief india trust an ngo that cures all social evils  

#ReliefIndiaTrust on its part is really committed to addressing issues to do with women’s rights, including the right to vote or suffrage, w...