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Experience table | Gaming Unit | Soft Toy Unit | Tic Tac Toe | Interactive | Cash Counter | Flexible Wall unit

Universal Iron Box

Universal Battery Charger

Dust Mask

Light Meter

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Fill Pill | Toddler’s Bath Tub

Inside This Portfolio features the selected works, done as live, educational and experimental projects in previous few years.

Kamalkant Singh is an Industrial designer, passed out in 2011 from D J Academy of Design, Coimbatore, India. Aspires to work in Lifestyle products, Retail and Space, Furniture design & Consumer products. Likes exploring with natural material. Likes to work in varied challenging project which makes me think out of the box. Has a very keen interest for photography

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Beanstalk Fixtures

Brief is to Design the retail fixtures for Beanstalk a chain of a retail toy store, this toy store is exclusively for the kids within the age group of 0 to 15 years with 3 – 7 years and 7 - 15 years forming 75% of the target audience.

Graduation Project Final Graduation Project, done in year 2011for Beanstalk This project involved of market survey and concepts development of furniture and fixture, sponsored by Orange tip Pvt. Limited, Bangalore, India Duration : 24 weeks | Guide : S.Balaram

Beanstalk; A Mahindra Retail venture had launched a new toy store in Bangalore.

The store is planned in such a way that the kids get to explore unlimited in each play zone. The scope for the project involved design and concept in term experiencing an imagination world that could be incorporation, in reality. The fixture has to be interesting and unique but combines the basic design principal and aesthetic. The material combination used had to be justified in their usage.

Excite Engage Playfull



Explore Zones

Experience Table This table is designed for the children to touch, feel and play with toys, which will be placed in each section for the kids. It has a container which will be filled with toys.


05 Gaming Unit The game unit is design by considering the cool kids and the kids who takes an interest in technology or in gadgetry; the light effect is inspired from the movie call Tron. Space allotted for play stations on both sides.

Top view of the Game Unit


06 Tic tak toe Tic tak toe, will be placed near the cash counter. This will keep the children engaged while their Parents will be busy bill.

Soft Toy unit This Fixture will be placed on soft toy section. The bottom shelves is designed in such a way that the kids can go through from one shelve to another shelve, and these units can be arranged in a circular Patten which will appear like a tunnel.

These units can be aranged in a circular Patten which will appear like a tunnel

Inreactive Cash Counter The counter is inspired from the wagon, which is incorporated with the impulse panel. There is a slider to deliver gift, which is design considering the accessibility of the children. There is also a funny mirror placed in front of impulse bin to entertain kids.


Flexible Wall unit These wall units are used for stacking the product, can be arrange according to the requirement .It has various colour rubber edge binding for the children’s safety.

The wall unit has separate panels, which gives the option to add or subtract panels



Iron box

The iron box tilts itself 20 degrees upwards once the user stops using it. This way, the danger to the fabric getting burnt under the iron box is eliminated, helping the elderly people and reducing the pain of removing the iron box immediately after ironing. It also facilitates easy usability for visually impaired, the ones who suffer from short-term memory loss, hyperactivity and people with nervous disorders.

Universal Design Is a design approach that seek to create or to produce buildings, products and environments that are inherently accessible to both people without disabilities and people with disabilities.

Tilts itself 20 degrees upwords



Universal Charger

The universal charger allows, charging the battery of multiple electronic devices. The visual language of the product is direct and inspired from the cell phone. The project aimed at redesigning the details and the overall visual language of the charger on the left.

Techno-Aesthetics Detailing It is to analyse and study the detail of the product and redesign by enhancing the aesthetic value and technology of the product detailing.

Existing charger Input: AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 100mA Output voltage: 4.2V DC, 250mA Suitable for battery of 250 to 2,500mAh


Details & Specifications

Input: AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 100mA Output voltage: 4.2V DC, 250mA Suitable for batteries of 250 to 2,500mAh

Red Light displays when charger is connected to Power Green Light is displayed when the battery is inserted to charger and it blinks when the battery is fully charged

These pins indicate the positive and negative terminals

Pins which come in contact with the battery’s pins, in order to charge the battery

Easy to open (Rubber coated metal clip) battery’s pin


Dust Mask

The usual dust protection masks are made of rubber and irritate skin as they react with sweat and make ones face look bad. This mask has specially made contours to fit on to a face. It takes the contour of ear, and the Velcro attached at the end stops it from slipping down. It also has a fragrance strip attached to it, which emits pleasant odour. It is washable and has a much longer life. Since it is made up of fabric, it could be folded and easily carried.

Simple Product Design It is the process of making the simplest product aesthetically appealing keeping functionality as a primary aspect.

Fragrance strip attached,for the pleasant odour

Synthetic nylon fabric Soft fabric, which gives comfort to skin Porous cloth for fresh breath Nylon filter for fine partical


Light Meter

In photography, a light meter is often used to determine the optimum exposure of light required for a perfect shot. This device allows the photographer to determine which shutter speed and F-number is to be selected for an optimum exposure for a certain lighting situation and film speed.

Display and Control Study of Control panel design enhances the performance and operation of a Light meter.

Redesign of light meter is done by simulating the design language of the camera. The arrangement of the controls is done according to the process, by grouping the related functions and also by colour coding similar controls.

Existing Display of the light meter Sekonic L-718

Existing light meter Sekonic - L-718


Details & Specifications

LUMISPHEAR extend for 3-D object,retract for contact reading

FLASHING LED it indicats if the meter is switched on and flashes when any button is pressed

Redesign light meter display simulating the design language of the camera Liquid Crystal Display

RESET BUTTON one press to the reset the setting of selected mode

ISO BUTTONsame colour coding for setting ISO, press and rotate to change

POWER BUTTON auto power off in 5min, 10min, 20min

MEASURING BUTTON one press reading for ambient or spot light

MEMORY BUTTON memorize up to 9 readings for easy comparison

MODE BUTTON select from various modes and to select custom function

MEMORY and MULTI BUTTON The simillar function buttons are grouped in as one Memorize upto 9 readings easy comparison

DISPLAY LIGHT auto off after 1min

CODE connecter


Fill Pill sipper

The function of a sipper is combined with playfulness of a flexible Caterpillar. This makes the product unique and appropriate for the Kids as a target user.

Nature & Form It is a design discipline that studies nature`s best ideas and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs and processes to create a design for better life. Sipper inspired from Catepiller

Coolernt pipe mechanisum is used for this sipper

FIll Pill Sipper for 7- 12 years age group children


Toddlers Bath tub

Bath tub designed for 0-8 month toddlers, form inspired from a mandarin duck. The attributes of cute and cozy reflects from the nature of the duck itself.

Nature & Form It is a design discipline that studies nature`s best ideas and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs and processes to create a design for better life.

Inspired from mandarin duck



Transferable Furniture

The system of furniture has been designed, to suit the single-roomed apartments, especially in the context of metro cities. This provides the option of customizing the room according to the utility.

System Design

The wall unit creates a partition in the given space, with inbuilt storage units, which could be used even while the position is changed. The highlight of this furniture’s is compactness and light weight and ease of transportation.

It is the process of defining and emerging a system to satisfy the identified requirement of the users.


Wall Unit with Bed This wall unit is design in such a way that both sides of the unit could be utilized - as an entertainment center for television with storage and a compact bed, which is attached on the other side of the unit.

Portable Bed and Sitter This wall unit has a low-level sitter with foldable legs, which fits inside the wall unit. The bed can be unfolded whenever it is needed.


Multi Funtional Cupboard Cupboard has a foldable study table, which can be placed inside the cupboard. This cupboard has transferable shelves, which can be adjustable according to the space utility.

the hooks has to be pulled to adjust the shelve accroding to the utility.

Movable Kitchen Wall unit designed as a transportable kitchen, with compact refrigerator, cooking vessels, wash basin and also space for oven and mixer grinder.


Laptop wrap

The laptop sleeve has been designed using Jute and Fabric which, adds on to the range of eco friendly products. Jute being a very traditional material is used here as a contrast in the casing of a contemporary product. The curved contour edge of the sleeve is made up of recyclable Aluminum sheet. The contour provides a support for air ventilation and creates ease while work.

Easy to wrap and carry

Laptop easily fits in the contour, which holds the laptop. Space for a mouse to work

Inclined surface allows for the hot air to ventilate; inclined position for the laptop also creates ease while working


Mood Lights

Table top Mood



Cealing hanging

Mood lighting


Table top Mood



Form & Aesthetics

Sensitivity towards lines, depth, volume ,curvature is essential to be able to connect and express our ideas visually in multi dimensions




Drawing and Rendering

Drawing and rendering skills, It is how we think and are able to give life and value to our ideas.



Reflections Photography




Thank You .

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Kamalkant Singh

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Product design

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