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I Don’t Want To Trade With You Because you don’t have an office in my City/Country. I am trading with a forex broker based in New Zealand. Initially when the sales person from that company approached me and told me the features that his company, I said no. Although their features were very good but they didn’t had an office in China where I live. I told this thing to the representative who called me up. And the reply I got impressed me so much that I couldn’t resist taking their platform. Following is the crux of conversation we had: When I said that I am not taking your platform despite its good features is because you don’t have an office in my country and how can I expect good services from you when I face problems. A forex broker in my own country would be more approachable. The answer I got from him was “Sir, I understand your concern but, you need not fear we are as approachable as a forex broker having an office next to your house. Regarding the problems or complaints issue I would like to quote an example of Samsung, it has 2000 service centres in your country that means they have so many problems with their product that they need so many people to deal with them. We have only one operations office dealing with customer complaints as our product is so good that we rarely hear any complaints from our clients. I can assure you that you can always expect good and prompt service from us.” These words were so satisfying that I thought of trying their platform and as he said till date I haven’t experienced any issues with their product. That guy keeps on calling me every week or so to have my feedback and I tell him that you were right and the product is so good that I need not call you for any problems. This actually helped me as well in my business now whenever a customer comes to me and says that I am not going to buy your phone because you don’t have a service centre in my city and I say “ Sir you are not going to need one in case of my product.”

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How to do Successful Trading Forex trading for an individual is something like how to create own structure around you to implement your uniq...

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