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Controlling Emotions in forex trading leads you to success Trading forex is really about controlling your emotions. There are various things that you need to have in your trade, but if you not able to control your emotions or not able to properly manage your risk, you will be finished before you start. If your emotions are too high you cannot be able to trade.You need to be cool and calm on your trading times. If you involve less emotion into your trading then you will come out with more number of winning trades. There are various good trading systems, strategies, or indicators which can help you in your trading .But being emotional could lead you to be out of focus and you can end up losing your trades. Emotions play a major role while Forex trading. Have you ever wondered there are so many forex traders who have the access to all the indicators, good trading strategy but the winning trade’s remains less why? The answer is one and all i.e. “emotions”. When the traders starts loosing then they start blaming the broker or their mentors. They never understand the fact that it is not the broker but the emotion. Emotions have a direct effect on your trading. Then they go ahead to change their trading system .Always keep in mind while trading there should be no joy in profit, and no pain or sorrow in loss. Enjoy the profits later on with your friends if you try enjoying your profits while trading then it may quickly turn to sorrow. If you don’t have control on your emotions no broker or a mentor can help you out. There are simple three rules which can help you in your profitable trades. Firstly try to set the stop loss and the take profit limit based on the analysis of your trade, and leave that trade. Make a rule that you will never adjust your stop loss or the take profit limit that you initially set. You can be right on your trading or simply wrong, there is nothing in between. Secondly always accept that there will be losing trades. Now a day’s most of the traders do not accept this fact and it leads to over trading. Thirdly don’t try to take higher risks by trading more of your capital than you should. The trader should make a thumb rule like he should not risk more than 5% of their capital on any one trade. If you follow that rule religiously there is no chance to lose all you capital. Make a plan and focus on it. You yourself will be surprised. Always consider your trading to be your business.

Controlling emotions in forex trading leads you to success  

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