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CCIE Security: Learning has no end! CCIE (Cisco Certification Internetwork Expert) Security program delivers the best of most qualified networking experts in the industry. Their job is to provide security to the networks and prevent random bugging in the security solutions. They implement, support, maintain and remove all the networking related issues and solve them in the finest and most professional ways possible. CCIE is the highest level of networking expertise. This is the level where the professionals become the experts; where the experienced become the most experienced but where the students always remain students. They keep on learning the new technologies and latest trends that consistently evolve the networking environment. They simply never stop. And this is in fact the major reason of their being the experts: the steady learning attitude. They welcome every single resource of information either from the primary levels of networking like switching, routing and troubleshooting or creating end to end secure networks. And this is what makes a CCIE a CCIE security certified. A CCIE security certified practices the most modernized Cisco technologies and applies best security policies. The CCIE security certification only requires talent that is tested through the CIE security written exam and the practical lab work. So basically, there are two ways to get a CCIE security certification and to prove that one is responsible enough to secure a network, professionally and like experts. They are; 1. To pass the written exam One must pass the written exam which is mostly theory based but technical. One must have a complete knowhow about the networks and its security and must be able to cover all the networking concepts. The test’s duration is 120 minutes with 90 – 110 most technical and tough questions. The questions are asked in such manner that only a professional could solve them. The questions cover areas such as security protocols, troubleshooting, operating systems, application protocols and use of Cisco applications in the most appropriate way. The test judges a student’s skill to solve any possible bugging in the network and to ensure his capabilities as a professional network engineer. The test is not merely a test but it is another learning phase. A student realizes his stand in the networking field and finally knows how it is to experience facing the networking problems, practically. 2. To pass the lab work Then there is the lab work, the most important phase to test an individual’s capability to solve a networking error. Questions like ‘what to do when a specific problem is raised?’ and ‘how to solve that problem’ are to be practically implemented in the lab work. It is not just important to acquire general knowledge about networking, but patience is a must trait to pass the lab work as it is an eight hour exam. It is to judge how you would perform in a tense situation and debug all the networking issues. You must pass the lab within three years of passing the written exam to finally become CCIE security certified. It is quite prestigious to become a CCIE security certified as it is the top notch certification in the networking field.

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