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To my daughter, Ihita

I was once a naughty child, bathing in the rains A twinkle in my eyes, mischief in my veins….. Then a happy girl, with a smiling face, Who never bothered to think that life is always a race. As Nature had her way, I blossomed into a woman, And one day left my home zone , as is the practice, common… I carved a niche for myself, fell in love and took up my role as a wife Trying my best to melt, into that part of life… I enjoyed being “precious” to someone as we turned from “I” to “we” We decided to welcome you in our world of happiness and glee. The moment I knew I had you in me, I could’ve danced around, in joy and glee; Those days and months you slept in my womb, I waited in excitement, for you to bloom... All prayers to God, for your safe arrival Although, they say, childbirth is a trial… The day you were born, was my re-birth as well, Wasn’t I happy? Didn’t my heart swell? Chubby cheeks and tiny, so sweet was my child… I looked at you, you opened your eyes and smiled…. Days sped by at a pace so rapid, as you grew up Soon came the days you played on your knees, as would a lovely pup… Your days of learning to eat, sleep, walk and talk Some of them left me tired and drained, as white as a chalk I’ve been in love with you, ever since I felt your first kick, I’ve been guided by the faith, you’ll be with me through thin and thick… Your laughter is mine, your tears, mine, I see me in you, A life as your mother is my greatest blessing, you’ve no clue! A mother’s life is a sacrifice , they say, I feel that’s a common thought Raising a child is the sweetest battle, we all seem to have fought Sometimes we get the bouquets, many a time the brickbats All the while, in the whole exercise, we do don the thinking hats !! Many years later, you’ll find yourself , in my same shoes…. You’ll still have me by you, to share your doubts and woes, You’ll be a mother, to kids, who’ll teach you the life of a mother… That’s when darling, you’ll understand, that life’s not really such a bother !! :-)

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