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CCIE training: Yes, it is important! CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) is the highest level of certification in the networking area. One simply doesn’t get a CCIE certification without a proper and a strategic preparation plan. If one truly desires to become an expert in the networking field, he needs to work hard for it! Once a person has gone through the basic phase of getting a CCNA certification, it means he validates the skills to further continue his career in the networking field.

After which accomplishing the CCNP certification becomes interesting! Then comes the last and most important phase; the CCIE certification. The CCIE certification creates expert network engineers who earned the mastery of Cisco appliances and solutions. The CCIE expertise is considered to be most prestigious position in the networking industry for a reason. It is that a CCIE expert acquires deep technical networking knowledge and is able to sort out most difficult and technically challenging assignments.

As the CCIE is a Cisco certification, it carries value and maintains its value. Cisco continually revises its testing methodologies to ensure the quality, relevance and value of CCIE certification. One who desires to become a Cisco certified expert in the networking area must cope up with the latest advancements of networking technologies to pass the CCIE certification exam. This very exam is certainly not a child’s play. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most difficult, lengthy and technical exam papers. It consists of a written exam and the lab work.

The lab work is an eight hour long test which requires serious preparation, stamina and patience of the student. This is the reason that the CCIE program sets a standard for internetworking expertise. Cisco aims to produce top echelon of internetworking experts throughout the world. Anyone who wishes to build the reputation of a strong reputation of a networking expert in the market needs to pass the CCIE written and lab exam for which he needs a robust training. He must have a strong grip over routing and switching techniques, troubleshooting and security of the network.

These basic tasks are a must expertise that a CCIE should hold. He must identify his weaknesses and gain vital test taking strategies. He must collaborate with the training programs to ensure his progressive learning. And most of all, he must possess a strong learning aptitude, welcoming every source of information that might be helpful to his networking career.

A CCIE training program should also be arranged in such manner as to polish the skills of a networking professional and must believe in his capabilities of becoming a networking expert. The program must cover the core topics of CCIE test like; •

UC development models

User management



Wireless in Cisco collaboration solution and application of Cisco appliances

And many others in the same list. To cut short, the CCIE certification holds great value and demand. Every person in networking field realizes its importance and if he truly aims to become an internetworking expert, he must start putting his whole hearted devotion to it, today!

CCIE Training institute Bagalore-IP4 Networkers  
CCIE Training institute Bagalore-IP4 Networkers  

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) is the highest level of certification in the networking area. One simply doesn’t get a CCIE certi...